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THE PERFECT MATCH. Oye Lucky Lucky me. .

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Early evening, relaxing on my couch,
against the wall I slouch.
Picked up my laptop, switched it on,
a feeling like my fatigue all gone.
Logged into a social networking site,
for my daily dose of news and limelight.
Gulping a sip of white wine,
I scrolled down the time line.
Suddenly pops out a friend request,
with DP of a girl dressed in her best.
My mind was frozen,
leaving me in a state of confusion.
Fingers around the touchpad crept,
until I realized to have clicked accept.

Looking at her snaps, uploaded,
her beauty had got my eyed blotted.
her profile name read Jenifer,
with her distinct eyes colored amber.
Suddenly a chat message pops "Hi"
my hands shuddered as I typed her a reply.
Soon, adapted chatting with her,
surpassing the time for my dinner.
I chatted all night and all day,
like two lost souls, trying to find a way.
She seemed open and honest about every little thing,
resembling an angel, without halo or a wing.

We were once chatting to pass out time,
which has now developed in a short time.
She was romantic and full of life
making me eager to have her as my wife.
I remained scared, to convey my love to her,
my inability to converse would turn this bitter.
Soon, I had got her number,
started exchanging texts like thunder.
I wanted to meet her and start dating a lot,
began dreaming of fun filled days and night so hot.
But, she rufused for our first meeting,
followed by no replies, making me tired of trying.
I doubbted for a fake profile,
or a game played by someone verile.

Following day, she texts me a location for our meeting
making me desperate and eagerly waiting.
I reached there and see her dressed in an organdy-pink saree,
but, her face etched a hint of worry.
Seated right ahead of her,
I notice her write a message on a tissue paper.
Her actions were outrageous, but never seemed funny,
for she was mute and resembling just like me.
Via actions we now intercommunicate,
during which I proposed to her on this very first date.
Her acceptance was my fortune and mere co-incidence,
and from then on our journey proceeds with a perfect balance.

--> Sulaiman Sait.


  1. A facebook love story. Well written and love the flow of the poem. And you managed to cut the length as well.:)

    Enjoyed reading it!

    1. @Saru Singhal --> Indeed I managed to cut down the lingth :-)
      Thanks for reading and commenting. . !!!

  2. on one hand i'm glad you've managed to portray a love unhindered by barriers of communication... it has a very surprising twist.....

    on the other you really shouldn't encourage angsty teenage, facebookians into believing that they can find their love on networking sites......

    1. aah come on @Rashmi - love can happen on Social networking sites too. .!
      I actually am encouraging ppl to believe the fact that love can actually happen online. . !

  3. Replies
    1. @Gopala Krishnan --> thanks man, glad you loved it. . :-)

  4. really nice bro... liked it.

  5. Ahem Ahem.. Thambi apparam enna achu???? Oru periya doubt ithu enna vachi ezhuthala nanaikiran..

    Okay, jokes apart, beautiful, as usual rhyming and one of the best from your pen.. Loved it.. (PS: Girls will love this kind of guy..)

    Someone is Special

    1. @Some one is special --> apparam rendu peyiru one aiyitangu . .!!

      Indeed girls are behind this guy now. . !!:-P

      Any ways thanks a ton for ur comments. . !!

  6. wow.. Social network, mobile r used for find one but is it a gud one? Vanga prichanai inumathan iruku!!!

    1. correct prichanai inumathan irriku. .

      @Mohamed Ali - thanks for the comment bro. .!!

  7. cool... i expected a diff endinnn... ;)

    1. @Sandeep. . different ending, in terms of. . .? Probably a negative ending as many expected
      any ways thanks for reading and posting ur comment. .!

  8. love the way routine life has been expressed so poetically...well penned:)

    1. @Alka Narula mam --> Thanks a lot :-)your comment made my evening


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