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A  few years back I had a chance to visit a hospital cum rehab center where people with AIDS were there...!
The poem the I have written below is based on my experience I had over there...

All those eyes I saw were filled with hunger for love,
After they had received nature's most shocking shove.
They knew it was too late to cry
With minds set, eveready to say goodbye.
For many I could remember to have seen, remaind artless.
While the rest were emotionless.
This center to them was like a prison cell,
Living life there was like hell.

I could barely walk between them, with the feelings of empathy,
Realizing how one mistake can turn to be costly.
Without any hesitation I gave them their most needed drug,
A comfortable and a warm hug.
I realized to find their skin and dress so clammy,
Cause they were helpless, also caretakers needed more money.
Soon my friends came with some special lunch,
For everyone there it was their brunch.

On course of the fun time, a handsome guy walked towards me,
He introduced himself to be Andy.
Who intended to share some pain,
Which he couldn't constrain.
With, tears he shared his deepest secret,
On how he was cheated by his lovely Juliet.
With my arms open, giving a hug I consoled him,
And with this I remember the day light turning dim.

It was now time to leave them,
One thing for which I could never condemn.
I could see their desire to live,
With survival hopes so massive.
I saw them as real life warriors,
Battling between life and death barriers.
Hiding my out coming laceration,
I left from there without any words to be spoken



  1. hey Sulaiman..that was a heart breaking explanation.. :(
    I have never visited any rehab centers so far..
    but I appreciate your efforts to explain it in your words..
    I hope you will be keeping sometime off for the AIDS patients today..
    Keep doing your noble work..
    May God bless you!!
    Keep in touch brother!!

  2. Very beautiful Sulaiman.You are in such a noble profession,I hope you go on to become a doctor with soul.

  3. This captures the crux of the prejudice and have people have against people with AIDS. This also depicts how helpless people with AIDS feel.

    This is good.

  4. @bhavia:- thankyou for commenting on the post...!
    I did make up some time(very very little indeed)..

    Also thankyou for the wishes and sure I will stay in touch

  5. @shalini:- thankyou mam for the wishes.. Also thank you for the comment

  6. @rashmi :-you understood it right...! Thankyou for the comment...!!

  7. really touching poem sulai.liked it v.much.
    good thing u did by spending time with aids people. all d best.

  8. super sulaiman ........keep it up brooooooo

  9. I lykd it.. Really touching ! I wish you feel more about it and gives us alot more poem.. Keep writing :-)

  10. amazing poem... as always.... i realy appreciate the way u express ur feelings for social issues... keep it up... i m realy impressed... :)

  11. super writing ra sulai.AIDS topic selection n writing poem. gr8 ra.

  12. @ Swetha M :- thankyou.. its actually my duty, for a gonna be health care professional, not to neglect people with AIDS, but be besides them and support them...!
    Any ways thanks for the comments

  13. @pranav :- thanks yaaar pranav for reading it and commenting.

  14. @samueel Bhaiya :- thankyou, and sure I will try a lot to keep writing better poems, which u would enjoy reading
    any ways thanks for the comment

  15. @mahak sharma:- Thankyou.. Its cause of my friends and followers viewing and commenting that I have improved my writing so that I can impress people...!

    once again thanks for the comments...!

  16. @anonymous :- thanks for the comment...!

  17. Awesome Bro..Keep it up :')

  18. suliman keep it up...god bless u......

  19. Very nice....nothing more to say dude...

  20. wow..... ur really sooo gud sulai... all d vry best fo ur better future... awaitin fo more poems...

    1. @Rohini --> Thanks a ton . .!! More poems coming up soon :-)

  21. OMG.. this has really made me heavy hearted..)!!!!!

  22. God bless them and god bless you. Keep up with both of your heart's works.. empathy and poetry! :)

  23. Dinesh balachandranDecember 1, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    Hi Mr. Sait, wonderful poem. you captured their feelings very nicely. So true, they want our love and affection more than anything. i volunteer for YRGCARE and had opportunity to work with People Living with HIV esp Children, the happiness they have when they realize that they are not alone and people are there to love them cannot be expressed. once again a wonderful poem.

    1. @Dinesh Balachandiran sir --> Thank you ... Its been great to know about the time you spent with #HIV infected children and yes, exactly - they keep longing for love

      thanks for reading this post and leaving a reply

  24. Written it with such an intensity...painful!


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