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Rajeev and Sunaina, both IT professionals, working in different office had been in a long time relationship for the last couple of years. Their busy schedule had always kept them at bay from meeting each other and it was 3 months back that they last happened to see each other at an event organized by the IT firm.

    It was June 6th , evening 6:30, Sunaina's birthday, and she decided to dedicate her whole evening with Rajeev after they both planned to take permission from the firm. Sunaina decided to meet Rajeev at his office (where she previously worked) and spend sometime before they leave out for a dinner. She left from her office, stopped at designer boutique, changed to her birthday dress and headed towards Rajeev's workplace with a few files to deliver.


    It was the biggest 2013 new year bash at Seaway resort in Goa alongside the banks of inland water channels. The dance floor was all set and DJ was playing some loud party music, there were LED and neon disco lights towering around, free drinks were served at the far end with the new year countdown was down to the last couple of hours

     "Jhanvi Jhanvi Jhanvi.. you  were always interested in paintings na ?? now you gotta meet him.. " Anita said with a solicitous tone pointing towards a tall, handsome and modernly dressed guy.
     "He's Ronit Arora"and he's here from London for his art exhibition"
 Ronit shook hands with Jhanvi and gave her a hug.


 Winter was turning in, and it was one of those frost filled morning after a night of snow. Johnny, though depressed with the loss of his gym, was waiting for this day to see his love Melissa return from London after graduation. The last time Melissa was here for Christmas, they first happened to meet at Sandy's wedding after she introduced Johnny as her personal trainer.

     A couple of weeks later Melissa reached Johnny's gym and started her fitness programme. Days went by and Johnny was slowly trying to get close, and Melissa started getting comfortable with him. Soon she had to depart, but Johnny didn't let her go just like that, he called her on a date in a cruise and proposed her. Everything went well, until she had to bid goodbye promising to meet a year later.

    Melissa had arrived as promised and she decided to meet immediately. Johnny was dull, lethargic, with an untrimmed beard. Melissa couldn't stand seeing him. Out of cry Johnny asked her " what's the problem Melissa?" She vented in anger "Its your beard". He pulled away, she dragged him and warned " better get your beard shaven or forget me forever".


A land, tranquil and calm,
greens, bushes, trees of palm,
with weather, delightfully soothing,
and drizzles, so refreshing.

Those tall peaking hills,
topped with blooming daffodils,
flowing  streams of purity,
a rare sight of beauty.

seeing those lush green paddy fields,
sitting on hay chesterfields,
swaying its way, like music
letting one go rhythmic 

A scented breeze of this state,
resides in its women innate,
blessed with beauty,
serving nature with harmony.
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