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All that I did was looked into her venomous eyes
Forgetting my previous woes and cries!
The next moment she let out a lustrous smile,
As if we were supposed to travel together for another mile.
She was beautifully dressed in her new in fashion dress,
Her hair not oiled but tied without any mess,
Her face was a professional masterpiece,
Which my mind could never release.
Those couple of fringes downs her template,
Made her look more beautiful, she was great. 
She is now residing in my heart
Straight on the target like a dart!
Without her I would remain sad,
At times would even go mad.
she was like a flower,
And I, living on her nectar.
She was the reason,
For her I would live every season,
I wanted to take over her like a clever thief
Without the shaking of a single leaf.
There was no corner where my love for her couldn't fill,
Her wonderful devotion in me made me still.
When I hear love, I think only about her,
She’s my world, my future.
To meet her, I had to cross the street,
but for a wonder I couldn't move my feet.
My condition was helpless,
Her beauty was priceless.
My blood started to rush,
I had developed a crush.

It was love at first sight,
Am I right..?


Every day on my way to college, on the road side,
I pass by an woman,
It looks as if she is there to hide,
Without any reason.
She is old and has a wrinkled face,
In her hands grabbing a cut necklace.
She looked hungry and needy of food,
She was sitting with her saree covering her head like a hood.
Always seeing her food bowl dry,
It sheds water out of my eyes, I cry.
At times she sits there in the Cold,
Shivering and her body not coordinating to her being old.
She was uncomfortable with her hunchback,
Collecting the money offered to her in a patched bag.
Every morning I offer her a cup of tea,
Which she accepts boldly.
I show her love and expect back nothing,
cause all I want was her blessing.


I remember the beginning,when I was wet clay,
primary school did the molding.
I still cant forget those immortal memories of school
Where everything was serious, no playing fool.

I remember how school made me grow up with time,
For those moral lessons needed for lifetime.
I still cant forget those lunch boxes stuffed with bun, butter and jam.
Those serious and nervous moment, never like exam.

I remember, me and my friend with a hunch,
our talking, jesting and laughing moments during lunch.
I still cant forget our talks about muscles, six packs were common,
For, we were gonna be the future men.

I remember those celebrity posters and movie's discussion,
Staying away from politics or recession.
I still cant forget those pok-e-mon cards, nor the canteen- our place to fest,
Where we enjoyed the best.

I remember the last page game bingo,
Playing pen-fight with other pens to borrow.
I still cant forget making our own fake story,
And others believing-Oh really..?

I remember the end of this now,
seeing the auditorium curtains fall from above.
I still cant forget those best moments of life.
Missing those unforgettable days school life.

-Sulaiman Sait

     I wrote this poem after my visit to school after a long time.  The moment I entered the campus there was an immediate flashback running in front of me, where I remembered my kindergarten days, when dad used to hold my hands and walk all the way inside to drop me. I was really tiny then, when compared to the senior students. Cant forget my primary classes, where I made my friends.   The High school studies and new buddies, The Senior Secondary school cultural's, sports, and backbench noises we made, those hide and seek games with teachers we played. First crush, time wasting blush, mimicing teachers, looking at wandering creatures.... there are pages and pages to pen down, which would take ages to finish, hence I blogged this here, cause I really miss my school life, but here are some pics of my school and how I enjoyed being back to school

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   We all know that there is no life without blood in our body and blood is the main carrier of oxygen to various parts of the body, in short blood means life. Every second, somewhere or the other there is a need of blood.  It is most commonly needed during surgeries.
     At times there are circumstances where the compatible blood group might not be found cause of its rarity, hence there are blood banks which function almost 24x7 and provide the required blood group.  But, have we ever thought about what if blood at the blood bank is over or the particular blood group isn't available ..?
      I personally feel its is our righteous duty that we donate blood. A person who donates blood is called as blood donor and there are some criteria's that have to be followed to get blood from the donor.  Blood donation is generally a voluntarily done process with the interest of the donor.  One cannot be forced to donate blood.


     Its 100 percent safe to donate blood, but the donor has to see to that fresh or sterilized needles are used every time he/she donates blood


     The blood that is donated is generally mixed with an anti coagulant and is kept at blood banks where they are preserved till there is a need for it.  When the blood is to be given to the recipient the anticoagulant is generally separated, checked again and sent to the required recipient.

There are some criteria's that are seen for a donor to donate blood:-
-> The donor should be above the age of 18
-> The donor should not have weakness in the body
-> The donor should have a weight more than 50kgs
-> The donor should have his haemoglobin levels greater than 12.5g/dL
-> The donor should not be infected with HIV nor Hepatitis B
-> The donor should not have any infectious diseases
-> The donor should have last donated blood at least 60 days back
-> The donor should not be anemic.
-> The donor should not have consumed alcohol in the last 24 hrs
-> The donor should not be on any drug therapy
-> The donor should not have got any body piercing or tattoo done in the last 1yr
-> The donor shouldn't have undergone any dental procedures in the last 3 months


     There will be no weakness once you have donated blood. There are some organs such as spleen(which stores about 350-400ml of blood for emergencies) and other lymphoid tissues which join together for blood regeneration and hence no sort of weakness can be felt, but some feel giddiness, which might be due to weakness in the body(note: blood donation doesn't give weakness)


     As usual, after a dull performance in my physiology exam, I was returning back home, I generally make up on time to take the 1:50pm noon train to home cause its roughly empty all the time. I was having my white coat in my hand along a novel as I always do read to kill the journey time, with this I got into the first class compartment. It was looking empty, so it became easy enough for me to leap on to a window seat. The train started and a young couple entered in running, they got in with a hush and were giggling aloud. I didn't bother to give them a second look. I was busy with my novel.
     Time went by and the couple settled down behind me and their sounds were down, I couldn't even hear a whisker from them. With some doubt I turned back and saw them both kissing. I didn't bother to disturb them and was again busy reading my book. Soon their sound's of romancing became loud then louder. I again turned back and saw them enjoying. I was blank. Immediately i pulled out my music player and plugged the earphones into my ears and was busy with songs at a lower volume. This music was now diverting my concentration away from the book. soon the next station came and a healthy public got in.

The Girl in my dream....

It all began with love at first sight,
She was the girl who came in my dream every night.
Now she was right in front of me,
I was astonished on what I could see.
I was staring at her sharp face,
I adored her beauty with a grace.
So divine was her presence,
Such enchanting was her fragrance.
I could see her hair as smooth as a waterfall,
better looking than a Barbie doll.
I was still wondering at her,
Till a mosquito bit my ear.
I pinched my self to believe if she was around,
Glittering with happiness I went round and round.
Soon I had come to realize,
Thanked God looking up at the skies.
I wanted to be her man,
I promise to love her as much as I can.

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