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Wanna be my chammak challo ?? Love, Rain and Romance

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     On a rainy day - July 11th (Monday) - A lonely summer weekday of 2011

   It was 11:05 am on the wall clock, expected to be one of the hottest day in Chennai, and the usual hour long power shunt had just begun. I opened my eyes to a notification tone on my droid phone charging since late midnight, to see a usual number of incoming mentions and replies on my twitter account. With a big yawn, and half open eyes I somehow managed to start replying back to those tweets until it was the stroke of mid day. A week down since my holidays had begun and I had no plans how to spend the next 40 odd days.

     There was no breakfast left, and mom left a sticky note on refrigerator door "will be late today evening- make noodles for yourself ".   I knew there was no noodles left as I happened to finish it last night while chatting to this new friend of mine whom I met a week back at my cousins place. She was my cousin sister's new paying guest and also her college classmate. She was indeed beauteous,  I remember staring at her display picture a number of times while waiting for her replies. Grabbing a tetra pack of guava punch I got back to my bed, unplugged my phone charger was glad to see a message from her " Happy morning Sunshine" , I couldn't resist to waste anytime to reply, " Morning Beautiful" and our usual conversations went on for a couple of hours until I was hungry again and had to go to the store to grab something to eat. As a part of my conversation I happened to tell her that I was heading to the store, she too had plans to be at the store to get some important things for her personal use. I was ready within a swift to leave to the store, we were continuously texting our locations as we headed to the same super store. I couldn't find my bike key, making me feel handicapped. Amidst my dripping sweat I managed to find a spare key and was down in a hustle. I wore a grey round necked  t-shirt, with a big red check pattern shirt, leaving its buttons open to flutter around in the wind as I ride through the way, matching with Blue jeans. (I know it was stupid wearing this in the summer ) and to complete - my black aviators were on my eye.

     I was at the super store earlier than the time I had promised, and was running an empty trolley round the store with just a large noodles packet, but- waiting for her. My eyes caught her as she was entering the store, with her phone and clutch in one hand, and with the other- she put her fringes behind her ear, and with a broad smile she crossed people. I raised up my hand to grab her attention. She rushed towards me and took a long leap "Hola" just to miss my bare toe sticking out from my sandal. we shared our trolley as she picked up her needs. I got myself some packets of bourbon biscuits and another big packet of noodles. I took the trolley from her and we finished our billing. It was almost 4 by then . I took the carry bags from her hand as we headed down to the parking, she wished if we could spend some time and have some Vada Pav . Finding Vada pav was rare in Chennai. The whole time I was admiring her -  the way she bit vada pav, the way she munched, the way she was yelling at the shop vendor " Tikka nahi banaya na bhaiya ?? bola tha na maine ??"

     From no where, the sky grew dark, we were covered over by a thick blanket of clouds  and light drizzles started. She knew I had a bike and said " Chalo chalo lets go for a ride" without much ado, I started my bike, she sat on the pillion and we rushed off from there. I was saying her " you are the only female apart from my mother who has sat with me on this bike". There was no reply from her as rain started pelting hard on us. Riding alone in rain was fun these days, and when someone special at the pillion it becomes even more fun. She hugged me from back I could feel her breath heavily against the back of my ear. I had no other option but to stop near a joggers park, we jumped over the wall and stood beneath a tree.
Kiss in the rain
courtesy - click here

    Rain was now crashing hard, thick drops pounding like my heart - staring at her, She seemed beautiful , even more beautiful that the sudden storm. She smiled - I captivated this moment, I went down on one knee,  pulled out a small table rose near the tree, and proposed her -  " WANNA BE MY CHAMMAK CHALLO ...?" "Yes, yes yes yes yes (as she nodded her head) , yes I wanna be your Chammak challo ", she said with a bliss - I was soon on my feet, slowly inch by inch we got close,  I hinted for a kiss, slowly my lips met her rosy red lips, letting our expressions go free. Our inhalations became deep, our hands began to creep, the warmth of her face against the rumbles of thunder was unique by itself. Slowly we parted away, but soon I pulled her again towards me , unbuttoned my shirt from above and placed it over our heads and began smooching her amidst the chills in her teeth.  Her lips were wet, tasted like watermelon and honey dew, stronger than a coffee brew, we parted again, staying in each other's arms for a few more seconds and then stood beside each other, waiting for the rain to stop. we were rubbing our hands as we slowly saw a rainbow form. The rain started slowing down and soon stopped. We got back to the bike and headed home, I dropped her a few yards away from her place, so that my cousins or relatives never get to know the story cooking betwixt us

     July 11th every year has been very special for me. Yet another fortnight to complete two years of this successful beginning. Still thankful to God and those low pressure summer rains for bringing us close together.

- Sulaiman Sait

Note :-  some parts of this post are mere fiction, while some names, characters and Locations have been changed or  hidden from the actual story for personal reasons

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  1. If people had followed your twitter feed, they know about your chammak chalo years back.. :-)

    1. @Anna sarp - well, ur right, I happened to tweet a little about , but mostly I used to pen it down in my personal diary
      Also I did have only a few followers back then, quite a handful followers now :-)
      anyways thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  2. Seriously sulaiman, did u really ask "Wanna Be my Chammak Challo" to propose ?

  3. Jus wow...!! I can't give a better word

  4. Hey dear, I thought it would be a fiction ..but it's a true story!
    OMG! So cute and romantic :D
    And what an amazing way to propose ..Wanna be my Chammak Challo! Awesome! :D

    11th July means a special for you wrapped with sweet memories! :D

    1. @Simran - ha ha
      Thank you

      Indeed 11th july has been a special day for me with some extra special memories

  5. Dinesh BalachandranJune 29, 2013 at 8:38 PM

    Wow!It is like reading a page out of a romantic novel. nice one. Rain+Love= MAGIC. Just Awesome.

    1. @Dinesh Balachandran - thank you, glad you liked it

      and yes
      Rain + love has is own magic
      Thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  6. excellent is the only word with which you can describe this post ... flow was smooth ..words expressed the true feeling and the fresh look for this article

    1. @Dr Jagadesh - thank you for stopping by and leaving your footprints :-)

  7. poems in the middle of a prose is refreshing to read :)


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