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  It was almost 8a.m in the morning and I had just completed handing over my duties and responsibilities to Dr. Yamini, who was an hour late to take the handing over from me at the ICU. It was a tough night stay at the ICU with a case from emergency department being shifted to the ICU for thrombolysis and cardiac management after a 47 year old patient was diagnosed to have a myocardial Infarction. Starting upon the thrombolytic therapy isn't easy and it does need continuous monitoring of the patient. The whole night went by and I really didn't know when it was morning....


    Handing over the responsibilities to Dr. Yamini, was a big relief as I made my way to change, from my ICU scrubs gown to formals. I was desperately in need of sleep as my body was aching. I wore my shirt inside out and realized on time that before I could wear it back again. Once I checked through all my things, I made my way towards the lift. The ICU was on the 3rd floor just above the Operation theater in the second floor and also just below the deluxe wards which was in the 4th.


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Shattered dreams and broken hearts,
ambitions scattered apart,
lost amidst promises,
failure and awful experiences.
For, failure always isn't a sin,
But, a step to begin.
Look for a motivation
beholding your concentration.

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