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Carefully carrying her ornaments of shyness and pride,
Dressed in Crimson red Saree, was the bride.
Sitting with her legs flexed
she controlled her emotions that vexed

As the bridesmaid applied henna
she felt a temporary amnesia.
Her soul cried, wanting to stay back
instead, turning her mind claustrophobiac 


    Life for us has been easy and we all prefer living a comfortable life; be it staying in a comfortable room or owning a luxury suite with animal leather couches and ivory based crockery, be it showing off those leopard skin handbags or wearing a crocodile skin waist belt. A man/woman owning such items is usually considered to belong to a high class society. But, do we see what is on the other side, besides seeing the pride in owning such things ? I'm sure the answer is No.

     Based on a recent article published in "Science Advances", there is a catastrophic mass extinction of many earthly species, and it seems to be looming large and it is us (humans) who are directly to be blamed for this. Be it deforestation, and taking away homes of forest animals or polluting the water bodies and intoxicating other species, in every aspect we are to be blamed.

     Today we stand at a point, where we cannot retrospectively look back at those species which we have lost, just because there are many more that we are losing with time. In this blog post I will throw some possible light on three wildlife species which are nearing the dusk of their existence..

1) The Bengal Tiger

A Royal Cat, a symbol of bravery
Our Nation's pride, But,
Poaching men, reduced its density

     For long, The Bengal Tiger is seen as India's national animal; But sadly, what have we done to protect it.? Sign a petition and forget, or just adopt a tiger cub, pay some money and forget. It's sad to say, only minimal efforts have been taken to save our Nation's pride. The count has gone down and I'm sure there will soon be a time when we'll crave to hear it roar. Caging them and keeping them away from their habitat won't really work. They need a homely environment, where they add a balance to the ecosystem living a life where they can hunt of their choice, breed with a comfort and live with comfort. 

After recently hearing about the 60% reduction (reduction to 1400 from 3500) in tiger population over the last decade, It is shocking that none of the policies made to protect the tiger has ever worked. Should it go this way - their dawn isn't far. Its time we need to help strengthen the "project tiger program" under the national tiger protection authority and see to that we help build more tiger reserves and maintain our nation's pride

2) Lion Tailed Macaque

Away from Humans, in the upper canopies,
Swinging across evergreen tress,
soon nearing the tragedy of extinction.

     Before I comment on the endanger that the Lion Tailed Macaque is in, let me tell you - a majority of this nation doesn't know that we are supposedly blessed to have one of a kind of this species, which is exclusively found in the western ghats of this our country. To add more, they are very well known to dwell amidst the moist evergreen forest where they survive eating fruits, flowers or sometimes prey upon birds or birds eggs. They usually prefer to have a life of their own and feel comfortable staying away from human habitat. I'm not sure why, but I seem to have a special liking for this animal ever since I remember seeing it on my trip to ooty (Ootangamandalam) a few years ago. Sadly, over the last decade many of those places in Kerala and Tamil Nadu where these Lion Tailed Macaque used to dwell has showed a poor census.

    Tell me, what did this innocent faced ape do face such a destiny ?  Does it deserve this fate for just trying to live away from human habitat. Its time we look up to build a better ecosystem for these Macaques and stop involving in their lives and let time swing across those tall evergreen trees.

3) Indian Peacock

Dancing in joy, with a crown on its head,
with its iridescent tail feathers spread
will it catch our attention again

    A fascination in every poets eye, a peacock or its peahens is usually a metaphorical representation of color, joy and happiness that has never failed to highlight the poem. Be it medieval history or the cultural significance you can always find the beauty of a peacock everywhere. They seem to catch everyone's attention when in joy. Seeing a peahen spread its feather and dance is something one cannot forget for life; but, what we have forgotten to see - is that  the so called the national bird, is yet another species on the list of endangered species cause of weather changes, domestication, illegal poaching or stealing away its eggs.


    Every mother goes through an unbearable pain while she delivers a child. That's the only time you can see her smile while her child cries cause she knows that she has given birth to a live child. Same was the case with my mother when she gave birth to me after I was a breach baby. Like every mother she too had a whole lot of dreams with me and always wanted to see me become a doctor.

     But, my ill health saw me frequently getting admitted in the hospital and at a couple of times my parents were very close to loosing me; and above all I was dyslexic and a slow learner during my school days. My mom was a teacher and had to leave school to take care of me and she did it very well.

    She ensured that I could match along with other kids and on par with them and every time I was able to achieve something like that it was a special moment for us at home. Be it the first time I came first in a running race or the being the winner at fancy dress competition during school. I still remember those Khushi ke pal following those tonnes of efforts put by her.

     At times I used to get a lot angry.But, mom knew how to calm me down. If I was angry with her she would somehow manage to make me laugh and forget my anger. I still remember those Khushi ke pal when my mom used to call her self as my friend and we used to play tic tack toe and dots and dashes to have a timepass during the evenings.

      Schooling wasn't easy for me, I had to brave through with a lot of difficulty. I still remember crying every time I had to study, but my mom knew the knack to make my finish my portions. When the results used to come, there used to be celebrations at home and mom always took pleasure in getting me what I wanted, I still remember those Khushi ke pal playing with those toys and stuff I got in return for my results and within no time I remember passing out of school.


To begin, let me introduce you to Ganga Bharani. She been a wonderful friend of mine, a co blogger, a passionate writer and a short film maker besides working in an IT company trying to meet her hectic schedules. This is her second book after Just You, Me and A Secret (click to find the review).
But, before I go deep into this review, let me tell you I had to temporarily forget the fact that the author was my friend so that I could read the book more comfortably so that I do justice to the book and write a proper review.

The cover looks good with the image of a cop and a clock indicating 5 'o' clock, which relates to the insights of the story. The book has a mere 118 pages, costing about 175 rupees and is published by Half Baked beans Publishing house.

The story begins at a crime scene where a young girl is found hanging at her residence and a wrist watch stopped at 5'o' clock. Following which a crime scene begins involving Inspector Rohan, A no nonsense veteran cop, who is assisted there by his love - Riya, who's ambition is to become a famous writer. As the investigations go deep, a few instances and clues come forward. Halfway through the case, another similar incident of suicide is reported with similar clues - confirming this was not a case of suicide. As the investigation goes further it becomes a lot challenging for Rohan. Does he find out who the murderer is ? What was the connection between these identical murders ? how does the investigation go further and how does the clue help reach the murderer finally ? Read "A MINUTE TO DEATH" to find out


Our body is like a complex machine which performs a variety of functions to keep us alive, and it becomes our duty to take care of our body and our health.

There goes a very famous saying as well "health is wealth" and the key to maintaining a good health is by monitoring what we eat and see that there are enough nutrient as well to keep the body's systems well tuned.

Weather you are trying to lose weight, maintain a diet, looking to get in shape or just planning to live a healthy life- eating a well balanced diet can help you achieve it. A balanced diet has enough calories, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates to keep you fit and fine. Well,  here are some of the benefits of healthy diet

Boosts energy and helps stay recharged
A proper health sneaked along with enough nutrients can help you stay recharged for a whole day giving you enough energy to perform your daily activities in a day. Right diet at the right time can also help train your body to work more and challenge your daily limits.

Prevents illness
A proper and a balanced diet has always shown to improve quality of life, where as the world outside is facing a raising threat of obesity, which not only affects the health of an individual but makes him/her a victim to other serious disorders such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes at a young age.
A proper diet also helps produce the right immunity to combat various illness

Good mood and helps stay happier
A proper and a balanced diet has a lot to do with the neurotransmitters in the brain which control various moods. Studies show that an empty stomach could make one feel irritated while a full stomach could make one feels sleepy. A proper diet can also help you concentrate and stay focused as well.

Control weight
Maintaining a proper weight is very important and eating the right diet with proper quantity of nutrients can help avoid gaining up of extra pounds. Increased weight not only affects health but becomes a burden to perform regular daily activities. A right diet helps keep your mind away from the need for dieting

Yes.... Dieting..
Crash Dieting or dieting might be seen as a way to reduce weight in a short period of time, and has become a trend among youngsters today; but dieting without a proper knowledge can compromise on essential nutrients and ones health as well.
Many people opt for a crash diet just by starving or eating lesser meals. A proper diet includes having an optimal calorie intake along with proper exercise.At times its always important to have a control over our taste buds and say no to a few things.
The biggest victim in out diet is carbohydrates (sugars) which is usually seen in soft drinks and junk food and they silently add extra pounds of weight in an indivudual. So, its important to reduce carbohydrate and fat intake.
In some cases substituting high sugars and carbohydrates with honey can do the trick. Honey diet does not only provides the sweetness, but regulates the calorie content as well along with it health benefits which include helping digestion, fighting cough, cold, building immunity, producing anticancer properties and so on... So don't forget to add a spoon full of honey to your diet.

To conclude this honey sweet post, let me remind - it's always important to have a healthy diet and to have a proper knowledge of the contents in our food- (ie. know what to include and what not) . If one is has decided to go on a diet they should learn to be calorie conscious and chose a proper diet plan or consult a dietitian for an opinion, after all nothing is more precious than ones health.

Eat healthy, live well...
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