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Loud screams and mourns shatter my every night sleep,
Just when my dreams begin going deep.
To the other side of the wall,
A drunken neighbor, strong and tall.
Abusing, smacking and pelting anger on his wife,
Unable to bear the pain, she cries for her life.
She begs him to stop, she literally pleads,
The louder she pleads, the harder she bleeds.
Those cries get louder and louder with each blow,
I'm wondering why's he torturing her so ?
She's mostly locked behind the door,
Always forced to stay indoor.

One tired night, I managed sleeping with ease,
Assuming the couple have settled for peace.
Morning comes and a gathering crowd wakes me up,
Hearing her death news, I start getting hiccup.
She ended her life, committing suicide,
For she couldn't enjoy life as a bride.
I had tears seeing her emaciated and disturbed kids,
who remained mum, like mouth shut with lids.
This is cause, they have seen her suffer,
and her wound become bigger and bigger.
I leave, asking God to protect her tortured soul,
Allow her to reach heaven, an ultimate goal

Domestic violence, Domestic violence till when?
Why do these men show their anger on poor women?
If drinking alcohol is the reason,
Some major action has to be taken.
For, domestic violence hurts and kills,
Families and relationships, stop and stills.
I wish men stop the hitting,
Enjoy life calm and chilling.
For they can see their family smiling
And happiness spreading. . .!

This is a promotional video of Bell Bajao campaign - which is against domestic violence

--> Sulaiman Sait 
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