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Rajeev and Sunaina, both IT professionals, working in different office had been in a long time relationship for the last couple of years. Their busy schedule had always kept them at bay from meeting each other and it was 3 months back that they last happened to see each other at an event organized by the IT firm.

    It was June 6th , evening 6:30, Sunaina's birthday, and she decided to dedicate her whole evening with Rajeev after they both planned to take permission from the firm. Sunaina decided to meet Rajeev at his office (where she previously worked) and spend sometime before they leave out for a dinner. She left from her office, stopped at designer boutique, changed to her birthday dress and headed towards Rajeev's workplace with a few files to deliver.

    She was welcomed there by her old friends as she headed towards Rajeev's cabin. She was shocked to see Rajeev with an unusual beard, which made her feel annoyed. She pelted out her anger and asked him to shave his beard or forget her for the evening. He opened his drawer pulled out his razor, put a bib around his chest and shaved down his beard in the next couple of minutes, while she was staring at him with his eyes open. He washed his face and turned towards Sunaina. His clean shaven looks bowled her over... and she instantly moved towards him to enjoy a wonderful evening..

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