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     Almost a month back, I received a gift voucher from , and I decided to get some books for my self, of the books that I had ordered, I happened to order ANGEL OF THE DARK - SIDNEY SHELDON

     To begin, Let me tell you - this book wasn't completely written by Sidney Sheldon, Its author is Tilly Bagshawe, who built up this book on some unpublished work from Sidney Sheldon.
Sidney Sheldon - Angel of the Dark (Review)

STORY PLOT:-     The story starts with the first chapter dating to 1996, LosAngeles, where an Old , rich man named Andrew Jakes is murdered and his beautiful young wife Angela Jakes is brutally raped and beaten, then tied to the corpse of her dead husband. The case investigations were begun by Danny Mc Guire, an LAPD detective. But, due to lack of evidences at the crime scene, and the LAPD failing to find the accomplice, the case is closed. The wife (Angela Jakes) was rescued from the crime scene treated at the hospital and then later discharged, following which the young widow disappears from LA - the only witness to this case, leaving back her inheritance to charity. Once the case was closed , everyone decided to move on, but Danny Mc Guire was amongst those who never wanted to give up on this case and swore to himself to find the psychopath behind this case, but en route to find out the mystery he ends up ruining himself
Back at LA, Matt Daley, the estranged son of Andrew Jakes , decides to work upon this case and make a documentary

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