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To begin, let me tell you all the fact that I'm back on a reading spree after a long break. This time I started off with "Robin Cook's book - Death benefit" which has long been waiting on my " To read list"

This book is 264 paged, and is published by  Macmillian publishing house. The cover looks interesting and directly depicts an interesting murder mystery awaiting inside

The book is available in India at a reasonable price of 350 Rupees and can be downloaded as an E-book at a price 180 rupees via flipkart.


The story revolves around Pia Grazdani, an ambitious, smart and brave student at the Columbia Medical University who aims to find a future in Organogenesis (developing organs from stem cells and introducing them back into the body) under Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rothman and his assistant Dr. Yamamato as she looks to complete her residency in Internal Medicine and finish her elective at the Lab where she'd been working for last three years with Dr Rothman on his salamonella species project. 

Parallely, there invoves a wall street clash as ex business tycoons and investors discuss the impact this stem cell based research could have on their health care policies and plans. But, unfortunately Dr Rothman and his assitant are dead cause of severe Jaudince just days before what could be a major breakthrough in regenerative medicine.


    In today's world, almost every other person owns a smart phone and there are techie companies and manufacturers who are trying to ace their product, wanting it to be a hit amongst these smart phone users. With such a big market open right at front of them, It gives companies like Asus a huge launching pad to bring about high end phones their Zenfone series which has been a big hit amonst smart phone users. Even I'm enlisted amongst those smart phone users who has been mesmerized  by Zenfone series and have also previously written about my love for Asus Zenfone.

    This time around Asus has taken a huge leap in its smart phone series and has come up with something special which is gonna draw a whole lot of eyeballs towards it. Its the sleek, trendy, ultra light, super fast Asus ZenFone 2, with a whole lot of enthralling features which is gonna be a treat for a smart phone user. Well, Its time you to find out what's so special about this ZenFone 2, as I enlist 5 reasons, which I'm sure will redefine your smart phone experience.

P.C -


The design of this phone is the first thing that's gonna have a whole lot of eye balls staring at this.This Asus ZenFone 2 comes with a luxorious brush metal finish and a perfectly placed ergometric arch with the hard keys present just at the right place to give enough comfort to the user. It also embeds a 5.5 inch Full HD IPS display with 16M pixels and has a remarkable 72% screen to body ratio.


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    I know I'm a true chocoholic. It dates back to those days when my mom joined school as a teacher and I was in my kindergarten. Everyday she would get me a few chocolates that she'd get from kids in her school who celebrated their birthday and distributed chocolates. Even otherwise if she didn't get any chocolate my grandmother used to give me enough money to buy chocolates. The same habit has continued even till date, where I wait for my mother to give me chocolates when she returns home. If I'm late I know where to find them :P

     Based on my love for chocolate, is this poem - Life of a chocoholic...

I know, I’m a chocoholic
the biggest anyone could have ever seen!
I definitely need some daily,
Else, I’d turn stubborn and figurine.

No matter what be the chocolate
Dark, caramel filled or even a candy.
As long as it is chocolate
My day would be fine and I'd remain dandy!

Finally one day, I owned a chocolate locker
keeping the best from Swiss and Belgium.
I kissed and tasted them daily
until lately, I read about its problem


Passing midst galleries of emotions,
flowing through tear filled oceans,
I see the world appear so inferno
leaving me behind like a callow,

Bewildered between my heart and mind,
Shattered are those dreams of mine,
Down shed my tears,
Unleashing those hidden fears.

On One side, I see the impostors survive,
Committing sins, then falsely shrive,
People point a thousand fingers towards you,
That's when you gotta overcome the subdue.

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