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My Ambipur experience - Lost in my dreamland

     Hola amigos, Im back. Here again, I pen down yet another fabulous experience right from center page of my diary, which has been revolving around me since my third Indiblogger meet at The Grand Hyaat, Chennai today.
In my own poetic style I have written down this poem about the Ambipur experience of mine

Reaching a bloggers meet,
Midst the midday Chennai heat.
Drippy drip sweat
perspiration making me wet.
My deodorant had failed,
and my mood derailed
But, soon started the meet,
Entertainment, rhythm of our heartbeat.
Fun filled events, away from bore,
While, the prizes were galore.
Food, promo, skit enactment and social causes
Ultimate fun, until we had to  finally tie up our laces
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