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Our skin caressing skin,

igniting the passion deep within.
the moment of intimacy
where the land meets the sea.
brought together by faith,
after three long years of wait.
never knew how time went so quick
during which i was lost in her magic!
her lips which speak soft sweetness,
her touch a cool caress.
I used to dream about her whole day night,
this made me late in expressing my delight.
I wish to have told her in the start,
but was afraid not to break her tender heart
all that i could ask was that she could take up my heart
and replace with her heart,
cause i couldn't live without you
for my love is true.

-sulaiman sait

TALK-A-THON 2.0 Episode 1

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I'm back again with my podcast series of TALK-A-THON. After being busy for the last year and a half, I've managed to make a comeback with this episode.

What's new about Talk-a-thon 2.0
--> Short Podcasts (8-10 mins)
--> Easy to listen across all platforms
--> A New logo
--> A totally new touch

Here is Episode 1 or Talk-a-thon 2.0
The contents include

--> Discussion on India's daughter (was it made to put India to Shame ?)
--> Beef Ban in Maharashtra (reasons and alternative suggestions)
--> Special Inclusion - Sulaiman as News reporter from a leading news channel

On this show
--> Sulaiman Sait
--> Aman Sandeep Katyal

Location : Annanagar Tower park

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