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JUNJOU AMATORY (Pure passionate romance)

Statuary Warning --> The content below is not suitable for individuals below the age of 18, if you are under 18, I request you to kindly close this page

Dark eclipsed night,
A stranger prince and a princess plight
Against all odds,
Under the bid of the bawds.
Once a male chauvinist,
For lust, that turned him the kindest
Summing up his alphabets,
Consumed in his craving sonnets.
He praised her, like a Shakespearean poem,
Letting her complacently blossom.

COMA - ROBIN COOK, Book review

     I happened to be at Pondycherry for my Christmas holidays and there I spotted this book there at a book stall, For the first time did I ever judge a book by its cover. . The main reason for selecting this book was cause of the bottom line mentioning " Master of Medical thriller" and being a student in the similar field I fancied going for my selection

     If you are a ardent reader, Im sure you would never wanna keep this book down once you start this, one can feel their pulse, and heart rate augment as they progress reading the book...  That's the same that happened to me --> and, I happened to completed this book in one go ( within 7 hours)

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