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    Football has been my interest for long and as every one knows I'm a big time Chelsea fan. There is some special madness about this game which keeps me addicted to it despite my busy schedules. The main reason why I enjoy football more than any sport is because of its unpredictability. This season of the Barclays Premier League has gone to the heights of unpredictability. In this blog post. I'll discuss about the 5 most talking points of the current season.

#5. Jurgen Kloop at Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp is unveiled as the new manager of Liverpool FC as he stands alongside Tom Werner (l) the chairman and Ian Ayre (r) the chief executive
Pic Credits : Skysports
The well known German Manager Jurgen Kloop happened to replace Brenden Rogers for the managerial position at Anfield earlier this season after having left Dortmund. His presence on the sidelines has helped the youth develop and play according to his style of high paced counter attacking football. Despite all those tactics he's still finding it difficult to repair the damage done to the team in the early half of the season as they find itself in the mid-table. Jurgen Kloop would definately eye for an Europa cup position by this season end.

#4. European cup positions and Relegation battle

How the Europa League winners will enter the Champions League
Pic Credits -
This season of Premier League is high on barbiturates. Noting can be said about the teams which could make it to the European cup as well as the teams which could be relegated. The points tables are so closely differentiated that a win or loss can turn the table for any team. Seeing the form right now, it is expected that Leicester and Arsenal might qualify for the Champions league, the other two positions are left to be battled by Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United and Southampton. While only a few points behind, lagging are Liverpool and Westham United.  I guess this will go till the end where the teams to play in the European cups will be finalized


Hello Readers, Its been a wonderful journey thus far as I complete 5 years of blogging. Also incidentally this is my 150th blogpost. On this occasion, I would love to write on the same genre with which I started writing 5 years back - Romance.

With Valentine's day round the corner, I decided to go forward with a poetic love letter to a girl who's been my twitter crush for long. Here is the the poetry in my own poetic style...

Dated: Forever,
To my dear twitter crush....,

Ever since I first followed you,
I had fallen in love with you.
Your timeless tweets, got my mind blown
screaming to walk into my soul that dwelt lone.

With every reply, you hypnotize me,
Like a slave to your mentions, whatsoever they might be
While you hold the pendulum in your hand
I await to be taken into a lovely dreamland.

Your wittiness, your sarcasm,
out fills my lungs with an aroma like balsam.
Your smartness, your kindness
has made me live with an overdose of your madness.

Now, I have sheathed you inside my heart
that beats to the tune of Mozart
As we follow each other, lets unite our twitter handles,
sharing between us some love filled virtual cuddles.

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