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Stalking around the station platform,
Stress and confusion logging me off from my state of norm.
My head was paining too much,
Also it was nearing lunch
On, right was a coffee shop,
Made a long stride, reached there in a hop.
Soon, exchanged some coins for a cup of coffee,
Also did I collect the offered biscuits for free.
On side was an empty seat,
I sat on it, to find it hot cause of the mid-day-heat.
With the first sip of the drink, I burnt my tongue,
Out I expelled a warm breath from my lung.
Up comes the steam to cover my spectacle,
Within no time. it clears like a miracle.
And right through its glass I see a girl
With her hair brown, long, and fringe so curl.
Her face was a true sculpturers masterpiece
As beautiful as a Goddess from Greece
She was quite skinny, but bright,
With all her assets perfectly alright.
Though, She passed by, her images were in my mind
I was again seeing those images in rewind.
My coffee was over, soon came the train,
Popped inside before the rain goddess would show her pain.

I struggled a lot to find a seat,
Upon sitting, it screeching from beneath.
She now enters my compartment, finds a seat besides me,
I pinched my self to believe if it was she.
Plugging in my earphone,
I notice her reading a book alone.
Quarter past the clock, her book falls on my feet,
With all pages starting to discrete.
I take this opportunity to help her collect her pages,
Which were like single threads from laces.
My condition was as hot as peppery,
By helping her, I tried to do her heart robbery.
I struck the red iron by talking about her books,
Also in between I was praising her looks.
Soon our proximity reduced,
I reached a state where I was completely being deduced.
But for now she had to make a move,
So did I have to do.
She gets down with her tall feet, walks ahead
Without her besides me, at the moment I was living dead.
I carried my small face all the way home,
My pain began to branch, like stinging tentacles of a sea anemone
She was now adhered to my thoughts,
Cause she was a line, and Im only a set of dots.

I braved through the night,
To wake up next day, so fresh and bright.
There were fading memories of her as I left home,
Carrying my pain all alone.
Now my mind was diverted, how I turned an atheist,
Its been years since Ive heard the sayings of the priest.
My head was down as I passed the church,
I made a move from there in a Lurch.
My feet begin to hurry,
As I try escaping from that alley.
With more restlessness, vigor I crossed a couple of building,
Suddenly with a heavy touch, someone comes on me banging.
Following Newtons Law of motion, we tumble and roll,
Until we hit a hoarding pole.
We were still locked in each other arms,
Even the blind beggar could see us, forgetting to receive his alms.
My mind was busy running at its own pace,
I still didnt have a look at her face.
Like the sun rises, so do my eyes,
with fear I was melting like ice
Gulping  down my fright,
Slowly met our sight.

Within no time we realized to have previously met,
And, It was yesterday, in the train from noon to sunset.
I now spoke a few words of apology,
She smiled back, and her cheeks were as red as cherry.
We now turn our back,
It was getting late, I was steaming like a Ferrari on a race track.
From then, everytime I crossed the street,
There was some hope if we could meet.
At times, when free, I streaked the lane in her search,
Until I realized she stayed next to the church.
To see her I became regular to pray
Seeing her everyday was my aim, until which I never left away.

One fine day, we again meet at the station,
Seeing her my heart was like firing cannon balls from cannon.
Some how I approach to speak to her
She turns towards me and down falls her flower.
I make a dive to grab it,
Seeing my heroic effort she giggled a bit.
With the same flower I proposed to her kneeling
And put forward my feeling.
For she immediately accepted me,
This was the best moment to be.
Within no time, I got her number,
Started exchanging text messages like thunder.

The following week I took her to the mall for a date,
Cause mall was a place, no one would hate.
We watched a scary movie,
The whole time I was observing her closely.
Then we moved to a restaurant,
Also did we occupy the center table in an instant.
She ordered cold coffee and hamburger,
I had no other option, rather than to copy her.
The items on the table were qued up like a hill.
For I was sure to get a long bill.
it didnt matter cause I was prepared for this
To pay the bill without any hiss

It was now getting late, had to go
We both left from there and made an auto,
Soon, we reached my destination,
Before calling it off we ended with a special notion.
After which we had a small hug,
Also a peck of a kiss, my most needed drug.
We now promised to be with each other,
But unfortunately this was the end of my chapter.

--Sulaiman sait

(Special credits to Rashmi.T for helping me with the title)


  1. well narrated Mr. sait.
    thoroughly enjoyed it.
    also loved your other works.
    keep it up.,best wishes.

  2. This is enjoyable. However the dynamic is a little topsy-turvy.

  3. really loved ur poem, quite long nice smart thinking. also super story. all the best

  4. v. well written sulai u have included physics-newtons law of motion, chemistry- steam frm glass, biology- respiration n exertion of Co2. geography-climatic conditions, ur own history,sports- car on a race track, commedy- the mall scene,romance all over. Thoroughly enjoyed it.Long but nice.

  5. @stephen George:- Thankyou for all your wishes you have given me

  6. @RAshmi:- Firstly thankyou with the title help. And yea it was a little dragging.. lets see if coul improve better than this...!

  7. @Nitin Garg:- thanks dude for the comments

  8. @Sneha:- Thankyou for very well spotting all the subjects that I have included in this post..! I frankly didnt realize all the subjects that I was including...!
    any ways thaks for stopping by and commenting

  9. well written portrays ur heart take a look at my blogs, need comments for improvement

    1. @Archana :- thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. . .!!!


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