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     There has been a whole lot of advancement in mobile technology and we have now come to a stage where the world has shrinked to the size of our palm. Everything you wish to know or want to do can be done with the power of a smart phone in your hand. With advancements in smart phone functions, and a wide range of availability is has now become easy for every one to own a smart phone based on their needs and specifications.

    Over a period of time only a few smart phone manufacturers have managed to make a name and Motorola has been a leading pioneer in smart phone with its moto series and their recent phone - the new Moto E (2nd gen) is a good choice for those who dream big without having a hole in their pocket. For me this smart phone would be a new path towards doing a whole lot of things and I would #ChooseToStart the following 5 things with my Moto E, that I'll manage easily and tension free.


     Exams finally over and I had planned to make my visit to Bangalore for a student council meeting on Sunday. I decided to stay at a hotel and not to disturb my dad's long time best friend's Gupta ji. But, when he found out that I had resided in Bangalore Cantonment and that too near his residence he forced me to visit his place once, and I had to make a visit. My train was at night, so I couldn't make dinner plans and afternoon was the meeting, so I decided to make it to their place by 10:30 am.


    Happiness is a feeling that is very special and the emotions that arouse during happy moments are really one of a kind, and gives peace to ones heart. Happiness is something that becomes an essential for one to live, for it eases pain and brings out joy. Sometimes to remain happy, its important to understand that every thing in life happens for a reason and to accept it the right way; to bring about happiness. Also, there are some things or some events that happen in a certain order that bring about happiness. These moments could be either temporary or permanent; but, when these moments do come, its time you capitalize on them and enjoy those happy moments and thank God for them.

Today on International day of Happiness, I'd wanna share 10 things that make me feel happy, (in reverse order, from #10 to #1 which gives me maximum happiness)



It is always a special moment when you create a new record. Be it in sports or in some amazing/ unique thing that you can do. whatever it might be, record cannot be just created without proper support. In this blog post I share with you an instance where I had the togetherness and support of my family and friends when I attempted to create a national record.


    I was wanting to do my graduation at one the best colleges in the London, but it wasn't easy, and also came with a price of having to stay in a flat away from the campus. Staying in a private apartment was probably the most difficult part of my graduation period. It isn't easy to move on to a different environment where you are forced to share a room with someone new. I did find it difficult to share my things with my room mates, but with time things got sorted out well, yet that degree of comfort wasn't there. We were four Indians who took up the room and used to cook our dishes in turn.


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P.C Sulaiman Sait
Faded are those letters
Written with drops of blood,
from the bottom of my heart.
Faded are those papers,
that turned yellowish brown,
ever since we been alone.
Faded are those memories,
blurred are those moments
since destiny split us apart.

I wrote to her daily,
till she halfheartedly pledged,
to finally become someone’s dear.
They say love comes
when it has to, and
that’s when the old disappears.
But, what about those letters?
Those moments I preserved all this while
will they always be here?

Dry Baby, Happy Baby

   Its always a pleasant feeling to have a baby around at home and to play with him/her, or to get involved in their simple day to day activities that they try. Initially, I didn't really like the crying sounds of babies, nor did I like to carry them, maybe cause I was not comfortable with it. Then came my pediatric ward posting, where I had no other option but to learn to adapt with it, and over time when I had my new born nephew and niece at home, I learnt to enjoy time with them.

    The other day I happened to take my two year old nephew to the park along with my cousin sister, who decided to come along with me for a walk, to have some fresh air and to take a break from her usual work in the evening. I put my nephew on the pram and was pushing it around the park. I could see my nephew have a great time looking around at people walking around. I could see him look at kids play with the ball or slowly slide down the sliding board. I stopped the pram near the slide and slowly glided him down the slide. He was surely having a great time. People from around were looking at him and were also enjoying their time. Some young couple were asking about the kid, while some were pinching his cheeks, my nephew was smiling to everyone who came and had a good time with him. Every thing seemed okay till we made him sit on the grass while my cousin sister and I decided to have some snacks; and then my nephew started crying. My cousin sister, was not sure why was he crying?. Was it the grass, or did any insect bite him, did anything poke him or what it was. She thoroughly examined his body to find nothing, except for the fact that he had wet his diaper. She also forgot to have an extra set of diaper in the car or in the pram. I decided to leave them both in the park and look for a nearby shop to get some diapers.


    For every young student entering the field of health care profession its a dream to do something large that could well define their name globally. There were many like me chasing their ambitions as they joined college. Some wanted to be a clinical expert, some wanted to be surgeons, some wanted to be specialists while some spoke about being super specialists. I did have my mind focused towards research, but was looking for that one special moment that could give me a start. In this blogpost I share with you the look up moment that gave my career a take off in research.

My Family My Pride

    This post dates back to those days when I was in my early days as a child. I was quite a slow learner back then and found it really difficult to do recollect thing that I studied. I always enjoyed playing games and loved to have a good time around with my friends back at school or back home in the apartment. It was quite a worry for my parents as my results were not indicating what they were expecting from me. Initially I didn't really understand why my parents were yelling at me most of the time. It was a sudden change when I did notice my mother going soft on me after realizing I needed special attention to study

     Dad insisted that my mom seriously looked into this issue and my mom did really give up on her job and sat along with me for long hours and made learning easy and fun. She got along with me and played games. She did manage to mix toys and studies to bring about an unmatched combination that did really help me understand and recollect things easily.
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