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My favorite quotes - Three day quote challenge- Day 1,2 and 3

To begin, I have been tagged to take up the Quotes Challenge by 4 blogger friends of mine - Namrata Kumari, Simran Kaur , Kiran Acharya (Ma'am) and Madhavi Praveen (Ma'am) and I would love to thank them heartily for tagging me into this fun filled trend that is catching up among bloggers. As I am supposed to write 3 and post them one on each day; But, due to lack of time, I've posted 3 of my favorite quotes together over here.

Day 1)
Firstly, this quote is something which I keep in my mind all the time, and is a lot related to my profession.

"When a doctor cannot do any good, he mustn't do any harm" - Hippocrates

This is my all favorite quote from Hippocrates, which I have written on the front page of my diary as well. Also according to me, being titled a Doctor isn't something which is important, its about doing something good and seeing to that there is less suffering and pain in the society.

Day 2)
Next, is this quote I noticed on good reads app a few days back and its been in my phone as a screenshot since then.. Crisp and clear with nothing much to speak about it, as it speaks for itself

"If they don't appreciate you, they don't deserve you"- Anonymous

How true ?? Isnt it ??

Day 3)
Lastly, I'd like to end this quotes challenge with my own quote, something which literally made me develop a liking towards poetry.

"Love is something which makes illiterates into poets"- Sulaiman Sait

Love is a magical feeling, everyone who falls in love narrates a poetry of their own and starts becoming a poet. Even the shortest poetry from someone in love has the power to strongly express a whole lot of things. Be it someone who is madly in love or someone who's lost his love he would definitely have a poem to express his feelings.

This post was written as a part of Three day quote challenge. Where I was tagged by 4 co bloggers. To end this I would want to tag @Ganga Bharani , @Destination Infinity and @ Shreyas Srinivasan

Rules for the Challenge

  1. Post one of your favorite quotes (different quotes on each day) on three days. The quote can be from your favorite book,  author or even your own.
  2. Nominate three bloggers to challenge them.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you.



Before I get into this review, let me tell you - I usually make it a point to carry a book or two along with me every time I go on a long journey alone, this time it was Nano. Also, for a long time I wanted to read Nano by Robin Cook after I fell in love with Pia Grazdani - the protagonist from Death Benefit. well, Moving on here is the book review...

This book is 400 paged, and is published by  Macmillian publishing house. The cover looks interesting with a nano cell and definitely lets you know there is some mystery awaiting inside

The book is available in India at a reasonable price of 350 Rupees and can be downloaded as an E-book at a price of 298 rupees (via flipkart)


"Nothing is perfect, Life is messy, Relationships are complex; while outcomes are uncertain and people are just irrational"

Well, To begin this review, this 200 paged book comes with a pretty simple cover published by Srishti Publishers and is available at a reasonable price of 150 rupees.

"What goes on in the mind of a woman is difficult to tell; But what goes inside the mind of a woman who is single, divorced and still has some words of praise throbbing in her ears is even more difficult to tell"- Rashmi Kumar (HLS pg 124)

The story revolves around Alafia Singh, a divorcee in her early 30's after a failure to convert her parents chosen match with Ram into a life time bond after her marriage lasted only for 11 months. Since Ram carried on with his life and found a new partner, Alafia decides to move on as well and was on a look out for proper partner. She tries looking for a match over matrimonial sites and her parents follow the same with newspaper adverts, but somehow or the other she finds it hard to connect with the men she meets - either they are interested in sex, or the guy is too rich or religion comes in the way in denying her to settle down in life the way she wants. Supported by her close friend Myra she continues to look on for a way  to find a match.
Soon there comes a point where her younger sister gets married, while she remained single and unmarried. Mounted by challenges, she goes deep into finding the need for a right man in her life... Does she find the right man ? Read Hooked, Lined and Single to find out....

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