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     Our lives in the city have become a lot stressful and every other person we see is busy in their own world. Gone are those days when kids used to enjoy playing in the garden and parents used to spend time along with them getting some fresh air. Sadly, Gardens have diminished and our kids these days are busy playing online games or games on consoles else watching cartoons on TV. Young adults are busy studying or can be seen hooked on to their mobile phones almost all through the day. Married couples on the other hand can be seen trying to sweat their way out to earn a living for themselves so that they can combat with raising expenses to run a family. Elderly and the most experienced people have their own reasons to be occupied as well, else loneliness kills them.

     They say the greenery from nature, be it plants, trees or grass and the blue sky above brings a lot of peace to mind. Sadly, This busy life that we live today is one of the main reasons why people have lost an idea how to connect with nature or take care of it. People have lost the Real togetherness that families had with nature and with each other. Gone are those days where families would get together in a garden or park, help each other cook, serve, eat or even go outside on outings with their families and most importantly share their sorrows and joy. Without a dose of nature from everyone's daily life, our minds have gone rusted.

     The most common reason for all this Stress, Tension and Tiredness. Everyone is more connected to themselves and their daily doings that they have lost the love and connection they need to show towards nature. Stress and Tension as everyone knows is one of the leading cause for most of the serious illness people face today, be it Diabetes, Hypertension or even a Heart attack. This stress is also the reason that the body doesn't get the right nutrients; hence, the mind and body gets tired.

     Is there any solution to all this, is there any way one can find a way to live a life which is free from all these tensions and ailments ?


Everyone around has a phone these days, not just a simple phone but a smart phone. Smart people come up with smart choices, but what defines or rather highlights an individual these days is phone he/she carries

Be it iOS, Android or Windows - everyone has their own choice, but in this blogpost I'm writing about an upcoming Android phone which will leave you with no other choice;but, to grab one and what would I do if I could grab one of these Champs.

Well then, let me tell you The Champ is Back and this time bigger and better with features that will leave you mesmerized. It is a phone with a legacy of its own, carrying the pure loaded android clan of being the first to be released in the series with Android Marshmallow reloaded and guaranteed updates. A 5.2 inch full HD LCD screen with optical resolution of 423 ppi and corning gorilla glass that will keep you tension free from screen cracks. A 12.3 MP full HD wide aperture camera assisted with laser will never let you miss a shot. A phone which will give you lightening fast processing power with 1.8 hexa core processor and speedy fast connectivity with 4G being enabled. Light weight and long enough battery will never let your hands feel the pain.


     There are so many sports, and every game has its uniqueness, be it the lazy elegance of cricket or the fast pace of motor sports every game has its own way to entertain people; but, according to me there is one sport that stands way above all and that is football.

     I call my self a big football fan, cause I have learnt to live my life following those lessons I learnt from this beautiful game of football.

Football is not just about kicking the ball around, it is a lot more than that. One can easily relate the events happening on the football field to their real life. Here, in this blogpost below I'm writing 10 ways how one can relate football with their life and learn to ace in it.!!

1) The 90 minutes of the game on the field is like a lifetime, you get down on the field and face challenges and tackle difficulties to get results you desire

2) Always hard work, proper planning, unity and co-operation will give you a chance to score a goal and get best results

3) One might be chasing a game early (lagging), but never give up till the end because the game can still be won with the last kick of the game

4) One might have the hardest time on the field during 90 minutes , but staying focused and working with the basics without trying anything new would definitely save time

5) There are chances that one might have to face tougher opponents every time, but staying positive and taking it as a chance to learn from it is the best way to grow

6) Sometime a good shot can be saved by an excellent save by the goal keeper, but stay calm, even a deflected shot can win you a game- its all about patient build up and temperament

7) There are chances that one might get a red card, or be out for a while with injury, or might find the team relegated  -but that's not the end of life. This gives one enough time and a strong chance to learn from one's mistake and how to face such difficult times.

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