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The Girl in my dream....

It all began with love at first sight,
She was the girl who came in my dream every night.
Now she was right in front of me,
I was astonished on what I could see.
I was staring at her sharp face,
I adored her beauty with a grace.
So divine was her presence,
Such enchanting was her fragrance.
I could see her hair as smooth as a waterfall,
better looking than a Barbie doll.
I was still wondering at her,
Till a mosquito bit my ear.
I pinched my self to believe if she was around,
Glittering with happiness I went round and round.
Soon I had come to realize,
Thanked God looking up at the skies.
I wanted to be her man,
I promise to love her as much as I can.

Soon we were close,
Just like the petals of rose.
I noticed the way she put her fringes behind her ear,
Soon she came very near.
She then rested her head on my chest,
I swayed my hand from her back to waist.
She then lifted her face really slow,
I noticed her sheen glow.
Those Dimples and that gorgeous smile,
I was admiring her for a while.
I now had a desire,
Against the odds of likes and fire.
The desire to kiss,
A Chance I would never wanna miss.
Soon our eyes shrunk and our lips met,
The best smooch I could ever get.
Her lips tasted as bitter as lime,
I felt likely to be frozen at that time.
I was complete,
Just to collapse on her feet.
Her lips were poisonous,
Which never felt venomous.
It all ended with a loud scream
To wake me up from my dream
With a lot pain I woke up to see,
Just mosquitoes around to flee.
My day was on hold,
My body was cold.
I looked up to the sky,
And thanked the Almighty, for not making me cry...

-Sulaiman Sait


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