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     Its always considered to be a luxury when you have a car parked at your back yard, but for most people of this country who dream to own a car, its usually possible for them to afford a mid budget car that isn't too heavy on their pocket, and on the same side satisfies all their needs from long rides to congested traffic, from speed- power and pick up to economy. There are only a few cars that fit into this budget.

     The week before I was invited to visit the BOLT ARENA, where TATA's new car BOLT was shown and exclusive bloggers from major cities happened to get a chance to have a BOLT experience, and I got my mail to heck out the new bolt when  it was at my city.

     Initially I did travel quite some time to reach the BOLT arena,but once there I was taken through the features and specs of the car by the cicerone there. Here below in this blog post I quote some key features of Tata Bolt which makes me wanna grab its steering wheel and drive through the city.

Chennai Traditional or Modern ?

I am participating in the Tablog organized by Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC), where many bloggers cometogether and write on a topic. The Topic this time is "Chennai - a blend of Tradition and mordern".

    Its very well known to everyone that Chennai is amongst the top metro cities in this country and its population is booming at a quick pace. We see people come from different cultures and settle down here in Chennai cause of a various reasons. But, over a period of time as the city grows we see a lot of changes becoming a part of our life. We would love to stay with those old practices that we follow, but with time we adapt. In this blogpost, I'll share with you some modern changes and traditional changes that define our city

1. Filter coffee vs Starbucks/ cafe'

  Gone are those days I used to wake up to the smell of filter coffee my neighbor brewed. I would love to wake up to the smell again, but lost amidst busy schedule of life is the taste for coffee as well, with instant coffee and other alternatives we prefer going for them. Yes, there are many who still wake up to prepare coffee decoction, there are many tea stalls that server filter coffee, but only a few people seem to like this.

My interview with PK and his take on blogging

This post dates to time when PK was last here in New Delhi, he was in love with Jaggu. Jaggu was my friend and had introduced me to PK. So, when I met PK he mentioned the fact that he was an alien, and was desperate to speak about his love to Jaggu and to get back his remote 'रीमोटवा' from Tapasvi Maharaj. I decided to write a poem for him in return for an interview with  me for my podcast and my blog, and he agreed to it...

But, when Jaggu came to know that I had interviewed him knowing the fact that he was an alien, she didn't want me to post this. Now that she is happy with Sarfaraz, I managed to plead her to post this blogpost... I hope you people will enjoy reading this...

Amid the interview, I happened to learn a lot from him, who did a wonderful research on blogging. Though I couldn't make the podcast, here goes my interview. Though he could understand my questions in English by holding my hand and reading my mind, he wasn't confident to answer in English, so he replied back in Bhojpuri, which I have translated here...

Me: Firstly PK ji, thank you for coming up to me and asking me to write a poem, I would be glad to write one for you..
PK: Dhanku Dhanku (Thank you , thank you)

Me: So PK ji, how did you come to know about blogs and blogging ?
PK: एक  रात को हम ससुरा अपन के गोले के बारे में गूगल करना चाहत था, तभी कुछ वेबसाइट मिला , लेकिन उसमे लोग फिरकी ले रहा थे  -अपन के गोले के बारे में- हाँ।  तभी अपन ने खुद का वेबसाइट बनाने का प्लानिंग किया।  लेकिन ससुरा वेबसाइट बनाने नहीं आवत हमे. तभी अपन ने जग्गू से आईडिया माँगा और उसने तुम्हारे को रेफेर किया। तुम्हे मिलत से पहले अपन ने ब्लॉगिंग पर रिसर्च किया और यहाँ आवत हैं.
(One night I was wanting to google what people on this earth feel about other planets where life could exist. When I read the reviews on some website, they had made an utter joke on existence of life on other planets. I wanted to tell the world the truth and wanted to create my website. Since,I was short of any ideas to create a website, I asked jaggu, who introduced me to you. So before visiting you I decided to do my research on website, blogs and everything.)

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