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 Episode 07 of Talk-a-thon focuses on the New Education Policy that was drafted by the Union Ministry in July-Aug 2020.  Joining along with me in this podcast are my friends Aman and Shreyas along with my school batch mate Harish who is an educationalist and the co founder of an education based organization - "Infinite Engineers". 

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In this episode we focus on the below topics

1) Overview of the New Education Policy and Opening comments by the pannelists

2) What could be the challenges in adapting the New Education policy

3) Language selection challenges in the primary education amidst the 3 language policy

4) Importance of technology and technology statndards in regard to the New Education Policy

5) University level education - 4 years UG, 2 Years PG and scrapping of M.Phil and the new credits system

6) Closing comments

Dont miss Shreyas sharing his experience with the German education system and how benchmarking needs to be done.

Sulaiman Sait


Epsiode 6 of Talk-a-thon with Sulaiman is an author's special episode. This episode is hosted by my Friend Shreyas which sees me move on to the panel of guest speakers which features Bragadeesh Prasanna and Mrs. Meera Shiva Shankar, well known authors from Chennai.

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About our guests today

Bragadeesh Prasanna  is author of two novels (Waterboarding and 300 days) and a small business owner from Tirunelveli and is now settled in Chennai.
Meera Shiva Shankar is an author of 4 romance genre novels (Call of the dunes , Eyes on you, Between Now and Forever and Meant to be  ). She is also a senior school English teacher and a mother of two.

In this episode today, we discuss on the following topics
1. Our publishing journey
2. Self publishing, its avenues and advantages
3. The advantages of traditional publishing and its future
4. Our Inspiration into writing and genres of writing
5. Discussion on authors blog
6. How to start writing and the scope for editing and editor jobs
7. Life experiences contributing to our own livid form of writing
8. Message for future authors
9. Closing remarks

You can reach out to me if you want to have your questions answered as well in regard to writing or being an author.


Episode 5 of Talk-a-thon features a discussion on our love for the beautiful game of football. The different leagues we follow. Th reason we love the game. Some of our best footballing memories. Restarting of the football league after the global pandemic and finally selecting our all time best XI players.

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Season 3 of Talk-a-thon with me Sulaiman Sait is back again. This week we planned for a Poetry special episode featuring two well known poets from the Indian Blog-o-sphere. Namrata Kumari and Simran Kaur along with me on the panel, while the podcast was hosted by my two best friends Aman and Shreyas.

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Episode 4 features a discussion on introduction to poetry cultures, history of poetry, the cultures across the globe, different forms of poetry writing. The panel of speakers give an insight on to how they took up poetry as a passion, what goes in their mind while writing poetry and narrating a few poems for us from their collection.
The floor opens on to certain questions on poetry writing preferences and styles before we wrap up the recording with a message for the generation ahead.

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