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Here, again I pen down yet another fabulous experience of my life after being to ITC Grand Chola  for my second Indi-blogger meet.
In my style I have penned down this poem, portraying myself as a Cholan soul come to re-live the Cholan dynasty .

ITC grand Chola - source : google images

With my Bewildered Cholan soul,
I entered the Palatial Cholan castle with quick stroll,
Unaware of my shoulder suspended Valise,
In search of heavenly peace.
Prime sight of Sangam Lobby mesmerizes me,
Rendering memories of Agasthya Saptha rishi,
Acquaint of Tamil Literature and works so legendary,
Who brought the existence of river Kaveri .
Remembering our greatest leader of all,
I sauntered the large Rajendra Hall.

Soon, A cicerone escorts
and expounds the paintings and sculptures
Exhibiting the beautiful Interiors
Depicting stories of battles and great warriors.
Enticed by aroma of traditional Dishes,
I streaked through the kitchen, Ingesting my wishes.
Until budged the egress statue of Sembian Maha rani,
Honored, Sacred and was a real beauty.
My Cholan soul was now gratified
Re-living past, before attaining heavenly confide

--> Sulaiman Sait

And now before I could end this blog post I would wanna attach some Snaps from the Indi blogger meet
Do check them out


     The Last few months has seen a spurt increase in the number of rape cases in the country. .And the Government and Police have been Jolted by these incidences and have been forced to take action to tackle crime against women. On the other side when ever I read about such violence on women I feel bad for them, and whats more worrying is about the after effect on the lives of these women/ girls after their worst encounter with a rapist. Below I have written a poem (imaginary & completely a fiction) about a girl who has been a rape victim and finally opens out to tell her feeling. .!

source - google images

After a month-long silence,
She spoke about her stolen innocence.
It was that raining night,
Sitting upon the porch, with a dim glow of the kerosene light.
Suddenly came a group of men,
And held her with their callous hands and moved her to an unknown den

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