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Before I begin my blog post, Let me thank all my readers cause Its my second blogosvarsary ( Blog- anniversary) today . . !


Check out my attempt on a very simple poem below after seeing the video :-

Sam, a young, angry fighterfish,
Cornered, by his masters wish,
Swimming around filled with hopelessness,
He remained artless.
One day unwittingly, his master,
Put him in a bowl with a female fighter.

Her name was Dolly
And he began adoring her beauty
Her fins, her tail,
Revealing a wholesome tale
Soon, began small fights
Ending with bruises and bites.

Soon they became near and dear,
Forgetting all his fear,
He proposed her his affection,
And she accepted it with passion.
The world was surprised,
How two fighter fishes stayed comprised.

Shortly, yet by an accident
The fish bowl had a dent,
Must be an unknown evileye,
Dolly was drawn out, without any sigh
She was gasping for her breath,
And died a painful death

Soon taking a different way,
In search of a new ray,
Sam was left single,
And decides not to mingle.
He soon became dull
And not like his usual

Seeing this, his master finds another female fighter,
Bella, who looked better than the other.
Sam again lost his heart,
While his bygone emotions were torn apart
Soon he was in love with her,
Expecting her to stay forever.

Soon Bella turned evil,
And then began a battle.
Sam was hit and poked,
And then finally choked.
He ended up cursing his master
Who was the trouble initiator

--> Sulaiman Sait

To understand this poem better try REPLACING the Male Fighter Fish ( Sam) by a Boy, Female Fighter Fish 1 (Dolly) by Girl 1, Female Fighter Fish 2 ( Bella ) as the villian and finally The Master as God. . Im sure you will have a better idea of what was in my mind


  1. Hearty Congrats to you Sulaiman for completing 2 beautiful years of blogging journey :)
    Happy Birthday to your blog!

    A very creative post..enjoyed reading it!
    Wish you all the very best in whatever you do...
    Stay happy and stay blogging!

    1. @Simran --> thank you for ur wishes :-)

      Also thanks for reading and commenting :-)


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