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Consequences of Love - Sulaiman Addonia - Book Review

     It was my holidays after 12th standard Board Exams and one random day my cousin sister and I decided to go to British Council Library , Chennai,  to lend some books, and there my cousin sister's eye fell on this book( as she usually picks up unknown authors ). She also had an affinity towards this book cause the author's name was my namesake. She was the first to read this and pass it on to me and there was no looking back once I started this.
     Here is my review for the book - Consequences of Love - Sulaiman. Y.M.S Addonia


Before I begin my blog post, Let me thank all my readers cause Its my second blogosvarsary ( Blog- anniversary) today . . !


Check out my attempt on a very simple poem below after seeing the video :-

Sam, a young, angry fighterfish,
Cornered, by his masters wish,
Swimming around filled with hopelessness,
He remained artless.
One day unwittingly, his master,
Put him in a bowl with a female fighter.

Her name was Dolly
And he began adoring her beauty
Her fins, her tail,
Revealing a wholesome tale
Soon, began small fights
Ending with bruises and bites.

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