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Stalking around the station platform,
Stress and confusion logging me off from my state of norm.
My head was paining too much,
Also it was nearing lunch
On, right was a coffee shop,
Made a long stride, reached there in a hop.
Soon, exchanged some coins for a cup of coffee,
Also did I collect the offered biscuits for free.
On side was an empty seat,
I sat on it, to find it hot cause of the mid-day-heat.
With the first sip of the drink, I burnt my tongue,
Out I expelled a warm breath from my lung.
Up comes the steam to cover my spectacle,
Within no time. it clears like a miracle.
And right through its glass I see a girl
With her hair brown, long, and fringe so curl.
Her face was a true sculpturers masterpiece
As beautiful as a Goddess from Greece
She was quite skinny, but bright,
With all her assets perfectly alright.
Though, She passed by, her images were in my mind
I was again seeing those images in rewind.
My coffee was over, soon came the train,
Popped inside before the rain goddess would show her pain.

I struggled a lot to find a seat,
Upon sitting, it screeching from beneath.
She now enters my compartment, finds a seat besides me,
I pinched my self to believe if it was she.
Plugging in my earphone,
I notice her reading a book alone.
Quarter past the clock, her book falls on my feet,
With all pages starting to discrete.
I take this opportunity to help her collect her pages,
Which were like single threads from laces.
My condition was as hot as peppery,
By helping her, I tried to do her heart robbery.
I struck the red iron by talking about her books,
Also in between I was praising her looks.
Soon our proximity reduced,
I reached a state where I was completely being deduced.
But for now she had to make a move,
So did I have to do.
She gets down with her tall feet, walks ahead
Without her besides me, at the moment I was living dead.
I carried my small face all the way home,
My pain began to branch, like stinging tentacles of a sea anemone
She was now adhered to my thoughts,
Cause she was a line, and Im only a set of dots.

Two Minutes

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Just two minutes ago,
Which seems like long ago.
I was with my dream girl,
Since she's left, feels like a fairy-tale gone hurl.

Just two minutes ago, she looked into my eyes
Saw her bow down, filled with shies.
I was now staring at her for a while
untill I was disturbed by a call on my mobile

Just two minutes ago I was with her
Couldnt believe I was  really there with her.?
It looked like a dream come true,
Staring at her I ended up looking like a statue.

Just two minutes ago, she held my hand,
I was dreaming of running away with her to Oakland.
I felt her tender fingers touch mine,
Expecting out future would redefine.

Just two minutes ago, our hands split, and a truck hit her,
Soon there is a pool of blood around her.
A sound of goodbye came out of her heart,
The pain of losing her is now poking me like dart.

--> Sulaiman Sait

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