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My Black Wishlist

There is one color that I always look for,
There seems to be some thing in it that I forever love to see,
The love for black, goes on and on
         and Permanent.

    Black has been one of those colors that I have always craved for, a certain things do look speculatively good in black. Here in this blogpost I'm listing down top 5 things in black, from my black wishlist that I would wanna own.

At #5 Black Adidas football studs (boots)
    I've always desired for a black football shoes on a rainy football pitch and have even decided to go for a sliding tackle once I get them; for these shoes give utmost grip and comfort for the player wearing it...
(c) google images


You can't separate peace from freedom because, no one can be at peace unless he has freedom 
- Martin Luther King

    My heart goes out for those brothers and sisters who are having a tough time in Palestine. I really wish to help you in any possible way I could... but, my boundaries are limited :( Nonetheless I can blog about it and let my voice against injustice be heard. Here is my poem on what the current situation in Palestine is ......

Can't we see a beautiful city of greens and dreams,
turning into a land of disaster and screams?
Can't we see how their beautiful view of nature,
has turned into a worst disaster?

Have we gone deaf and dumb?
Or have our senses gone numb?
That we cant see these acts of brutality
Or differentiate from the reality?

Friendship: A treasure (Guest Blog Post)

source: Google images

Friendship, an epitome of verve and seraph 
Sails in the sea of divinity with graceful ripple 
A treasure, to which everyone isn't blessed with
Life without a friend is deserted and cripple 

It's a precious crown to bestow to the one
Among the stones you have to find a gem
Who really deserves your love and loyalty
Whom you can walk with an open heart in glen  

A true friend, the one who comes into your life
When rest of the world tries best to put you down
An angel, who shrouds you with promising words 
And you, once more stand up to never get frown 
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