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Streaking at the sunset boulevard near the ocean,
I caught a glimpse of her moving ahead of me in slow motion.
Lost in her magical spell,
My heart started ringing like a bell.
I moved towards her real slow,
Spoke to her with my voice so low.
It was difficult to propose her with ease,
For she was hi-fi and roamed in Ferrari's.
With poetic words, said her my feelings,
Proposed to her kneeling.
I stood up amid the rain drizzle, seeing face shine,
Soon I slided her in my arms to say"your mine"
The rain picks up its speed,
With every drop pelting like silver bead.
I saw her romantic smile with a bliss
Our lips slowly met, amid the rain we kiss.
Soon the rain made us wet, from head to toe,
Lost in our kiss, forgetting about the beautifully seen rainbow.
Her rosy red lips,
Hiding her tongue inside like an eclipse.
Now her tongue touches mine with ecstasy,
Blooming out my expressions to go free.
She bites my lower lip to take a toll,
My body failed, I lost my control.
Our kiss extended for long,
For our bonds were becoming strong.
I felt my eyes go weak,
I was lost in her and couldn't speak
Soon our inhalations became deep,
My hands began to creep.
The rain hit hard, I couldn't believe
There was now chills in my teeth,
I wanted to move, to breathe.
I take a step back and look into her eyes
The pouring also stops from the skies.
We move towards home, hand in hand,
To celebrate our time out grand.

-Sulaiman Sait 


  1. @megs.smiles:- thankyou... Indeed it was intense....

  2. Rashmi- :) . it combines two things I like- Rain and romance.........

  3. @RAshmi:- yea ur right a perfect blend of rainy mausam and romance....!

  4. Hi Sulaiman, realy nice post... i like the way you express your thoughts and the ways you rhyme your sentences... every end of sentence...bring a smile...nice

  5. @Mahak Sharma:- Thank you
    Thanx a ton...!
    your words made my evening....!


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