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Sometimes i love sitting in the rain,
To relieve my sourness and pain.
I feel being lone and apart,
No one to console, give warmth to my heart.
Love is full of worries,
No limits, no boundaries.
Sometimes i keep talking to my own,
Specially when im alone.
Now that everything is gone out of hand,
Many confusions, cant understand.
She was the only one I'd loved,
Oh my beloved!
She was like washed footprints on sand,
Who once used to visit my dreamland.
Now that my dreams have become dry,
My loneliness makes me cry.
Trapped by worries and pain,
To whom shall i explain?
No one's here for ever,
Even miles of footstep disappear.
What happened with me wasn't fair
I've lost the one whom I'd really care.
Those agonies and cries
In my green eyes.
The doors of my heart being shut
Pains residing in a small hut.
I failed to see the flower in which my life grows
Which is now like a spoilt rose.
I was whole time living dead,
I decided to write her name in blood
I planned to put my life to an end,
No one to stop me nor mend.
I thought about my old mom
How would she life after I'm gone?
Later I understood nature's-life-motion,
Somehow i controlled my emotion.
And brought my destruction to an end!


What my mom can do

I didnt like the curry my mom made
nor did i like the way she baked
the biscuits she baked were hard
nor did she the coffee right

I pondered for an answer
Is there any thing i could do?
should I look for someone,
Who could match my mothers shoe?

Then I found some light,
And decided to approach her bright
All she did , Was turned right
and slapped me tight
Now I realize what my mom can do

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