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Rajeev and Sunaina, both IT professionals, working in different office had been in a long time relationship for the last couple of years. Their busy schedule had always kept them at bay from meeting each other and it was 3 months back that they last happened to see each other at an event organized by the IT firm.

    It was June 6th , evening 6:30, Sunaina's birthday, and she decided to dedicate her whole evening with Rajeev after they both planned to take permission from the firm. Sunaina decided to meet Rajeev at his office (where she previously worked) and spend sometime before they leave out for a dinner. She left from her office, stopped at designer boutique, changed to her birthday dress and headed towards Rajeev's workplace with a few files to deliver.


    It was the biggest 2013 new year bash at Seaway resort in Goa alongside the banks of inland water channels. The dance floor was all set and DJ was playing some loud party music, there were LED and neon disco lights towering around, free drinks were served at the far end with the new year countdown was down to the last couple of hours

     "Jhanvi Jhanvi Jhanvi.. you  were always interested in paintings na ?? now you gotta meet him.. " Anita said with a solicitous tone pointing towards a tall, handsome and modernly dressed guy.
     "He's Ronit Arora"and he's here from London for his art exhibition"
 Ronit shook hands with Jhanvi and gave her a hug.


 Winter was turning in, and it was one of those frost filled morning after a night of snow. Johnny, though depressed with the loss of his gym, was waiting for this day to see his love Melissa return from London after graduation. The last time Melissa was here for Christmas, they first happened to meet at Sandy's wedding after she introduced Johnny as her personal trainer.

     A couple of weeks later Melissa reached Johnny's gym and started her fitness programme. Days went by and Johnny was slowly trying to get close, and Melissa started getting comfortable with him. Soon she had to depart, but Johnny didn't let her go just like that, he called her on a date in a cruise and proposed her. Everything went well, until she had to bid goodbye promising to meet a year later.

    Melissa had arrived as promised and she decided to meet immediately. Johnny was dull, lethargic, with an untrimmed beard. Melissa couldn't stand seeing him. Out of cry Johnny asked her " what's the problem Melissa?" She vented in anger "Its your beard". He pulled away, she dragged him and warned " better get your beard shaven or forget me forever".


A land, tranquil and calm,
greens, bushes, trees of palm,
with weather, delightfully soothing,
and drizzles, so refreshing.

Those tall peaking hills,
topped with blooming daffodils,
flowing  streams of purity,
a rare sight of beauty.

seeing those lush green paddy fields,
sitting on hay chesterfields,
swaying its way, like music
letting one go rhythmic 

A scented breeze of this state,
resides in its women innate,
blessed with beauty,
serving nature with harmony.


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    Three hours past midnight, all windows open, with the wind splitting the white-off white stained curtains and blowing away papers scattered all around from a dot-matrix printer continuously screeching from left to right. A dim incandescent bulb crying to glow and at the corner of that messy room was Ryan Bailey sitting, trying to work on some molecular structures and docking them on his laptop. He looked weak, with untidy dress, uncombed hair and improperly trimmed beard. Ryan was a professor of experimental medicine at Touchstone Medical University, a post Doctorate fellowship in neuropsycho-pharmacology, one who bagged all the gold medals in his undergraduate as well as post graduate. It had been his dream project to develop an unique drug molecule, which could partially put a person to sleep, yet play with his unconscious mind by hypnotizing an individual and eliminate the drug from the body without any traces.

source : Google images
      He has been working in this research project for the last 6 years, back from his Ph.D days and success was nearing. Though he was married 8 yrs back, he was more dedicated to his research work and romance got buried deep within leaving behind no time for his beautiful wife Janet Bailey, who was a Chief Gynecologist at Touchstone Medical University Hospital. They both were undergraduate class mates and a love story had developed between them. Though Ryan and Janet were separated by destiny to pursue masters in different Med schools, they both met each other at a reunion, following which Ryan proposed Janet. Their love story went smooth and they got married the following winter, But, soon Ryan started getting more involved in his research. His lab became his home, his laptop was his world and some times there had been weeks together where Ryan hadn't met Janet, yet conversations used to happen over his mobile. On the other side Janet was busy as well, conducing deliveries and advising new mothers on handling children, even though she didn't conceive through Ryan. She loved Ryan fully and supported him in his research work, but couldn't tell him much about it.

     The drug molecule was ready, and in-silico (computer based study done to assess drug action) studies showed a positive result, following which Ryan conducted a small toxicology study in a group of rodents to study about dosing and toxicity of the molecule. His planning was so perfect that all the clinical studies were perfect and soon he was able to make it into an injectable form. There was one issue that Ryan was worried about - the drug being misused and denied sharing any details with others. Weeks later he was desperate to try the drug on a human volunteer, but scared, so he decided to inform Janet and try the drug on himself, while she could record the video or provide any medical emergence if needed.

     Ryan was in his glass cabin, where he decided self inject the drug and carry out his experiment. But, Janet didn't want Ryan to experiment the drug on him, and decided to speak to him as he prepared a set of recorded questioners, which the tape recorder would ask him, while he would be video taped for the same. 
In a nervous tone Janet started " so dear, all done with your preparations ?? "
There was silence around. She again spoke " How confident are you on your molecule, what if something goes wrong, whom will I live for ??"
Ryan was trying to focus on his checklist, yet replied " don't worry dear, I trust in you"
Swallowing a lump of saliva, she again interrupted " How long would you be self hypnotized ??"
For which he replied " Just 30 minutes dear" "and Promise me dear, even if anything happens to me, your not telling about my research to any one"
Janet remained silent, "but why?????"

     He was all set to perform the experiment, he pecked a kiss to Janet, locked his glass seethrough cabin checked the emergency kit, kept his mobile phone next to the bed, started the audio player and video recorder, then injected an intravenous cannula. All set, he took a deep breath and infused the drug into his own body. Though Janet was  seated outside, she was carefully seeing him, as he went into sleep. Along side she was monitoring his Heart rate, Oxygen saturation and blood pressure very carefully.


"If you don't know which novel to decide, and want a master story full of twists, you can always pick up a Sidney Sheldon book "

     I happened to purchase this book from a leading book store a couple of days in advance before I had to move to and fro from Chennai city to Chengalpattu to attend a research conference, which happened a month back. Unfortunately I failed to complete the book, cause of my travelling tiredness and I happened to start and complete the whole book today.

    Before I start with the story line and my take on the book, let me tell a couple of things " This is not for the faint hearted " and yes " Its really addictive" you might never wanna keep this book down once you start it....


    The story revolves around a gorgeous, workaholic and brainy techie named Ashley Patterson, who works at a leading firm at the silicon valley, Toni Prescott, who loves to sing, party and enjoy, and Alette Peters - who loves artwork and has inborn talent of painting .Ashley fears she's been stalked by someone and fears that her life could be in danger. Her father, Dr. Steven Patterson, a famous cardiac surgeon always warns her about men and relationships and was the reason for her teen age breakup as well, which saw them move out of London, just after her graduation. Her father also warned her about Dennis Tibble, her co-worker, who always flirted with her, soon he was brutally murdered and Ashley comes into suspect. Alette goes to Rome where she meets an artist whom she had previously known, but later after Alette leaves him, he is found to be murdered. On the other side Toni visits Quebec city and meets Jean claude, whome she knew via an online chat room and he gifts her an Emerald ring, asks her to accompany her for lunch and asks her to join her, which she rejects.


     Surrogacy refers to having another woman for a couple who can't have a child. Its something like ducks lay, but don't hatch, rather depend on hens, who hatch it for them. History dates back to 1870's when surrogacy was practiced in China. Whats funny to see is the fact that the Chinese first started surrogacy and later in 2009 put a ban on Surrogacy. There have been many controversies around surrogacy - firstly, the ethical issue for a woman to raise someone else's child, then comes religious issues, while other controversies include fetus complications, which might need abortion- and the surrogate mother might oppose the abortion.. But now it has become more or less like a trade, where couple hire a woman to bear a child for them, and pay her handful to shut her mouth for lifetime . Recently some celebrities have been dragged into controversies for adopting surrogacy, for their wives didn't wanna spend time for their gestation. Only a few countries in the world like India, US, Georgia, Ukraine and Thailand- where a woman can be legally paid to carry another's child. Here, I take an opportunity to write a fictional poem based on the life story of a woman who takes up the responsibilities of surrogacy from a coupld who escape pregnancy cause of a busy schedule  ...

After prolongation of her first gestation,
and battling her eclampsia complication,
she delivered a celestial present,
in the form of a beautiful infant.


     I might be touching sky limits today, but the path to them were shown by teachers (including my mom) ...
To be frank- There has once been a period that I was very very mischief in class, and my staff found it very difficult to control me, moving from corner to corner or chatting continuously in class, and every parent teacher meeting- the only thing told by every staff used to be " your ward is very mischief and a lot talkative" But then, one day there came a Teacher who caught me and gave me one tight slap...... that taught me a lesson.. a lesson for life time.. and probably the only slap I received in my school life, which kept me quite till I left school... There have been many such incidences like these and this poem is dedicated to all my teachers who have taken efforts some where or the other to shape me for the way I am now....
Thank you for all your efforts ., and here is the poem below

From being someone wise,
With their abundant sources of advise,
They guide us towards our goals,
without remodeling the fear within our souls.


     Almost a month back, I received a gift voucher from , and I decided to get some books for my self, of the books that I had ordered, I happened to order ANGEL OF THE DARK - SIDNEY SHELDON

     To begin, Let me tell you - this book wasn't completely written by Sidney Sheldon, Its author is Tilly Bagshawe, who built up this book on some unpublished work from Sidney Sheldon.
Sidney Sheldon - Angel of the Dark (Review)

STORY PLOT:-     The story starts with the first chapter dating to 1996, LosAngeles, where an Old , rich man named Andrew Jakes is murdered and his beautiful young wife Angela Jakes is brutally raped and beaten, then tied to the corpse of her dead husband. The case investigations were begun by Danny Mc Guire, an LAPD detective. But, due to lack of evidences at the crime scene, and the LAPD failing to find the accomplice, the case is closed. The wife (Angela Jakes) was rescued from the crime scene treated at the hospital and then later discharged, following which the young widow disappears from LA - the only witness to this case, leaving back her inheritance to charity. Once the case was closed , everyone decided to move on, but Danny Mc Guire was amongst those who never wanted to give up on this case and swore to himself to find the psychopath behind this case, but en route to find out the mystery he ends up ruining himself
Back at LA, Matt Daley, the estranged son of Andrew Jakes , decides to work upon this case and make a documentary

The CBC's Six Word Memoir Tag

     This post is a part of The Chennai Bloggers Club SIX WORD MEMOIR TAG , where we bloggers try to define ourselves or our life in six words (Quite interesting right ?). The best part of this is that the baton passes from one writer to another. The baton was passed to me by Pallavi Subramanian  , who is an excellent fiction writer in all forms.

     Moving on, it has really been very difficult to define my self in six-Words , yet I have given this my best shot to put forward my life in six words, so here it goes

Wanna be my chammak challo ?? Love, Rain and Romance

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     On a rainy day - July 11th (Monday) - A lonely summer weekday of 2011

   It was 11:05 am on the wall clock, expected to be one of the hottest day in Chennai, and the usual hour long power shunt had just begun. I opened my eyes to a notification tone on my droid phone charging since late midnight, to see a usual number of incoming mentions and replies on my twitter account. With a big yawn, and half open eyes I somehow managed to start replying back to those tweets until it was the stroke of mid day. A week down since my holidays had begun and I had no plans how to spend the next 40 odd days.

Euthanasia [ MERCY KILLING ]

     Before I start this poem, I would wanna add a quote said by Martin Luther King --> " No one is truly free to live, until one is free to die"


There I see him lay, awake and still,
Tacit and secluded, staring at window sill.
Impassive for years, with an Illness,
Which never decided to leave his body axis.
His Drugs were out of action,
Unplayable expenses was a caution.
His cries and mourn were rife ,
Pleading and attempting to end his life.

Soon, There was a meeting,
To euthanize him, was the magisterial granting.
Sending him to his death bed,
with a dreamless sleep that lulls the dead.
The duty was rendered to me,
My soul wasn't ready to agree.
Abashed, if this was the right option here,
For a life was ought to disappear.

My Ambipur experience - Lost in my dreamland

     Hola amigos, Im back. Here again, I pen down yet another fabulous experience right from center page of my diary, which has been revolving around me since my third Indiblogger meet at The Grand Hyaat, Chennai today.
In my own poetic style I have written down this poem about the Ambipur experience of mine

Reaching a bloggers meet,
Midst the midday Chennai heat.
Drippy drip sweat
perspiration making me wet.
My deodorant had failed,
and my mood derailed
But, soon started the meet,
Entertainment, rhythm of our heartbeat.
Fun filled events, away from bore,
While, the prizes were galore.
Food, promo, skit enactment and social causes
Ultimate fun, until we had to  finally tie up our laces


     Today I had my first experience of donating blood, and it was a wonderful feeling, I wish I could sit for long and pen down a poem, but due to time restrictions, I'm going for a couple of  Haiku's ( short poem ), (though I'm still an amateur in it )

A needle puncture
lets the river of life
help the world

Bags of life,
willingly donated by good men
superheros for life

--> Sulaiman Sait

To know more about blood donation, check out my post on World Blood donation day, by clicking HERE

JUNJOU AMATORY (Pure passionate romance)

Statuary Warning --> The content below is not suitable for individuals below the age of 18, if you are under 18, I request you to kindly close this page

Dark eclipsed night,
A stranger prince and a princess plight
Against all odds,
Under the bid of the bawds.
Once a male chauvinist,
For lust, that turned him the kindest
Summing up his alphabets,
Consumed in his craving sonnets.
He praised her, like a Shakespearean poem,
Letting her complacently blossom.

COMA - ROBIN COOK, Book review

     I happened to be at Pondycherry for my Christmas holidays and there I spotted this book there at a book stall, For the first time did I ever judge a book by its cover. . The main reason for selecting this book was cause of the bottom line mentioning " Master of Medical thriller" and being a student in the similar field I fancied going for my selection

     If you are a ardent reader, Im sure you would never wanna keep this book down once you start this, one can feel their pulse, and heart rate augment as they progress reading the book...  That's the same that happened to me --> and, I happened to completed this book in one go ( within 7 hours)

Consequences of Love - Sulaiman Addonia - Book Review

     It was my holidays after 12th standard Board Exams and one random day my cousin sister and I decided to go to British Council Library , Chennai,  to lend some books, and there my cousin sister's eye fell on this book( as she usually picks up unknown authors ). She also had an affinity towards this book cause the author's name was my namesake. She was the first to read this and pass it on to me and there was no looking back once I started this.
     Here is my review for the book - Consequences of Love - Sulaiman. Y.M.S Addonia


Before I begin my blog post, Let me thank all my readers cause Its my second blogosvarsary ( Blog- anniversary) today . . !


Check out my attempt on a very simple poem below after seeing the video :-

Sam, a young, angry fighterfish,
Cornered, by his masters wish,
Swimming around filled with hopelessness,
He remained artless.
One day unwittingly, his master,
Put him in a bowl with a female fighter.

Her name was Dolly
And he began adoring her beauty
Her fins, her tail,
Revealing a wholesome tale
Soon, began small fights
Ending with bruises and bites.

What Chennai Means to Me ......????

This post is a part of The Chennai Bloggers Club Tablog  , Where the active Chennai circle bloggers have decided to write about "What Chennai Means to them" in their own styles. .The post was preceeded by a group of writes before me, the last one to write and pass the baton to me was Melanie Rayen . . Thank you. . .

Sipping my hot mug of Filter coffee,
I decided to write what Chennai means to me. .
Going by the pages of history ,
A common place for the socials
I then decided to write taste,
What this Metro city has in its haste.

The city of Pearls and Food - Hyderabad ( poem)

It felt blithe , upon reaching Hyderabad station,
Jolted, by what was a land under the Nawabs possession.
Truely a high-tech city now,
And the first word I said was wow.

The hail nature of people,
like a brother's cuddle.
The intoxicating aroma of Iranian tea,
Mughal Biriyani and Haleem in every alley.

Shopping from the streets of Charminaar,
To the markets of Laad Bazaar,
Sightseeing from the Chowmalla palace,
To the Golconda fort that remains artless
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