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Hospitals are health care institutions which provide health care and treatments to the diseased or sick in order to help them recover over their illness. There are many such hospitals which provide health care services, but when it comes to health care services with quality and trust, there is only one name that every Indian talks about "Apollo Hospitals".

Rated as the No 1 hospital among private sectors in India, Apollo Hospitals have constantly dominated this position for over a decade now and have excelled in all clinical and non clinical aspects. On the eve of 24th Feb 2017, I bagged my opportunity to visit Apollo Hospitals, Chennai (Greems road branch) to experience the facilities there and to share my thoughts.

To begin, I have grown up seeing Apollo Hospitals as it was the building right behind my school (Asan Memorial) and I have read all articles of brilliance about them across leading dailies. Upon have got a confirmation about visiting Apollo Hospitals I was excited, for it was the very first time I was to visit a hospital for a very different purpose apart from my usual purpose of being to a hospital for my clinical research activity or as I earlier used to visit as a student and then Intern, where I have spent years across various clinical departments learning the art of providing Medical and therapeutic care to patients. 


Colgate is one of the leading brands when it comes to dental care. One of the best ways to start your day and chase away those lousy mornings is when you brush your teeth with  Colgate. Having used  Colgate among my choice of toothpaste I was glad to receive a hamper from them in order to craft a magical story with kids in the family.
The Colgate packs had stories on the inner side, which had to be cut and made into a story which the little one in the family could relate it too.

For this Story, I was with you youngest cousin brother - Aseem, who's in his junior KG. The Story reolves around 3 parts (i) The Space launch (ii) The Space Walk and (iii) Alien Planet. I have also taken Aseem to be the protagonist of the stories as he was joyous when the characters were revolving around him while we built the story.

(i) The space launch.

Aseem has always had an interest in Astronomy and has desired to bee there chasing the stars. It all started with his very young days, where he has seen radium lit starts on the ceiling top. That's when he desired to be there reaching for them.

He worked his way and made it to the ISRO, where he was selected as a lead Astronaut for their maiden man in universe mission. He was selected along with Ayisha, India's leading, female astronomical scientist. Aseem and Ayisha were all geared up and were undergoing their in house training for surviving in treacherous conditions outside planet earth. The countdown was going on right at the back of their mind as the days neared. They made their way to the space station as they bid a goodbye to their parent.The control room staff took their seat as Aseem and Ayisha entered the space craft and sat inclined on their seats. The National media focussed on them and as the countdown was near. Aseem remembered those great words of Adivse he heard from the great Dr. Abdul Kalam whom he conceptualized as his idol, While Ayisha was recollecting her memories from Childhood. There was a heavy thrust as the space craft took off. Aseem and Ayisha look into each others eyes as the control team was giving them standing instructions. Within a span of 2-3 minutes, they started lightweightless as they left the earth's gravitational force. Their mission to the space station was a day away from there. They were all ready for the action.


The part one of this Story "Love over the Generations" has been written by Siva Subramanian as a part of blogging activity by Chennai bloggers club. Click here to read Part I of the story.

Prabakaran and Samantha were all excited to get back to Pondicherry. Anita was planning for surprises online that she could offer her grandparents on the eve of their 50th wedding anniversary. Kevin joined in giving his choices and opinions over the planning of a surprise.

Elsewhere, back at Pondicherry Geetha and Shankar were excited to hear that their son and daughter-in-law were making their journey back. Geetha, who was in her early 70’s had planned to go for local Sunday market shopping to grab all the required groceries and itineraries her son liked so that she could do it all by herself before he could come. There was that bit of joy and happiness in her over the return of her son.

A day to go for their 50th anniversary, Geetha was at the kitchen making coffee for Shankar as she was speaking about some old memories that she had about their early days of marriage. That’s when she heard the door bell. Shankar who was sitting in the hall reading newspaper made his way to the main door and opened it, Geetha came from behind. They were wondering who this young Indian looking girl and a foreign guy were.

“Thatha, Namaste” Said Kevin, and  Anitha followed ‘Namaste Thatha, paati’.
Geetha and Shankar were so happy to see Anita, Prabakarn and Samantha followed their way and took blessings from the elder couple before stepping inside.

Geetha and Shankar took over and ensure that the two couples settled down with time. She made coffee and breakfast for all as Samantha helped her mother-in-law.
Following their breakfast, Anita and Kevin made their way out into the city, while Samantha was busy having long talks with her mother in law.
Prabakaran joined his dad who was busy watching a game of Cricket.


Being a foodie is a great experience, it also means that it becomes a difficult task to keep our taste buds away from yummy food every time we encounter it. There are moments when we really wait for a weekend to get over only to rush to our favorite restaurant to hog a plate or two of one particular dish we have been craving for the whole week. There are moments, when midweek tiredness gobbles all our energy about waiting at the restaurant or we have to travel over the weekend. This leaves our taste buds waiting. 

How I really wished there could be a kiosk, where I could go and get my favorite dish (cooked), just ready and hot enough for me to consume directly. How I really wished to avoid waiting gazing at the face of other enjoying their meal while I jealously look at them cursing at the waiter for making it late. Well, I'm glad there is a solution now....  With Frshly, your gastronomical delights have been made to simplify.

Frshly is a first of a kind automated retail market place, where common man can have access to their choice of dishes from leading food chains served to them at a kiosk installed at common places such as IT Parks, Railway stations, Airports and leading Malls. 

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