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Dear Parents of today's generation.

      Parenting is not just taking care of kids, its more of an art, an art only a few parents can master, that too only when they get close to their kids. You will be called a successful parent when you understand the needs of your kids and respond to it in a way your kid is totally satisfied with it; But, all I see these days is parents who like to enforce a whole lot of rules and restrictions on their kids to see them live a life like they want them to live. Also, there are some parents who see kids as future investments and treat them with everything they want just so that they take care of them when they grow old. Guys, Seriously, what's wrong with you ?? Did your parents give birth to you so that you can pay them back when they get old ? I mean where did this idea even come from ?  I also don't understand why do you still insist on using the same old parenting tactics your parents used on you ? 

    I know I have been a little harsh above.. But, I also know how difficult it is to be parents amongst a busy daily schedule where the cost of living is high and both parents (rather the couple) have to work to live a comfortable life. I also know on one side there is a family pressure to bear kids which seem to be grandparent's only wish, but then finding a proper balance between work, bearing kids and raising them is really difficult. This is also the main reason why young couples like you usually resolve to have either one kid or a maximum of two and then let grand parents take care of the child till he/she grown just cause you wanna earn belly fully ?


May 2017: A year and a half has passed since the 2015 floods which left thousands of farmers in distress. Many ended up bankrupt after the floods, which were then followed with water scarcity in many areas of Tamil Nadu. There have been unpleasant moments where in farmers have lost hopes of bringing back stability, especially due to high interest rates for loans. The women have always wanted to help their men, but were at a loss for opportunities themselves. That's when PepsiCo along with Smile Foundation decided to take up an initiative that would support the community.

With an aim to ensure upliftment of the affected class of farmers, Smile Foundation along with PepsiCo decided to join hands to bring back a smile on their faces by starting a project titled "Project Tharamai". Under this project, women were given training on sewing techniques which would help them in sustaining themselves while bringing home a decent income. Some 235 women were a part of this first phase which lasted for a few months where they excelled in the art of stitching.

The success of this event was well accepted when, smile foundation along with Pepsi co decided to felicitate these ladies for their achievement. The major event was held on 10th May 2017 Chengalpat Thaluk, Kancheepuram district. Dignitaries included state ministers Mr M C Sampath (Minsiter of Industries, Govt of Tamil Nadu), Mr P Thangamani (Minister of electricity, excise and prohibition, govt of Tamil Nadu) along with COO of Smile foundation and Vice president of Pepsico, Corporate social responsibility (Ms Poonam Kaul).

The success of this event was well accepted when, Smile Foundation along with Pepsi Co decided to felicitate these ladies for their achievement. The major event was held on 10th May 2017 Chengalpattu Thaluk, Kancheepuram district. Dignitaries included state ministers Mr. M. C. Sampath (Minister of Industries, Govt. of Tamil Nadu), Mr. P. Thangamani (Minister of Electricity, Excise and Prohibition, Govt. of Tamil Nadu) along with the COO of Smile foundation and Vice president- CSR of PepsiCo.

The event began with the spokesperson from PepsiCo, who highlighted how they have been associated with the people of Tamil Nadu since 1989 and mentioned the aid offered by PepsiCo during the 2015 floods, where their teams were involved in rescue operations and provided aid in terms of drinking water and oat meals.


Over the years owning electronic and electrical items have become a part and parcel of our life. Not only do these electronic equipment make our life easy, they make it comfortable as well. Every one wishes to own some of the best and coolest electronic items at their home though they come at a high price.  To buy these cool electronic items people sometimes go from showroom to showroom, travel from one end of the city to the other, while some spend money buying it on the internet and then regret about it.

Imagine one fine day, you get to hear that the heavens fall open and one of India's leading Electronic showroom dealer opens a one stop shop having electronic items from all leading brands for all your major electronic needs at one place. Well, It has happened and is currently happening now in Chennai and I'm talking about the #ViveksExpo2017.

Viveks for years has been one of the trusted brand for electronics retailers in the city and have always ensured their customer a wonderful shopping experience. This time around they decided to give their loyal customers a special deal by having the #ViveksExpo2017.

I was all excited to visit the #ViveksExpo2017 after having been invited there the previous year for the Warehouse Sale. I loved the brand Viveks and decided to check out their Expo this year around. Being a holiday on Tamil New Year's day, I decided to make it there despite the scorching heat of Chennai. I was glad to be welcomed and shown my way to the three giant AC halls each with thousands of electronic gadgets to make anyone go mad about it.

Hall one had TV's and AIR conditioners from all leading brands at display while, Hall two had Refrigerators and Washing machines from all top brands along with larger appliances. Lastly hall three had Mobile Phones, Laptops, Kitchen and Housing needs such as Mixer grinder, Juicers, Microwave oven, Iron Boxes etc.
The slashed prices were right in front of your eyes. The price tag included VAT and other details so that the customer gets to know what exactly he/she has to pay to get their loved item. At every point you had technically sound staff to guide you and explain every intricate details you wanted to know about the item you wanna purchase.

I did move around all the three halls to look at some of the gadgets and some amazing deals out there at the #ViveksExpo2017 . One of the deals that struck my eye was "Buy Now and Pay from June". The other offer for this sale was about pay 1 rupee and take home an AC/TV/Refrigerator/Washing Machine while you could pay the remaining in installments. This is just amazing to see how Viveks treats its loyal customers by having such wonderful offers. Apart from there there were two other offers regardig 0% EMI and good exchange offer on old electronic items. Also, there were other offers and deals on annual maintenance contracts and extended warranty available for certain items as well.
However, there was a mega deal today on the occasion of Tamil New Year's day where buyers would get Gold and Silver coins based on their purchase.

Do check out my below story as I share my experience of being there at the #ViveksExpo2017
I made my electronic purchase today and returned back home as a satisfied customer. I highly recommend my readers to check out the #ViveksExpo2017 sale happening now at Manapakkam, Chennai. Don't worry even if you don't know the root, reach St. Thomas Mount and you have sign boards every where directing you to the largest electronic sale happening in the city. The entry to this sale is free and there is ample lot of parking space for two wheelers and large 4 wheelers. So, hurry !! don't miss this opportunity to grab some of the newest and trendiest electronic items that are available at such amazingly low prices.


Hospitals are health care institutions which provide health care and treatments to the diseased or sick in order to help them recover over their illness. There are many such hospitals which provide health care services, but when it comes to health care services with quality and trust, there is only one name that every Indian talks about "Apollo Hospitals".

Rated as the No 1 hospital among private sectors in India, Apollo Hospitals have constantly dominated this position for over a decade now and have excelled in all clinical and non clinical aspects. On the eve of 24th Feb 2017, I bagged my opportunity to visit Apollo Hospitals, Chennai (Greems road branch) to experience the facilities there and to share my thoughts.

To begin, I have grown up seeing Apollo Hospitals as it was the building right behind my school (Asan Memorial) and I have read all articles of brilliance about them across leading dailies. Upon have got a confirmation about visiting Apollo Hospitals I was excited, for it was the very first time I was to visit a hospital for a very different purpose apart from my usual purpose of being to a hospital for my clinical research activity or as I earlier used to visit as a student and then Intern, where I have spent years across various clinical departments learning the art of providing Medical and therapeutic care to patients. 
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