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   Amid the tensions and pressure I was facing with my studies, I found a way out to hang around my area, to make a better evening for my self. Here is what all makes my area so special

     Anna Nagar is an area which has recently developed in the last  four decades and this is where I live from the time I'm born.  Annanagar has said to get its name from the Tamil leader Annadurai, whose statue is seen at various parts of the area. Ever since its development, it has today become the largest residential and commercial area- having 7major avenues and blocks from A-Z, and two parts East and west. It is also said to be the first of a kind in chennai to have streets make like a matrix, similar to the one's seen in the western world.  There are many famous people who stay here. AnnaNagar is mainly known for the posh people and their posh lifestyle here.

    There are many attractions here beginning from the very famous AnnaNagar Tower which is some 138 feet tall, built by B.S. Abdur Rahman. The AnnaNagar tower was opened on 21st january 1968 for the world trade fair, by Sardar Ujjal Singh under the presidentship of C.N Annadurai.
The government authorities have maintained the park well including the proper functioning of the water fountains and the clean jogging tracks.  It is totally a mind calming place to visit in the evenings. Previously by paying a nominal fees one was allowed to climb to the top of the tower, but with the number of increasing cases of suicides and other security threats it has been closed(see pics)

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 There is a round turn over present at Annanagar, which was made during the World Trade fare, but due to the Tamizh(Tamil) slang it became Round tanna

annanagar roundtanna

The other famous locations around Roundtanna is the very famous Annanagar mosque(masjid) - Javid Masjid- This Masjid is said to have been evolved from a small hut to what it is today in the process of the last 3 decades. It has a 110 feet tall Minaret(see pic below) which was completed recently (a few years ago) to make it one of the largest in the city, the masjid is present in a small locality called as the 14 shop(cause of the 14 shops present there in a semi circle shape, still present there from the last 3 decades). Opposite to the 14 shops is a Supermarket(one of the first in the area) which has brought a lot name to Annnagar being there from the las 23 years- the YESESI Supermarket.

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