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I'm Addicted to IPL.... Are you ??

Every summer in India is special. People keep waiting for the summer? Why ?No, its not for the season of mangoes.... its for IPL carnage.... Full of excitement, full of entertainment. Every household, every hostel or every store, its IPL that's on TV. Everyone talks about IPL.  Afterall, we are a cricket loving nation and T20 cricket has now mutated our genetics in such a way that even someone who hates cricket would surely develop a liking towards the game

    Now, with almost 4 weeks over at the 7th edition of Indian Premier League and most of the matches ending in the final over and high chances of any team winning the silverware... I have become an ardent lover of this game.. The other day it was a tough decision for me to decide between travelling and Chennai Super Kings match...

10 crazy reasons you can make not to miss a single ball during IPL

    IPL( Indian Premier League)  fever has hit everyone, And, I'm someone who hasn't been a big fan of this game until recent, and when I started watching, this IPL fever got to me as well.

Now I have become a bigtime #ChennaiSuperKings fan and I love supporting them....

Well, you might love your team as well and would definitely not wanna miss a single ball especially with those last over finishes coming up quite frequently ... But, sometimes......, rather unfortunately, you might get held up or have some work that might kill the time before the match..
Don't worry... I'll help ya out...


Sometimes its really difficult to select who your Inspiration/ role model is, especially when you are born in a generation where a lot of legends have established themselves.
But, here is one, Petr Cech - Chelsea's all time best Goal Keeper.

 But what makes him so special?
     Well, Petr Cech joined Chelsea in 2004 from French team Rennais, and was starting regularly. In 2005 Cech set a new premier league record of 1025 minutes without conceding a goal.

    He was doing really well until an injury that changed his life forever. On 14th October 2006 in a match against Norwich, Cech was caught by a trailing knee of Steven Hunt, who got the big Czech Republic goalkeeper down , fainted. His injury needed an immediate surgery, covering it up with over 30 stitches.


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Every morning, every sunrise,
With new chores we rise,
like a phoenix reborn from ashes, alive
Amidst the desire to survive.

Everyday is a hard fought battle,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle.
Life might be an empty dream,
goals might not be the same as them seem.
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