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Triumph of the truth

     We all make mistakes, there have been instances where we try to escape from our mistakes by constructing stories around it to make people believe it was not a mistake. We usually tend to tell a whole lot of lies as we build a plot to defend ourselves. But, 9/10 times it lands us in troubles and consequences which could be worst, just cause it wasn't dealt before. Here below, in this blogpost, I share an instance from my diary, when I was in class XII (12) where telling the truth at the toughest instance was a right thing to do...

    Everyone has tough times, especially when it comes to exams. Countless pages to read, hours of practice before we finally memorize important things which could define what we become in our future. But, the process of preparing for exam becomes a lot easy when you have better notes to read. My chemistry teacher had a collection of her notes, which she used for the last five batches that's saved a whole lot of students from failing. Not only did it make learning organic chemistry easy, but provided an insight to what is usually asked for the exam.

    She had handed over the note to me, so that I could read it to the class during a free period, which she asked us to sit in the class and finish with the notes. I promised her the same, that I would see to that everyone writes these notes before she comes for class the next hour. But, once I reached class no one was in a mood to sit and write organic chemistry in a free period though half yearly exams was a week ahead. The whole class started indulging in various other activities, and I started playing with my friends, from no were we got got a little mischief and started spraying and playing with water from our bottles and while I was trying to do the same, the bottle cap opened and fell right on top of the book, and smudged a whole lot of pages. The whole class came to a standstill seeing what had happened.

Tsunami - Gone with the waves.....

A morning clear and bright,
after the Christmas night
The sea echoed its call,
to unexpected waves, ever so tall.

Giant waves as people called it be
unlike the usual high tide that stood upto the knee.
They came whirling, swirling and churning,
and within moment everything went sweeping.

One after the other it hit the shore,
like the angry sea Goddess cried her roar.
Those sands that reflected happiness,
were hit by her evil waves of callous

Soon, everything was gone,
leaving the site bygone
Tsunami, was what they called this disaster,
 a nightmare, that'll remain forever.
- sulaiman Sait 
It was the morning of 26th December 2004; Sunday, and had been a couple of days since school had dismissed for Christmas; and well before the holidays started I had decided to spend my holidays at my uncle's place in Royapuram. On the morning of 26th, I was along with my uncle as he took me along with him to get some fish from the sea shore market of Kasimeedu before we could return back home for breakfast. 

Pleasure or Pressure: Say NO to pre marital sex

    It was yet another day at Obstetric and Gynecology ward, chief Dr. Melinda was back after performing a cesarean delivery. There was a little tiredness that seemed to make her feel dull after being on duty for the night. She had called me to discuss on certain issues and to hand over the posting for her weekly off. We were having our discussion when a case came in from the emergency with an attempt to suicide, the patient was quite stable, yet there was something unusual about her, she seemed worried about it. Dr. Melinda attended on her immediately and I was asked to join her immediately . The nurse had her prepared while she was on the examination table. Everything seemed fine, but she was wanting to get admitted for some reason, Dr. Melinda asked her to get admitted and asked me to record her medical history and counsel her if there were any issues. 

    She had been admitted, her blood samples were taken for certain tests and when I went to visit her in her ward after the OP posting, she was weeping continuously. There was some worry that was etched up on her face and was indicating something serious. I was not sure what her problem was and decided to go further and interview her. It was very important to make her feel comfortable, so that she could speak her heart out. So I closed the room and asked the nurse to stand by the room as I interviewed her.

Magic of vacation, when you are out with Children

"Welcome Mr.Rohan Singhania, Its good to have a business tycoon like you visit our resort in GOA for a vacation" The manager of Panjim based Fern resort said as he asked the stewards and bell boys to shift the luggage to the room. Ramu Kaka, who came along with Rohan and his kids accompanied them to the room...

Rohan Singhania, has been a well known businessman at a very young age and has been successful in almost every investment he has made. He ususally resides in Mumbai, near Worli with his two kids Ananya and Aakash after his wife lost her battle to cancer only a few months back. He wanted a break from the media and his office work as well, so he decided to leave on a car trip to Goa, and that's when he reached this Fern Resort.

He had kept his phone in flight mode all through the driveway, but once he checked into his room, he had to switch it on. The moment he switched it on a whole lot of notifications and missed call alerts started looming on his screen, which got him occupied for a while.


It was my first meeting with my bollywood crush,
My bike was racing with peaks of adrenaline rush
From nowhere was there a whooshing sound,
and before I realized what was around,
I was hit by a schoolbus,
and left to cry graceless.

with a broken arm and swollen jaw,
I was leaping like a cat with a numb paw.
Reaching hospital was a herculean mission,
But, that wasn't the end of my painful petition,
Instead of adding braces to my jaw,
they planned for a vasectomy with a handsaw.

I ate fruits and vegetable mash,
and hollered to sue them for loads of cash.
Everyone was laughing out their ass,
like someone accidentally knocked on laughing gas
The surgeon promised to change me to an epicene
as he injected me with a dose of morphine.

Overcoming Glossophobia: My Rise above fear...

     From my days of childhood, I have always had a fear when I was asked to speak in a public gathering ...I have always had a personal feeling that any potential mistake that I could do while speaking would turn out to be insulting, which had always kept me silent... Until a few years back, I had this fear, but I did rise above fear... I did rise to become a  better public speaker, an online radio jockey, and a Compere... In this blogpost I share with you my own story of 'Raise Above Fear'
speaking at a research meet

     To begin, fear of public speaking is called Glossophobia, where Glosso (means tongue) Phobia (refers to fear). It is something which is quite common among a large population of people. I was one amongst this population as well. Everytime, when Ive been asked to speak in public I used to panic, I could feel my sweat dribble down my spine, my hands and legs would go chill, my brain would stop thinking. I just used to stutter and stammer to complete a line and would get back to normal once it was over.... And then came this moment in my life...

Dull face of Fresh face ??

    It was the beginning of a new life for me as I joined college, the aura was totally different when compared to that I had at school. School life was totally different, I was asked, forced and compelled to study and there was not time for me to excel in my interest which included mimicry and acting. College was different, and everything was new, a new aura, a new set of friends as I set up to move towards my dream.
     The first few months of my college life went in adjusting to my daily life, where travelling took a toll on me and having to satisfy my parents in terms of results was top of the to do list. The turn of the semester was probably the best part, a decent set of results and a chance to be a part of the drama team that would act on world theater day, where I was selected to play the role of an mafia. I enjoyed my rehearsals during which I happened to grow my beard and long hair for the character, which was well appreciated by everyone.


      Rohan was one amongst the brightest student of his batch, and was able to ace in his examinations. It was his final semester and he was busy working all alone on a disaster management project. In the last couple of months he dedicated his everything and everything towards his project and it was nearing completion.

     One fine day after presenting his project, impressed by Rohan's talents, his HOD forwarded an interview letter to him wanting his betterment and an MNC firm.

As per his HOD's orders he approached the firm for his interview. The whole interview was two day long, where the first day would be a group discussion to see leadership qualities and the second day would include personal interviews to sieve through the candidates as per their requirements.
    Rohan, had a little fear as he appeared for the group discussion round with his ill groomed beard, he was a little nervous as well when he was asked to start the group discussion. He started the discussion (scratching his beard) and was competed point to point by a pretty looking girl in knee length skirt and a red blazer over a white shirt, named Kamini. who was trying to divert everyones attention. The discussion went well and a small group of job seekers including Rohan and Kamini were asked to come on the second day for their scores and results. The talk over everyone's lips was "that (Kameeni) Kamini is gonna win".


Ab Montu Bolega - Strepsils India Campaign
P.C - Strepsils India Fb page
     Chennai, A city where one of the first Railway system was started in this country under the British rule. Its been more than a decade and a half since services have begun and evolved. From those days of Diesel locomotive to electric engines a lot of development has taken place. To add more we also have local sub urban trains shuttling in and out of the city and the very recent addition to Chennai would be the upcoming of Chennai Metro Rail which would begin its services after the turn of new year...

   Chennai, as many know is also the hub of Southern Railways and also the nucleus for train and locomotive construction ( At ICF) for the entire country. Chennai Central Railway station or Madras Central station is a decade old as well, but still serves its purpose with 15 platforms and over 3,50,000 passengers commuting to almost every part of the country. Similarly Chennai's Sub urban railway manages to help passengers move in and out of the city for their work. On an average 14,60,000 people use the Sub urban railway on daily basis.

    Despite peak hour rush and round the clock work, Indian Railways (Southern Railways - as a part) is doing a tremendous job in keeping the worlds largest railway network intact bearing the safety of passengers. But, amidst all these achievements and milestones in railway transporting, only one thing , according to me has been lagging and needs utmost importance- Clean Railway stations.

     A survey done to assess the cleanliness of Chennai Central Railway station, saw that the station got only 183 points out of possible 300 points for grab. The study was not done at other sub urban stations, which would definitely be less. The untidiness that is usually seen is from fecal matter, that drops down from the bogies or tea cups, biscuit and chips wrapper thrown by commutators. Most of the times these pollutants are usually burn alongside the station.

    The major issue lies with the dropping of human fecal matter, which serves as a breeding ground to a variety of infectious diseases. Though passengers have been warned not to use the lavatories during the train halt at a station, many passengers don't give a ear to it. To worsen these conditions are pits and drains are usually blocked and its not common to find water stagnate there. Sub-Urban stations aren't far behind, except for the fact that these local trains don't have lavatories and no fecal matter pollution is seen in these stations.


Sunday 9th Nov 2014,
8:00 am;

     It was long since sunup and Rhea just enters her home, exhausted after a night long posting at the ICU. She collects the newspaper and a couple of milk packets kept at her grill gate. Keeping them on the table she moves towards the room to take a look at her husband Rajesh and her 5 year old daughter Rasha.

Rasha rubs her eyes as she sees her mother enter into the room, while Rajesh was sleeping unaware.

"Morning Beautiful, did you have nice sleep... ?? Did you miss Mamma ??"

Rasha nods her head as she comes and hugs her...

Rajesh wakes up by then and starts yelling "Shit! Its 8:15"

Rhea calmly says "Relax dear, its Sunday, your usual post duty off"

He holds her by her shoulders, shakes her and in a loud tone he replies "No......, Not today, my manager has asked me meet a client from US at 9, quick get my things ready, I gotta rush..."
Sense of touch
Pic credits : PABL(screenshot from the video below)

In a state of disarray, she picks up the milk packets and moves to the kitchen to make some coffee for both. She poured the milk into the milk cooker and lights the stove. As the vessel heated, her mind went back to those days when Rajesh used to dedicate time for her, those days when she had just completed her graduation and he used to spend evenings with her, those movies they went together, those romantic nights in each others arms, the care he took when she was pregnant.. Those moments, became a part of her past as things had gone a little sleazy after the birth of Rasha, after which Rajesh had also got a number of promotions, and there has been success at every step for him.

She could smell the milk boil, quickly takes it off the stove and pours it into a couple of coffee mugs and adds enough coffee powder and sugar to make the coffee strong. She then pours the remaining milk in a tumbler with Bournvita for Rasha. She toasts a couple of bread on the pop up toaster and rushes to the table with breakfast. Rajesh sandwiches the bread with a slice of cheese as he munches it glazing at the headlines from the paper kept on the table. He completes his coffee and leaves in a hurry without a proper goodbye. Rhea completes her daily work, and decides to crash on the bed.

Evening 4:30 pm,

Rasha wakes up her mom saying"mama mama, pappa bula rahe hain" in her baby tone.
Rhea feels the grunt, as all these things had taken a toll on her, and she decides to continue her nap, while Rajesh enters into the room.

Toilet for Babli - A cry to end open defecation in India [poem]

     Open defecation has been a long standing problem in India with its ever expanding population. WHO's 2014 report on "progress on Drinking water and sanitation 2014 (click here) says over a billion people defecate openly, and India is the country with the highest population of people defecating openly (597 million ). Even today railway tracks and bushes remain the commonest place for many who openly defecate.

    Open defecation is going on in our country since ages, cause of poor drainage / sewage systems in villages, lack of funds to provide lavatories and ideologies/mindset of the people who defecate openly. Defecating openly has also been a leading cause for the spread of enteric fever (typhoid), malaria, hepatitis and other infectious diseases. A large number of children have fallen prey to these infections as open defecation becomes a breeding ground for insect to multiply rapidly. In villages it is very difficult for women to defecate in public, and they end up waiting till dark to find a safe place to defecate.
      Having closed toilets/ lavatories would be an ideal solution to these, but it shouldn't only stop here, if the collections are not discarded properly they can spread endemics, hence proper drainage channels or deep pits would be a right choice. Its high time we decide to act against this and save the future of our county

     So, to be a part of this social cause and to put an end open defecation in India, I have written this poem (below) in my own poetic style....


     Im on a reading spree, yes... its yet another book that I have completed in this month. But, this time, I find another reason to read a yet another interesting book which is a part of a book review program by . Also, Ravi Subramanian is an author who needs no special introduction for his previous book have all been a major hit as well.

To begin the review - The cover of this book is so very well designed, with a small tagline "Is revenge a crime? " That very well suits the cover.
It's a 310 page thriller published by Penguin books, and I'm lucky enough to be one of those to get a signed copy from the author.

The Story plot :
The story begins with the death of an US senator following which is a major phishing scam at NYIB bank in India. Elsewhere in the US millions of dollars being stolen using a fake ATM cards from various ATM cards in the United States. On the other side of the plot revolves young couple Varun (a succesful young entrepreneur who leads an online gaming portal along with his dad )Tanya and their parents. Tanya's mother Malvika, the chairman NYIB is found dead claiming that she had comitted suicide on the night of her birthday. Elsewhere, the story details about the use of online currency (bitcons), that could be used to procure illegal items such as the dealings done via the cotton trail.
So what could be that connects the death of an US senator, the death of a bank chairman in Mumbai, the success of a game, a group of criminals pulling out the greatest ATM heist and this online currency (bitcons) ? You gotta read this gripping book to find out..

Immunity and Chyawanprash

    There are a lot of proverbs which have been written on health. From "health is wealth" to "If health is lost everything is lost" Off course we do know these proverbs..But what do we do to maintain our health ?

     In an era where junk food and quick ready (fast) foods are more appealing and tasty to the youth and kids, it really becomes difficult to find them eating any food that could help boost their body's immunity to counter any infection that they counteract from the environment. I do see a lot of cases in the hospital where a simple change in weather bring a two - three fold increase in hospital admissions, of which there are more kids which get admitted than adult, mainly cause of poor immunity. But then, we are so busy with our day to day life that we find no way to look after our health, our immunity to infections and diseases goes down... So whats the solution.. ?

Diwali- A festival of lights, a festival of togetherness

    Year in and year out, every year Diwali becomes the most anticipated festival in a country where people get together in order to celebrate the victory of light(brightness) over the dark. A festival where people of all cultures in this secular country get together and share happiness under a dark sky lit up with happiness and celebrations. Well, being a true Indian, I personally enjoy this festival for the display of fireworks, mega shopping offers and finally- some special sweets from my neighbors. So without much ado, Here am I (Sulaiman Sait), wishing you a happy diwali in my own poetic style.

Diwali fireworks .gif , that I captured

On a dark moonless night in autumn,
I see a nation adhere to its ancient custom.
to celebrate the deity of success and prosperity,
by thanking their almighty.

I see houses adorned with rangoli
and women dressed in fancy saree,
who make all kind of sweets and delicacies
that are never short of calories.

I enjoy the sight of kids playing with sparkles
while the grown up burst crackers like daredevils.
Evening sees the street arrayed with diyas, like a golden lace
leaving happiness etched on everyone's face

I am Malala - Book review

I am Malala: The girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban

To begin, this book is an autobiography of Malala Yousufzai, written by Malala Yosufzai and co-authored by journalist Christina Lamb. I wanted to read this book ever since I started following Malala (@MalalaFund) on twitter, and then I won a couple of flipkart vouchers following which I decided to get this e-book.
A screenshot from my tab- I am Malala

Memory Intrigues - Chapter 23

This is the TwentyThird chapter in the series “Game of Blogs” for the team “ Dynamic Word Weavers” as a part of # CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.

You can read the previous chapter here

The story so far:

* * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * *   *  *  * *
Dutta's daughter Roohi goes missing and the kidnappers ask for the memory card's password. Elsewhere Jennifer lands in Mumbai and is happy to know Shekar and Tara are in distress. She feels her plan to separate them both is going well. A blast from the past shows a bonding between Mr Motwani and Jennifer and their best laid plans. But, to their awe Ahuja and Roohi are missing... Will it cause a hhindranceto their plans.. what happens next..?

* * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * *   *  *  * *
Jennifer arguing with Shekar "You promised we'll stay together for ever"
What happened to those promises that you made.....??

Jennifer hears of Roohi’s disappearance and is shocked, not knowing how to react to the news she has just heard from the editor.

“Damn, this little b****, she had to just go missing just when everything was going so fine” Jennifer mutters resorting to profanities, as she moves towards the exit of the arrivals section.

To, My Dear Diary...

My Dear Diary

My Diary,Every night, you come to my rescue,
as you await for me to complete you.
With every page, I pour out my soul,
with lot of emotions to console.
You remain unruffled, seeing me weep
all through those hours of darkness, I could't sleep.

My Diary,I write to you with my mighty pen,
sharing my daily happenings, like a talesmen.
You read all those secret fantasies in my head,
and never did you ever scoff at me, instead,
you conjectured to every lie that I ever bred,
and showed me my happy past till the night went dead.

Memory Intrigues - Chapter 14

This is the Third chapter in the series “Game of Blogs” for the team “ Dynamic Word Weavers” as a part of # CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.

You can read the previous chapter here

The story so far:

* * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * *   *  *  * *
A few minutes later, Tara barges into the editor’s room without excusing herself.  She places a sheet of paper covered in her handwriting on his table.
Mr. Naren Motwani, if a 24*7 channel doesn’t consider a person as a good resource just because the editor doesn’t like her, let the matter rest.  This isn’t the only news channel in the whole world. My journalism school has taught me enough and instilled a little bit of self-respect in me.  I am deeply indebted to them for also teaching me ways to tackle idiots at work.  I am not referring to you Mr. Motwani” she adds seeing him going red in the face.   Next moment she walks towards the door.
Holding the door open, she turns back and says “Please get a refund from your school for not teaching you even a bit of fairness. Good Bye!”
“Ah..!’ he sighs. “Why do I need a refund? They have taught me well to manipulate people into doing what I want them to”.  He laughs looking at the neatly drafted resignation of Tara.


Memory Intrigues – Chapter 3

This is the Third chapter in the series “Game of Blogs” for the team “ Dynamic Word Weavers” as a part of # CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.

You can read the previous chapter here

"Ducks freeze to death if they don’t keep moving in winter” Tara says to herself as she leaves her office, mentally cursing her editor and sub-editor.

She develops a terrible headache after that verbal spat they got into. She gets back into her car. She opens her dashboard and pops in an analgesic tablet hoping it would make her feel better….

She starts her car, and steps on the gas to get back home. It is just not her day, as she reaches home late again…

She lets herself in through the door with her set of keys and finds Roohi busy dancing to the tunes of “Dora the explorer”, while her eyes look for Shekhar ..
“Hello Beta, Where is Papa??”  Tara growls.


    A week before, I happened to get my hands on this book as a part of Book review program from blogadda. It did take a week for me to start the book cause of my busy schedule; but trust me, from the moment I started this book, till the end it was a great read.
This book is written by Ashwin Sanghi, also called India's Dan Brown, along with the master of suspense thriller James Patterson.

STORY PLOT --> The story revolves around Mumbai city, where a spree of murders are happening with some thing common between them. It begins with the death of a cosmetic surgeon Dr Kanya Jaiyen from Thailand, who is in Mumbai for some personal reasons, following which there is a death of a reporter, Bhavana Choksi, from a leading news paper, then a famous Bollywood singer Priyanka Talati, then a school principle Elina Xavier, a movie director/actor -Lara Omprakash, a state MLA Ragini Sharma, Chief Justice Anjana Lal, and a yoga tutor Devika Gulati.
This case is refereed to Private India, a world class investigation agency, under the in charge of Santosh Wagh and his team of experts, including his assistant Nisha Gandhe, tech geek Hari Padhi and Dr Mubeen, the forensic expert.  There is something in common which connects these murders, the murderer strangles his victims to death, leaves a scarf wrapped around the neck and a prop for the investigators to ponder upon. The investigation reaches to a point where the team unlocks the relation between each murder and realizes one of their team member Nisha, is in danger of being a victim to the murderer. Will they be able to solve the mystery, will they be able to save the Nisha's life, if so at what consequences... Do read this interesting book to find out how the mystery unlocks and who the actual murderer is....


     Saturday 30/8/14, noon.. returning back from my usual hospital postings, I decided go check out this new Univercell SYNC showroom, after a fortnight before invite from Indiblogger. With frequent long distance travel having taken a toll on me, I managed to give it a push to reach there on time, what happened next...?
Well, I'd love to tell you this in my usual poetry style....


    To begin, this is my first e-book that I happened to buy online via and I had a great experience reading this e-book on my tab.

    Before starting with the review, let me tell you, this book is not written completely by Sidney Sheldon, but its author Tilly Bagshawe, who built up this book on some unpublished work from the master story teller - Sidney Sheldon.

STORY PLOT  : The story starts dating back to some 40 years, where there is a death of a rich kid in an US summer camp, following which a guy name Billy is tried in a court and sentenced, even though he was not guilty for the incidence, but took up the blame for Toni (whom he loved). The story then fast forwards to the present describing a very powerful lady, Alexia De Vere (who changed her name from Toni), British Home Secretary, who faces a lot of personal challenges inspite a happy marriage and having two children ( Son- Michael, Daughter-Roxanne, who is crippled after an accident that costed her mobility). Alexia shares all her secrets with her sister like friend Lucy Meyer, in whom she trusts blindly. Lucy has a daughter Summer Meyer, and she falls in love for Michael
As the story progress, Alexia De Vere grows in her political powers and is soon haunted by an incident from the past which creates some angst as her near and loved ones are killed one by one, leading her family into danger. Now she has to manage to keep those past secrets quite as that one person from the past haunts her. How Alexia manages herself, is what the rest of the story describes, which you gotta read for yourself to find out...... (as revealing this would take the trill away from this awesome read)


This post has been published as a part of  the The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) Tablog II, where we chennai bloggers decide upon a topic and write in succession through out this whole month. This month we have decided to write upon "One aspect I would like to change in Chennai". The baton to write this passed to me by my blogger friend Ram Thilak an ambitious young writer, who blogs everything from poems, philosophy, art, science etc, and maintains a very beautiful blog. Well, here is my blog post for this tablog

Chennai is a face paced city, expanding at at tremendous rate. Most of the chennaiites (like me) have now adapted to this fast paced life... We have some really good main roads and express highways, that help us connect many parts of the city.  Chennai city is also a pioneer for almost everything, be it IT,  engineering, Medicine or research.  And for the same reason we see many move into the city. . .

     With many people coming into the city, the population of the city starts swelling, and one major aspect with this is increased road traffic. But, my blog post is not about the traffic and how we can control it. It about how we find a way to provide driveway access to an ambulance during such traffic jams.


     Friendship is one of the special gift of life. True friendship is something even special, It teaches you love, caring, sharing, appreciation, exasperation, exaggeration and expressions. One who has friends is really lucky, and I feel blessed to have a whole lot of friends who have been along with me during my joy and hardships. This poem here is dedicated to my friends... Thanks for being a part of my life, and do continue supporting me.....

Friendship is like a rose flower,
in an arid garden of a hectare,
surrounded by a barbed wire,
where, finding the right stem is a treasure.

Such attractive is its color,
of such an exquisite flower,
a beauty such sublime
threatening to go dull with time.

My Black Wishlist

There is one color that I always look for,
There seems to be some thing in it that I forever love to see,
The love for black, goes on and on
         and Permanent.

    Black has been one of those colors that I have always craved for, a certain things do look speculatively good in black. Here in this blogpost I'm listing down top 5 things in black, from my black wishlist that I would wanna own.

At #5 Black Adidas football studs (boots)
    I've always desired for a black football shoes on a rainy football pitch and have even decided to go for a sliding tackle once I get them; for these shoes give utmost grip and comfort for the player wearing it...
(c) google images


You can't separate peace from freedom because, no one can be at peace unless he has freedom 
- Martin Luther King

    My heart goes out for those brothers and sisters who are having a tough time in Palestine. I really wish to help you in any possible way I could... but, my boundaries are limited :( Nonetheless I can blog about it and let my voice against injustice be heard. Here is my poem on what the current situation in Palestine is ......

Can't we see a beautiful city of greens and dreams,
turning into a land of disaster and screams?
Can't we see how their beautiful view of nature,
has turned into a worst disaster?

Have we gone deaf and dumb?
Or have our senses gone numb?
That we cant see these acts of brutality
Or differentiate from the reality?

Friendship: A treasure (Guest Blog Post)

source: Google images

Friendship, an epitome of verve and seraph 
Sails in the sea of divinity with graceful ripple 
A treasure, to which everyone isn't blessed with
Life without a friend is deserted and cripple 

It's a precious crown to bestow to the one
Among the stones you have to find a gem
Who really deserves your love and loyalty
Whom you can walk with an open heart in glen  

A true friend, the one who comes into your life
When rest of the world tries best to put you down
An angel, who shrouds you with promising words 
And you, once more stand up to never get frown 


 I received my author signed copy of 21 Things About Romance (TAR) after I won the Facebook review box contest and was given the task to reviews this book....

The Review :

      Falling in love and rejoicing romance is one beautiful thing that can happen to everyone. But have you ever come across a book that makes you realize how special it is ?? Have you ever thought, after finishing a particular book that it was written for you( and readers)to understand love much easier ?? If your answers are no, Well then... this is the book you gotta grab....!


"If you don't know which novel to decide, and want a master story full of twists, you can always pick up a Sidney Sheldon book "
Memories of Midnight
Sidney Sheldon

  It was yet another Flipkart voucher that I won this time for a blog-post and I decided to redeem it for this book of Sidney Sheldon - Memories of Midnight, which reached me a couple of days before...

    Though this is said to be a sequel of "The other side of Midnight" written by Sidney Sheldon himself in 1973, Memories of Midnight has that special factor, which makes it one of his best Novels.  If you are an ardent reader, I'm sure you would never wanna keep this book down till you finish the last page.

Memories of Midnight- Sidney Sheldon
 The story begins with a couple of voices discussing certain plans to commit a murder, elsewhere there is lady, who has lost her memory and finds herself at a convent. The only thing she remembers is her name ' Catherine Douglas'. The world thinks she was murdered by her husband Larry Douglas and his mistress Noelle Page, but its olny Constantin Demiris who knows she's alive. Constantin is a leading business tycoon in the world and knows how to clear people of his path. Constantin Demeris (also called Costa) retrieves Catherine from the convent, takes her home in Greece and asks her to work for his office in London. Though he had a differnt plan, making her work there was just a reason. While Catherine resides at Costa's place, she is noticed by Melina who is Costa's current wife.
Catherine was later sent to London saying that her husband Larry and her mistress Noelle were prosecuted and sent to death by the court for attempting to murder her. While the untold truth was Costa got them prosecuted and made guilty in front of the court by tricking them with this lawyer Napolean Chostas . Costa sent Catherine to London to work under him, so that he can keep an eye at her, and when time comes take revenge on her, for the way her husband Larry, who ran away with Noelle (Costa's Love). The defendent judge knew the matter, yet decided to keep quite. He was offered to work under Chostas, but denies, soon he follows his fate, so does Chostas who dies in a building fire.


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Sometimes, Its so hard to listen to a woman who has undergone a lot of physical, mental and emotional torture, that she ends up taking a wrong step. This is one such poem where a woman falls for a guy and marries him, following which the guy turns brutal on her. She resists him as long as she could and then she takes a strong decisive action which leads her to various consequences and criminal action upon her, yet she decides not to reveal anything... But, one fine day..............

After a long gestation of silence,
she finally spoke, about her stolen innocence.
Though she was totally broken,
She decided her silence must be spoken.

Where to get best Idly-Sambar in Chennai ?? Top 5 restaurants, form the chapter "Idly-sambar for the taste lovers soul....."

    Idly and Sambar have become a staple breakfast dish for every south Indian. So, what is so very special about this Idly Sambar ?? Well, they are healthy, easy to digest, packed with enough dietary essentials and form a perfect breakfast, with which you can kickstart your day.

     I might not be a big time foodie, but when it comes to Idly- Sambar, I have a special liking for it. Though I might not be from a South Indian family, I have very well adapted here and adopted this dish. There are two things that I usually look for in Idly Sambar combo
1. The idly should be soft
2. Sambar should have the perfect taste.

     Soft Idlies might be easy to make at home, by having the right ratio's while preparing the dough, but to get that special taste of sambar taste is really difficult... and I crave a lot for sambar (probably cause we make sambar in a different way at home).

    So what I decided to do these holidays, is to go around the city, and check out some restaurants where the best Idly- Sambar is served in Chennai.

I titled my Idly Sambar taste hunt journey as "Idly-Sambar for the taste lovers soul"

here are the top 5 restaurants where you can get the best Idly -Sambar. (I have added my reviews along)

I'm Addicted to IPL.... Are you ??

Every summer in India is special. People keep waiting for the summer? Why ?No, its not for the season of mangoes.... its for IPL carnage.... Full of excitement, full of entertainment. Every household, every hostel or every store, its IPL that's on TV. Everyone talks about IPL.  Afterall, we are a cricket loving nation and T20 cricket has now mutated our genetics in such a way that even someone who hates cricket would surely develop a liking towards the game

    Now, with almost 4 weeks over at the 7th edition of Indian Premier League and most of the matches ending in the final over and high chances of any team winning the silverware... I have become an ardent lover of this game.. The other day it was a tough decision for me to decide between travelling and Chennai Super Kings match...

10 crazy reasons you can make not to miss a single ball during IPL

    IPL( Indian Premier League)  fever has hit everyone, And, I'm someone who hasn't been a big fan of this game until recent, and when I started watching, this IPL fever got to me as well.

Now I have become a bigtime #ChennaiSuperKings fan and I love supporting them....

Well, you might love your team as well and would definitely not wanna miss a single ball especially with those last over finishes coming up quite frequently ... But, sometimes......, rather unfortunately, you might get held up or have some work that might kill the time before the match..
Don't worry... I'll help ya out...


Sometimes its really difficult to select who your Inspiration/ role model is, especially when you are born in a generation where a lot of legends have established themselves.
But, here is one, Petr Cech - Chelsea's all time best Goal Keeper.

 But what makes him so special?
     Well, Petr Cech joined Chelsea in 2004 from French team Rennais, and was starting regularly. In 2005 Cech set a new premier league record of 1025 minutes without conceding a goal.

    He was doing really well until an injury that changed his life forever. On 14th October 2006 in a match against Norwich, Cech was caught by a trailing knee of Steven Hunt, who got the big Czech Republic goalkeeper down , fainted. His injury needed an immediate surgery, covering it up with over 30 stitches.


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Every morning, every sunrise,
With new chores we rise,
like a phoenix reborn from ashes, alive
Amidst the desire to survive.

Everyday is a hard fought battle,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle.
Life might be an empty dream,
goals might not be the same as them seem.


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  It was almost 8a.m in the morning and I had just completed handing over my duties and responsibilities to Dr. Yamini, who was an hour late to take the handing over from me at the ICU. It was a tough night stay at the ICU with a case from emergency department being shifted to the ICU for thrombolysis and cardiac management after a 47 year old patient was diagnosed to have a myocardial Infarction. Starting upon the thrombolytic therapy isn't easy and it does need continuous monitoring of the patient. The whole night went by and I really didn't know when it was morning....


    Handing over the responsibilities to Dr. Yamini, was a big relief as I made my way to change, from my ICU scrubs gown to formals. I was desperately in need of sleep as my body was aching. I wore my shirt inside out and realized on time that before I could wear it back again. Once I checked through all my things, I made my way towards the lift. The ICU was on the 3rd floor just above the Operation theater in the second floor and also just below the deluxe wards which was in the 4th.


source - Google images

Shattered dreams and broken hearts,
ambitions scattered apart,
lost amidst promises,
failure and awful experiences.
For, failure always isn't a sin,
But, a step to begin.
Look for a motivation
beholding your concentration.

Via Dolorosa - Life at Palliative Care - POEM

     A couple of weeks back, as a part of my ward rounds postings, I was posted at a missionary palliative care hospital to provide care to patients there. It was a memorable experience being posted there and to interact with the team present there. If you are wondering what does this term 'palliative care means' ?? Well, It refers to relieving and preventing the suffering of patients. Patients usually come to palliative care for comfort care in cases of long term disease management as well as care for those who are nearing end of life. Most of the cases that I happened to see were cancer oriented cases, where therapy had failed, and the patients were admitted here for symptomatic management until life permits... So, with all that I have seen and done at the palliative care, it has inspired me to write this poem "Via Dolorosa- Life at palliative care".
Via Dolorosa -meaning to way of suffering or painful way (In Latin)


     Firstly I would like to you introduce you all to the author of this debut book- Ganga Bharani . A techie by profession, an avid blogger by passion, my co blogger, and above all a good friend as well.... I happened to pre oder this book and recieved my copy on the 31st of December. It was my new year night read (non stop) and a good decision to read it as well.

P.S-  I happened read this book, forgetting the fact that the author is my friend, only so that I could do justice to the book and write a proper review

 To start off, the cover of this book is quite attractive, with a modern art and looks like there is a girl sitting with her chin on her knee, sandwiching it is her for arm, along side that is the title of the book.

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