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This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 24; the Twenty-Fourth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for this month is BLACK AND WHITE.
Given the theme Black and white, which I metaphorically feel is used to describe some event from the past...

here is one among them in my own style....

Can't forget her, since I've seen those pretty eyes,
Dazzling bright against the morning sunrise.
For those shining pearls were blue,
Shining like drops of morning dew.
Such sparkling was her sight,
Looking at them was a real delight.

Going back, I remember her walk past me in her black, loose Abaya,
Just like a traditional woman from Saudi Arabia,
Relieving only her pretty blue eyes,
Which were beautiful, round and mid-size.
Now that she'd walked away far,
Her eyes stayed in my mind, creating a mystical scar.

I now realized to have fallen for those pretty eyes,
For those were diamonds, of invaluable price.
Indirectly I've fallen in love with her,
Desperate to be her true lover.
This was Love at first sight,
Am I right......?

I wanted to see those eyes once again,
As she would return back through the glen.
Standing there in white against the raising heat,
Tiredness becoming my heartbeat.
Firm, memories of those eyes, I couldn't delete
Confident, Unwilling to accept my defeat

I braved my time with a lot of patience,
Till it was pitch dark, dunked to complete silence.
Tired and exhausted, slowly loosing hope,
Secretly wishing, we could elope.
Deciding to return back home,
Forgetting my plans to roam.


fight against cancer
This was my first case of the day,
After a long visit to native and stay.
Reading this case sheet, I entered the ward,
Saw a young girl pray to lord.
With a worry etched, deep in her face
I was lost for a while, standing in my place
Her reports were yet to come
Hours since they collected serum.

Weeks ago, everything seemed fine,
She was good and feeling sublime.
It was by accident,she found this lump
not too big, but quite a bump.
She had developed pallor,
Also there was rising fever.
Doubts of cancer raising in my mind
But decided to wait and find

Soon her reports arrived,
Bad news from the sample derived.
Never knew how to convey,
So I began looking away.
Is it fine, Is everything ok, caretaker yells,
Yes sir, just a battle between red & white cells.
With a quick walk, I went.
Her dad frowned, knowing what I'd meant

Later I explained about chemotherapy,
The only possible remedy.
Scans done,A malignant tumor it was indeed,
Growing at an unbelievable speed.
I start the first cycle, without any wait,
For her life was now her fate.
Her therapy would go on for a few week cycles.
She was back month later, unable to face the battles.

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