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    Everyone gets excited when there is a mega shopping event happening in the city. This time around it is one of the biggest electronics mega sale that's happening at the Viveks Warehouse in Chennai.
Viveks, for years has been one of the trusted brand of electronics retailers in the city and has decided to take give their loyal customers a new and much bigger shopping experience. This time, they decided to open up their warehouse and let the customers walk in for the mega sale happening between 25th and 27th march- the three big days of the mega long holiday weekend.

On the evening of 25th I was invited to prepare myself for one of a kind experience to come my way on the morning of 26th where I'd be having to experience the Viveks Warehouse sale and walk the talk with the CEO of the company.

Morning of 26th, I was pretty excited as I made my way to their facility (though, I was the last the reach) , I was welcomed whole heartedly and was introduced to the CEO Mr B.A Srinivasa, who gave a wonderful insight into how the market functions. He explains how his team works, how they manage getting customer their satisfied all the time. How they manage home deliveries within 24 hours, how they procure their products and how they keep the stocks going. Customer satisfaction remains the top most priority as and what it reflected from the words of the CEO, who reflected words of wisdom in every word he spoke

We were next asked to tour the facility with the CEO who showed us how the products were placed and how they meant to satisfy the needs of customers who come with different budgets.
The walk also gave us a chance to see the pricing of different products around the 39,000 sq feet facility. I had a wonderful time live tweeting the whole walk as well.


     In today's world, having a recent smart phone, with the best looks doesn't just speak for itself, its the accessories that your phone wears that makes it speak. Be it the phone covers or a phone case, a hanging stylus or a pouch, the accessories highlight your coolest hand buddy any day. Some use covers on their phone to take it to a next level, like wanting to show what somethings means to them, be it an image or a message close to their heart. For, Eg, you can spot a Chelsea logo on my phone cover, which I use it as a medium to shout out the ardent Chelsea football club fan I am. 

Finding the right cover sometimes is very difficult, you either get something which you are forced to buy or end up buying something that doesn't really suite your phone or your personality, but just for the sake of having a cover, you end up buying it. Well, don't you worry, there is a solution to this. lets you select phone covers from a wide variety of designs available. Be it clear plastic, wood, metal or metal these guys have it all for you. You also get to customize your own case/cover which will very well be taken care by their design team to be executed it to perfection for your phone. The best part, all the cases/covers which are made are inspected by hand, and you get a signature of the designer/ quality assurance person only after the case/cover is made to sit on a phone model similar to to your phone. What more, you get free delivery on all your orders. 

Casenation doesn't just stop with providing phone cases for your phone,tab or macbook's they also provide other solutions and accessories such a wireless chargers and stylish looking power banks which will complement the look of your phone when used along side.


    Our Mouth is one of the most important part of the body, also serving as our main source of entry for food and nutrients. The most important thing which gives shape to our mouth and helps perform its physiological function are the teeth. But, how often do we care about our teeth which helps us chew food? How often do we care for our teeth that makes our smile look beautiful ? How often do we visit a dentist ? How often do we bother to take care of our gums? Most of us don't do it regularly and leave it aside for we have other better works to do.. and, that's when we get hit by tooth pain or sensitivity and run to a dentist.

At the dentist, the sound of the drills and the view of a guy in mask with scary eyes staring at you, trying to pull away your tooth is what used to be common, but gone are those days. Now with recent advancement in dentistry there are multiple options for proper tooth care. Apollo White Dental Clinic is one of those places where you'd find a comforting feeling as you undergo your dental procedure. 

Apollo, as we know is a global brand when it comes to health care and with their dental services under the name "Apollo White Dental" they provide all dental solutions under one roof. Also, Apollo White Dental Clinics happens to be one of a kind dental care brand with 7 star dental spas, studios and express centers which provide top class dental care from top dentists who are an expertise in their field. Certified by the Indian Health Organisation, by aetna, these clinics offer everything from premium services to Avant grade cosmetic surgery at an effective cost without burning a hole in your pocket. Located at all major cities of the country, Apollo White Dental clinic has enough skilled dentists employed to give you the best possible dental care on par with global standards.


     Our daily lifestyles have got us so occupied that we have overlooked the fact that some of our muscles need some stretching as well. Located just outside the city limits of Chennai and a kilometer away from the Crocodile Bank (Center for Herpatology) is the this theme park called WILD TRIBE RANCH, that might be a perfect solution to relax one self with fun and give your muscle fibers some work to do

Started earlier in 2009 at Ponneri this Theme park was quite a hit and now they have moved the the happening South, in the ECR (East Coast Road) with a bigger location and much improved activities. As a part of Chennai Blogger's Club I happened to get an invitation (my ticket) to be at this joyous jamboree along with my fellow bloggers and make most of the chance of going wild.

Devils Ramp
With over a dozen activities, the kid within me was wanting to give it a whirl with almost all the functioning activities that were launched. The first activity shown to us was the Devils Ramp. This is for those who fear heights. Harnessed with a safety jacket and helmet you are let to walk over multiple obstacles at different levels to challenge the fear within.

Up next on the activity list was the Bungee run, when you gotta extort all the energy stored in your reserves to run against a bungee that tries to pull you back everytime you make a forward move. (Must strictly say, this is not for people with Angina :P)

Gyroscope is another fun activity where you are made to sit amidst rotating loops that move you around the gravitational force to balance it out. Its that 'hurl a whorl' moment when you realize you are against the gravitational force. Though this ride gives you quite a few upside down moments, there can be nothing as such when it comes to a roller coaster ride.

The gyroscope

So what guys if Jallikattu is banned, there is this one activity  "Bullie the Bull" which could give you a handling the bull feeling and can make you go dizzy. Though the bull operator was being good to me without giving me all of those jerks, it still made my world spin around the moment I was kicked from the bull. The best part of going wild over this was the fact that I managed to last for 46 seconds on the bull.
Check out my Bullie the bull .gif


Woman, the world alone is enough to produce an image in your mind of either your mother, your sister or your wife, someone who can be depended upon for a lot of things. Today if I am here its cause of a woman (my mother), If I'm able to communicate flawlessly, its cause of my teachers (women mostly), If I'm professionally capable its again cause of some women who have been alongside me during the most important part of my life. I owe a lot to all those women/ladies who have trusted in my and helped me stay confident in every thing I've done in life. This poem "A woman's worth" is dedicated to all those women who have made me the person I am today....

She's the one, who took pains to give me life,
The choice to one day be my wife,
She's my sister, my best friend,
Someone I'd always be grateful till the end.

She cooks, she keeps things clean,
Silently notices you from behind the screen
She laughs, she comforts, hiding behind her pain,
something her heart has always learnt to restrain.

She always gulps down her pride,
Putting her feelings aside,
She always has a solution to your problem,
certified with a quality emblem.

She's the one who'd always always care,
Neither does she need any appreciation or fare.
She has a magical presence, that can wipe away your tear,
like magical prop disappearing from thin air.

She resists every time something is said nasty,
For, she knows to maintains her dignity
She understands she can do what cannot be done by a man,
And, that's why she's called a Woman (Super Woman).

- Sulaiman Sait

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