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Sitting lone in my class of arthrology,
amid the tensions of pharmacology.
Assignments queuing up like an endophyte,
followed by dreams of fright.
Suddenly, door opens wide,
rays of light so bright.
In peeped, a sharp face with a sharp nose,
beautifully dressed like a pink rose.
I stood up to see,
how beautiful she could be.
Bang! she closed the door,
leaving the books to fall on the floor.
I sat down recollecting those mind images of her,
till my class was over.
Later, I saw her in the library,
sitting with a hint of worry.
I occupied the seat in front of her,
just to begin admiring her.
Her face was a lot fairer,
her eyes were burried in a journal paper.
My eyes were stuck to her
but, she didn't bother
I began dreaming of us both together,
thinking of a relationship bond forever


Peeping in was the month of may,
A day betwixt Saturday and Monday.
Not waking up from my doze,
Going deaf to my alarm snooze.
Now, the sun at its maximum height
Reflections from around so bright
Soon, I woke up to find my body wet,
Unpredictable power cuts, drenched with sweat.
But, Still lying on my bed,
Missing my morning bread.
Soon, I made a move- to go brush,
Oops! no water to gargle or flush!!
The sun sucks the drains dry,
Letting a worst stink than the garbage nearby.
I was waiting for time to hail
Waiting for power, biting my nail
Feeling the mid day heat,
Tiredness now in my heart beat.
Getting through this summer,
Was like a soldier on a border,
If the bullets couldn't kill,
The menace and heat will...!

-sulaiman sait

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