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About me.

This is who I am.

Basically a very hyperactive student,  Being precise, I'm an enthusiast and a person who seeks peace in what I do. I'm an avid dreamer who also loves to write poems, short stories and do a bit of stand up comedy all depending on my mood. I'm really one who speak's in terms of words what my heart says and what is on my  blog is a mirror reflection of what is exactly in my heart (though this is not my personal diary). I just don't blog for the sake of blogging but actually to take my blog on to a next level, and also let people know my talent publicly.

About this blog 
I actually started Blogging accidentally when I was searching for pages where I could publish my poems. Before my blog it just used to be pen meeting paper to reflect what was in my mind. From then on its been a big transition in my life from pages in a book to pages on the web where I have a small bunch of followers all over he globe.

I first began writing romantic poems as I had a feeling that love is something which makes illiterates into poets.

There have also been a small set of awards that I have won, which are displayed in the award tab.

I have no objections if you people love or hate my blog..... if at all any suggestion please do reach to me... There is a contact me box(in the tab above) where you can give your valuable suggestions and comments..

Note:- please do keep it clean..!

Thanking you

Sulaiman Sait

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