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     2015- Whoa! What a tremendous year it has been. Sadly, as time is never in control, its really difficult to admit the fact that we could forever stay in 2015 and watch the world go about in slow motion; But, abiding with the law of nature its that sad part of the year where we look forward to march towards a new calendar year - 2016 and hope it lives to our expectations. Nonetheless, Here are my wishes to a lovely 2016 in my own poetic style...

Looking back at the months that went by,
I contemplate, to those moments that brought joy.
The whole year busy with pleasure, joy and delight,
where life was sometimes colorful,sometimes black & white.

I'm now writing these lines in a state of shock,
with my eyes glued to the clock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
Restlessly waiting for the approaching new year,
With newer oaths to adhere.

The calendar on the wall says the same thing,
Time is vanishing, and we are ageing.
So lets lift our glasses
Forgetting our past, as burnt ashes


    STAR WARS is one of those motion films which has managed to capture the awe of every cinema loving fan. Be it the characters or the battle between Jedi (the peace keepers) and Sith (the Dark side) every scene from the movie has managed to captivate and instill a liking towards this timeless battle of an anarchy which is cinematographed on the screen. As a Star wars fan, I have loved the message which the story portrays about righteousness and honor towards defending one's forces.

To move on to the fun side Inspired by Star Wars, I would love to see one of my digital dream come true this way - like the Star Wars Galaxy. It was a dream where I saw beaming lights and flames and a group of men trying to defend themselves and their empire. I'm sure this can be transformed into a game and bring on the fun side of being a Star Wars.

The game would be more of less like a paint ball game, except for the fact that the players wouldn't be using paint balls or a paint ball suite. The suite would be a digital one, in each team which would be called the Jedi and the Sith which will be battling each other. The digital suites would have light sensors and the weapons would be light sabers (laser beams) in the hand (just like the actual star wars)

My Fun Side game rules..

-> Game will be played on an empty island, during the night with rocks as camouflage

-> Minimum 20 players on each side
19 main players and 1 reserve player to play either Darth Vader or Yoda

-> Everyone in this game will be subjected to randomization (coin toss or chits) to be put either on Jedi side or the Sith side.

-> Players on the the Jedi side get to play either Luke Skywalker (if you are a male) or Princess Leia (if you are a lady) and play against Han Solo and Chewbacca.

-> Every player will have a Light saber (laser sword in hand)

-> Once the Jedi are on the losing side, one player can take up Yoda's role and have special powers. If the Sith are on the losing side, One players can take up the Darth Vader with special powers.

-> A players is said to be out, when the Light saber (laser beams) from opposition hit the digital sensors one the coat of the players and the coat (connected to laser beam) fails to emit light.

-> Boundary lines covered after wiping the opposition territory would help decide the winners.


     Epic Rap Battles of history is one of those YouTube channels which has managed to gain a lot of popularity in recent times. Started by Peter Shukoff (a.k.a Nice Peter) and Llyod Ahlquist (Epic Llyod - for his idea of the YouTube Channel), this series of videos has entered into its fourth season now. The battles usually see some of the famous characters from history or fictional world battle out each other in a rap battle and the audience are let do decide who's won the battle.

With, the characters being a mere look alike of the actual persons, it makes these videos ever so interesting. I personally have spent hours seeing every single video of this series and finally decided to write a blog post about them.

To make this top 10 review interesting I'll be giving my review on each video and tell whom according  to me has won the battle.

Trust me, it wasn't easy choosing who could be the winner cause the battles are way to strong and everyone takes an even number of hits at each other.

P.S - do not complain about profanity or adult content in these videos, they just make the video interesting in terms of the battle. If you have an issue with such language, kindly do not go further down the page.

At, #10. Goku Vs Superman

This super superheroes battles sees two comic stars battle to prove who's the all time best. I feel that Goku has taken an edge over superman, afterall who really likes to see a super hero afraid of green rocks


    After a short break from my usual blogging spree I'm back and this time its a book review of "The best seller she wrote" by Ravi Subramanian. The banker cum author needs no special introduction; for his work speaks for him self. Known as one of the best selling authors in India I have had a chance to read some of his previous books which include "If God was a Banker", "The Bankster", his last book - "God is a gamer"


The best seller she wrote by Ravi Subramanian is a 391 pages books of drama/fiction genre, published by Westland books and it sports a very simple cover design.
The book is priced at 295 rupees and is available at leading e-commerce stores such as Flipkart and amazon (book banners included at the bottom of the page to purchase a copy of this book).

The book also has a line mentioned at the bottom "Soon to be a motion picture" which I guess would interest the movie buffs


    We live in a generation where the nation as a whole is developing. Every district, every city has their own approach and pace towards development; But, when it comes to speaking about one city I love the most, it is namma Singara Chennai.

I take the pride in saying that the city where I was born, and where I currently reside - Chennai, is the only Indian city which made it to the BBC's list of top 5 cities to live, and one of National Geographic's top 10 food cities. This city definitely has everything for a common man to satisfy his needs. From top IT parks, to several small scale industries, from top rates school to top rated universities, in every aspect of discussing a city, this is a city which is made of great and definitely has every reason to be one of the top most cities to live in. In this blog post, to elaborate more on my favorite city (Namma Chennai), I'll be briefing about about this with respect to three key features:

1. Drive
There is some madness about this city which drives people wanting to come to Chennai. Be it one of the safest metropolitan city for women, or call it a city which has a perfect blend of all cultures in uniform tandem, there are many such reasons why people get attracted to Chennai. Chennai is also one of the major sporting destinations in this county for sports such Football, Squash, Volleyball, table tennis, Cricket and the home to Indian's only ATP event - Chennai Open. Known to produce many great indivuduals, this city has many indivuduals such as Rajinikanth, Vishwanathan Anand, Dipika Pallikal to name few who have become the heart throb of this nation.


     Our lives in the city have become a lot stressful and every other person we see is busy in their own world. Gone are those days when kids used to enjoy playing in the garden and parents used to spend time along with them getting some fresh air. Sadly, Gardens have diminished and our kids these days are busy playing online games or games on consoles else watching cartoons on TV. Young adults are busy studying or can be seen hooked on to their mobile phones almost all through the day. Married couples on the other hand can be seen trying to sweat their way out to earn a living for themselves so that they can combat with raising expenses to run a family. Elderly and the most experienced people have their own reasons to be occupied as well, else loneliness kills them.

     They say the greenery from nature, be it plants, trees or grass and the blue sky above brings a lot of peace to mind. Sadly, This busy life that we live today is one of the main reasons why people have lost an idea how to connect with nature or take care of it. People have lost the Real togetherness that families had with nature and with each other. Gone are those days where families would get together in a garden or park, help each other cook, serve, eat or even go outside on outings with their families and most importantly share their sorrows and joy. Without a dose of nature from everyone's daily life, our minds have gone rusted.

     The most common reason for all this Stress, Tension and Tiredness. Everyone is more connected to themselves and their daily doings that they have lost the love and connection they need to show towards nature. Stress and Tension as everyone knows is one of the leading cause for most of the serious illness people face today, be it Diabetes, Hypertension or even a Heart attack. This stress is also the reason that the body doesn't get the right nutrients; hence, the mind and body gets tired.

     Is there any solution to all this, is there any way one can find a way to live a life which is free from all these tensions and ailments ?


Everyone around has a phone these days, not just a simple phone but a smart phone. Smart people come up with smart choices, but what defines or rather highlights an individual these days is phone he/she carries

Be it iOS, Android or Windows - everyone has their own choice, but in this blogpost I'm writing about an upcoming Android phone which will leave you with no other choice;but, to grab one and what would I do if I could grab one of these Champs.

Well then, let me tell you The Champ is Back and this time bigger and better with features that will leave you mesmerized. It is a phone with a legacy of its own, carrying the pure loaded android clan of being the first to be released in the series with Android Marshmallow reloaded and guaranteed updates. A 5.2 inch full HD LCD screen with optical resolution of 423 ppi and corning gorilla glass that will keep you tension free from screen cracks. A 12.3 MP full HD wide aperture camera assisted with laser will never let you miss a shot. A phone which will give you lightening fast processing power with 1.8 hexa core processor and speedy fast connectivity with 4G being enabled. Light weight and long enough battery will never let your hands feel the pain.


     There are so many sports, and every game has its uniqueness, be it the lazy elegance of cricket or the fast pace of motor sports every game has its own way to entertain people; but, according to me there is one sport that stands way above all and that is football.

     I call my self a big football fan, cause I have learnt to live my life following those lessons I learnt from this beautiful game of football.

Football is not just about kicking the ball around, it is a lot more than that. One can easily relate the events happening on the football field to their real life. Here, in this blogpost below I'm writing 10 ways how one can relate football with their life and learn to ace in it.!!

1) The 90 minutes of the game on the field is like a lifetime, you get down on the field and face challenges and tackle difficulties to get results you desire

2) Always hard work, proper planning, unity and co-operation will give you a chance to score a goal and get best results

3) One might be chasing a game early (lagging), but never give up till the end because the game can still be won with the last kick of the game

4) One might have the hardest time on the field during 90 minutes , but staying focused and working with the basics without trying anything new would definitely save time

5) There are chances that one might have to face tougher opponents every time, but staying positive and taking it as a chance to learn from it is the best way to grow

6) Sometime a good shot can be saved by an excellent save by the goal keeper, but stay calm, even a deflected shot can win you a game- its all about patient build up and temperament

7) There are chances that one might get a red card, or be out for a while with injury, or might find the team relegated  -but that's not the end of life. This gives one enough time and a strong chance to learn from one's mistake and how to face such difficult times.


     We live in a world where everyone likes to remain connected or stay updated with things in life and to satisfy this need of staying connected you can find a mobile phone in everyone's hand. Our dependability on the internet has increased and we can not spend a day without being online.Also knowing the fact that connectivity has become hassle free, its become easy for many to adapt this system of online connectivity. Sadly, at times with slow internet or poor connectivity, one's day ends up being constipated. 

Also, at times there could be various other issues which could hinder in between with our connectivity-such as poor signal, slow internet speeds or high cost which draws us out from our comfort zone letting us adapt to slow internet speeds.

If you are one of those who's forced out from your comfort zone, and made to crave for a good high speed internet.... well then - its time for a change. It's time to change to high speed internet with India's first 4G services from AirTel 4G.

Talking about myself, I am some one who loves speed and I crave for high speed internet. I have recently moved on to AirTel 4G. and here are list of things I would wanna do now with my new AirTel 4G connection.

1) Live Streaming of my podcasts with the Periscope app

For long I have been doing my podcast series of "Talk a thon with Sulaiman Sait", and now I have decided to add something interesting to it, and what could be better than doing a live streaming of my podcast series using the Periscope app. So gear up guys, season 3 of Talk a thon with Sulaiman Sait is gonna come live to your phones which will be powered by the speed of AirTel 4G.


p.c - desktop nexnus (via google search)

Carefully carrying her ornaments of shyness and pride,
Dressed in Crimson red Saree, was the bride.
Sitting with her legs flexed
she controlled her emotions that vexed

As the bridesmaid applied henna
she felt a temporary amnesia.
Her soul cried, wanting to stay back
instead, turning her mind claustrophobiac 


    Life for us has been easy and we all prefer living a comfortable life; be it staying in a comfortable room or owning a luxury suite with animal leather couches and ivory based crockery, be it showing off those leopard skin handbags or wearing a crocodile skin waist belt. A man/woman owning such items is usually considered to belong to a high class society. But, do we see what is on the other side, besides seeing the pride in owning such things ? I'm sure the answer is No.

     Based on a recent article published in "Science Advances", there is a catastrophic mass extinction of many earthly species, and it seems to be looming large and it is us (humans) who are directly to be blamed for this. Be it deforestation, and taking away homes of forest animals or polluting the water bodies and intoxicating other species, in every aspect we are to be blamed.

     Today we stand at a point, where we cannot retrospectively look back at those species which we have lost, just because there are many more that we are losing with time. In this blog post I will throw some possible light on three wildlife species which are nearing the dusk of their existence..

1) The Bengal Tiger

A Royal Cat, a symbol of bravery
Our Nation's pride, But,
Poaching men, reduced its density

     For long, The Bengal Tiger is seen as India's national animal; But sadly, what have we done to protect it.? Sign a petition and forget, or just adopt a tiger cub, pay some money and forget. It's sad to say, only minimal efforts have been taken to save our Nation's pride. The count has gone down and I'm sure there will soon be a time when we'll crave to hear it roar. Caging them and keeping them away from their habitat won't really work. They need a homely environment, where they add a balance to the ecosystem living a life where they can hunt of their choice, breed with a comfort and live with comfort. 

After recently hearing about the 60% reduction (reduction to 1400 from 3500) in tiger population over the last decade, It is shocking that none of the policies made to protect the tiger has ever worked. Should it go this way - their dawn isn't far. Its time we need to help strengthen the "project tiger program" under the national tiger protection authority and see to that we help build more tiger reserves and maintain our nation's pride

2) Lion Tailed Macaque

Away from Humans, in the upper canopies,
Swinging across evergreen tress,
soon nearing the tragedy of extinction.

     Before I comment on the endanger that the Lion Tailed Macaque is in, let me tell you - a majority of this nation doesn't know that we are supposedly blessed to have one of a kind of this species, which is exclusively found in the western ghats of this our country. To add more, they are very well known to dwell amidst the moist evergreen forest where they survive eating fruits, flowers or sometimes prey upon birds or birds eggs. They usually prefer to have a life of their own and feel comfortable staying away from human habitat. I'm not sure why, but I seem to have a special liking for this animal ever since I remember seeing it on my trip to ooty (Ootangamandalam) a few years ago. Sadly, over the last decade many of those places in Kerala and Tamil Nadu where these Lion Tailed Macaque used to dwell has showed a poor census.

    Tell me, what did this innocent faced ape do face such a destiny ?  Does it deserve this fate for just trying to live away from human habitat. Its time we look up to build a better ecosystem for these Macaques and stop involving in their lives and let time swing across those tall evergreen trees.

3) Indian Peacock

Dancing in joy, with a crown on its head,
with its iridescent tail feathers spread
will it catch our attention again

    A fascination in every poets eye, a peacock or its peahens is usually a metaphorical representation of color, joy and happiness that has never failed to highlight the poem. Be it medieval history or the cultural significance you can always find the beauty of a peacock everywhere. They seem to catch everyone's attention when in joy. Seeing a peahen spread its feather and dance is something one cannot forget for life; but, what we have forgotten to see - is that  the so called the national bird, is yet another species on the list of endangered species cause of weather changes, domestication, illegal poaching or stealing away its eggs.


    Every mother goes through an unbearable pain while she delivers a child. That's the only time you can see her smile while her child cries cause she knows that she has given birth to a live child. Same was the case with my mother when she gave birth to me after I was a breach baby. Like every mother she too had a whole lot of dreams with me and always wanted to see me become a doctor.

     But, my ill health saw me frequently getting admitted in the hospital and at a couple of times my parents were very close to loosing me; and above all I was dyslexic and a slow learner during my school days. My mom was a teacher and had to leave school to take care of me and she did it very well.

    She ensured that I could match along with other kids and on par with them and every time I was able to achieve something like that it was a special moment for us at home. Be it the first time I came first in a running race or the being the winner at fancy dress competition during school. I still remember those Khushi ke pal following those tonnes of efforts put by her.

     At times I used to get a lot angry.But, mom knew how to calm me down. If I was angry with her she would somehow manage to make me laugh and forget my anger. I still remember those Khushi ke pal when my mom used to call her self as my friend and we used to play tic tack toe and dots and dashes to have a timepass during the evenings.

      Schooling wasn't easy for me, I had to brave through with a lot of difficulty. I still remember crying every time I had to study, but my mom knew the knack to make my finish my portions. When the results used to come, there used to be celebrations at home and mom always took pleasure in getting me what I wanted, I still remember those Khushi ke pal playing with those toys and stuff I got in return for my results and within no time I remember passing out of school.


To begin, let me introduce you to Ganga Bharani. She been a wonderful friend of mine, a co blogger, a passionate writer and a short film maker besides working in an IT company trying to meet her hectic schedules. This is her second book after Just You, Me and A Secret (click to find the review).
But, before I go deep into this review, let me tell you I had to temporarily forget the fact that the author was my friend so that I could read the book more comfortably so that I do justice to the book and write a proper review.

The cover looks good with the image of a cop and a clock indicating 5 'o' clock, which relates to the insights of the story. The book has a mere 118 pages, costing about 175 rupees and is published by Half Baked beans Publishing house.

The story begins at a crime scene where a young girl is found hanging at her residence and a wrist watch stopped at 5'o' clock. Following which a crime scene begins involving Inspector Rohan, A no nonsense veteran cop, who is assisted there by his love - Riya, who's ambition is to become a famous writer. As the investigations go deep, a few instances and clues come forward. Halfway through the case, another similar incident of suicide is reported with similar clues - confirming this was not a case of suicide. As the investigation goes further it becomes a lot challenging for Rohan. Does he find out who the murderer is ? What was the connection between these identical murders ? how does the investigation go further and how does the clue help reach the murderer finally ? Read "A MINUTE TO DEATH" to find out


Our body is like a complex machine which performs a variety of functions to keep us alive, and it becomes our duty to take care of our body and our health.

There goes a very famous saying as well "health is wealth" and the key to maintaining a good health is by monitoring what we eat and see that there are enough nutrient as well to keep the body's systems well tuned.

Weather you are trying to lose weight, maintain a diet, looking to get in shape or just planning to live a healthy life- eating a well balanced diet can help you achieve it. A balanced diet has enough calories, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates to keep you fit and fine. Well,  here are some of the benefits of healthy diet

Boosts energy and helps stay recharged
A proper health sneaked along with enough nutrients can help you stay recharged for a whole day giving you enough energy to perform your daily activities in a day. Right diet at the right time can also help train your body to work more and challenge your daily limits.

Prevents illness
A proper and a balanced diet has always shown to improve quality of life, where as the world outside is facing a raising threat of obesity, which not only affects the health of an individual but makes him/her a victim to other serious disorders such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes at a young age.
A proper diet also helps produce the right immunity to combat various illness

Good mood and helps stay happier
A proper and a balanced diet has a lot to do with the neurotransmitters in the brain which control various moods. Studies show that an empty stomach could make one feel irritated while a full stomach could make one feels sleepy. A proper diet can also help you concentrate and stay focused as well.

Control weight
Maintaining a proper weight is very important and eating the right diet with proper quantity of nutrients can help avoid gaining up of extra pounds. Increased weight not only affects health but becomes a burden to perform regular daily activities. A right diet helps keep your mind away from the need for dieting

Yes.... Dieting..
Crash Dieting or dieting might be seen as a way to reduce weight in a short period of time, and has become a trend among youngsters today; but dieting without a proper knowledge can compromise on essential nutrients and ones health as well.
Many people opt for a crash diet just by starving or eating lesser meals. A proper diet includes having an optimal calorie intake along with proper exercise.At times its always important to have a control over our taste buds and say no to a few things.
The biggest victim in out diet is carbohydrates (sugars) which is usually seen in soft drinks and junk food and they silently add extra pounds of weight in an indivudual. So, its important to reduce carbohydrate and fat intake.
In some cases substituting high sugars and carbohydrates with honey can do the trick. Honey diet does not only provides the sweetness, but regulates the calorie content as well along with it health benefits which include helping digestion, fighting cough, cold, building immunity, producing anticancer properties and so on... So don't forget to add a spoon full of honey to your diet.

To conclude this honey sweet post, let me remind - it's always important to have a healthy diet and to have a proper knowledge of the contents in our food- (ie. know what to include and what not) . If one is has decided to go on a diet they should learn to be calorie conscious and chose a proper diet plan or consult a dietitian for an opinion, after all nothing is more precious than ones health.

Eat healthy, live well...

My favorite quotes - Three day quote challenge- Day 1,2 and 3

To begin, I have been tagged to take up the Quotes Challenge by 4 blogger friends of mine - Namrata Kumari, Simran Kaur , Kiran Acharya (Ma'am) and Madhavi Praveen (Ma'am) and I would love to thank them heartily for tagging me into this fun filled trend that is catching up among bloggers. As I am supposed to write 3 and post them one on each day; But, due to lack of time, I've posted 3 of my favorite quotes together over here.

Day 1)
Firstly, this quote is something which I keep in my mind all the time, and is a lot related to my profession.

"When a doctor cannot do any good, he mustn't do any harm" - Hippocrates

This is my all favorite quote from Hippocrates, which I have written on the front page of my diary as well. Also according to me, being titled a Doctor isn't something which is important, its about doing something good and seeing to that there is less suffering and pain in the society.

Day 2)
Next, is this quote I noticed on good reads app a few days back and its been in my phone as a screenshot since then.. Crisp and clear with nothing much to speak about it, as it speaks for itself

"If they don't appreciate you, they don't deserve you"- Anonymous

How true ?? Isnt it ??

Day 3)
Lastly, I'd like to end this quotes challenge with my own quote, something which literally made me develop a liking towards poetry.

"Love is something which makes illiterates into poets"- Sulaiman Sait

Love is a magical feeling, everyone who falls in love narrates a poetry of their own and starts becoming a poet. Even the shortest poetry from someone in love has the power to strongly express a whole lot of things. Be it someone who is madly in love or someone who's lost his love he would definitely have a poem to express his feelings.

This post was written as a part of Three day quote challenge. Where I was tagged by 4 co bloggers. To end this I would want to tag @Ganga Bharani , @Destination Infinity and @ Shreyas Srinivasan

Rules for the Challenge

  1. Post one of your favorite quotes (different quotes on each day) on three days. The quote can be from your favorite book,  author or even your own.
  2. Nominate three bloggers to challenge them.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you.



Before I get into this review, let me tell you - I usually make it a point to carry a book or two along with me every time I go on a long journey alone, this time it was Nano. Also, for a long time I wanted to read Nano by Robin Cook after I fell in love with Pia Grazdani - the protagonist from Death Benefit. well, Moving on here is the book review...

This book is 400 paged, and is published by  Macmillian publishing house. The cover looks interesting with a nano cell and definitely lets you know there is some mystery awaiting inside

The book is available in India at a reasonable price of 350 Rupees and can be downloaded as an E-book at a price of 298 rupees (via flipkart)


"Nothing is perfect, Life is messy, Relationships are complex; while outcomes are uncertain and people are just irrational"

Well, To begin this review, this 200 paged book comes with a pretty simple cover published by Srishti Publishers and is available at a reasonable price of 150 rupees.

"What goes on in the mind of a woman is difficult to tell; But what goes inside the mind of a woman who is single, divorced and still has some words of praise throbbing in her ears is even more difficult to tell"- Rashmi Kumar (HLS pg 124)

The story revolves around Alafia Singh, a divorcee in her early 30's after a failure to convert her parents chosen match with Ram into a life time bond after her marriage lasted only for 11 months. Since Ram carried on with his life and found a new partner, Alafia decides to move on as well and was on a look out for proper partner. She tries looking for a match over matrimonial sites and her parents follow the same with newspaper adverts, but somehow or the other she finds it hard to connect with the men she meets - either they are interested in sex, or the guy is too rich or religion comes in the way in denying her to settle down in life the way she wants. Supported by her close friend Myra she continues to look on for a way  to find a match.
Soon there comes a point where her younger sister gets married, while she remained single and unmarried. Mounted by challenges, she goes deep into finding the need for a right man in her life... Does she find the right man ? Read Hooked, Lined and Single to find out....

The Gang of Wonder Kids - Shetall Ramsinghani

After a long time, I've finally got back to my reading stride and I start this journey with "The Gang of Wonder Kids" by Shetall Ramsinghani, who happens to be my blogger friend as well.

P.S - I have written this review forgetting the fact that Shetall is a good friend of mine, so that I could do justice to the book and write a proper review.

To start off, the cover of this book is very attractive, showing that this is a book for kids. It is a 140 pages paper back book, available as e-book as well, published by Patridge India publishers and available at a reasonable cost of 299 rupees for the paper back and rupees 144 for the e -book (look for the banners below)


This story revolves around two brothers, Ujjwal and Utsav who are quite notorious, yet brilliant with their studies. They stay in Delhi along with their grandparents, while their father - an army officer is posted elsewhere. Soon a time comes when he gets a posting in Gujarat and the kids have to leave their grandparents to stay at the army quarters in Gujrat.

These kids get used to their new world along with their new friends Naina, Vikram, Manas and co. As time goes by these kids go through all those set of experiences which tests them at various stages. There are instances where the kids are made hostages for daily labor work, or instances where they get kidnapped, or face challenges in a magical forest and escape from the clutches of such activities learning some valuable lessons for life. How do they do it? What are their strengths ? What are the lessons they learn for life ? Read The Gang of Wonder Kids for more...


My Airtel App - My choice

    Everyone likes to remain connected on the move and the current generation are glued to their devices. To have such a connectivity it requires a good network connection that'll help to keep the work going flawlessly. I'm one from the current generation as well, who loves to stay connected be it twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or snap chat - I'm always there. If not via the social media I do remain connected with my friends via calls or messages.

A couple of days back I was travelling to Hyderabad with my mate for a conference and little did I realize that my internet pack was over and a small balance got deducted. I was in desperate need to connect to the internet on my tab to continue reading for my research presentation. The solution - My Airtel App - which came to my rescue. I was able to log in and immediately top up my balance and get my net booster done. The best part was that I got a special offers which gave me a full talktime and additional data.
My friend who was along side me, happened to see me do this and asked me to recharge his phone as well. He was lucky to get a full talk time as well.

Back home, the Airtel Saga continues, Airtel digital TV subscription was nearing end and I had to recharge to continue watching my favourite football matches - The solution - My Airtel App

The ease with which this app works make it really easy for one to chose their recharge type and make paymets with ease. So now you don't have to rush to a recharge shop or ask someone to do a recharge for you when the power of recharge is right in your pockets.

There are so many features I liked in this My Airtel App. But 3 features that I would say that makes it outstanding are:

Forever - 55 fiction

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 54; the fifty-fourth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Silent tears from someone dear, often say there’s something to fear. It was hard to gain her trust to ponder what her reason for sorrow could be. Those tear filled eyes rolled, as she painfully cried broad instances from her past which had no fault of her, but; instead left her with a blackmark forever

The above post was my first try at writing a 55 fiction. Also, I'm glad that this is my 10th BAT entry and joining other fellow Blog-a-tonic's will be my Mom, who's reasonably new to blogging. You can find her blogpost for BAT here

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. Participation Count: 10

EK Nayi League....

   Today's world has become challenging and people are on the verge of finding newer ways to grow. There are instances where hard work pays off fruitfully and then there are instances where being clever helps euqlly well...

There are many instances where we go about with what our heart says an invest in a world of the unknown. Sometimes it does payback, but most of the times we end up losing a whole lot of money and taking back nothing. In  the same context it becomes challenging to take up decisions, But if someone is smart, he/she can brave through these challenges....

     A recent advert had been out a week back, which featured former legendary cricketer - Kapil Dev, who is also the world cup winner with India in 1983. All he speaks is about "Ek Nayi League" which keeps us guessing what that Nayi league could be ?? In the same series of advertisement he praises and challenges a whole lot of celebrities about this "Ek Nayi League" ... But, What exactly could this "Ek Nayi League" be ??

After watching all the videos in the series.... Its time I write about what  "Ek Nayi League" could be?

Based on the clues (given by Kapil Dev) of this being a game of trusting our mind over heart.. here is what I feel "Ek Nayi League" is all about



To begin, let me tell you all the fact that I'm back on a reading spree after a long break. This time I started off with "Robin Cook's book - Death benefit" which has long been waiting on my " To read list"

This book is 264 paged, and is published by  Macmillian publishing house. The cover looks interesting and directly depicts an interesting murder mystery awaiting inside

The book is available in India at a reasonable price of 350 Rupees and can be downloaded as an E-book at a price 180 rupees via flipkart.


The story revolves around Pia Grazdani, an ambitious, smart and brave student at the Columbia Medical University who aims to find a future in Organogenesis (developing organs from stem cells and introducing them back into the body) under Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rothman and his assistant Dr. Yamamato as she looks to complete her residency in Internal Medicine and finish her elective at the Lab where she'd been working for last three years with Dr Rothman on his salamonella species project. 

Parallely, there invoves a wall street clash as ex business tycoons and investors discuss the impact this stem cell based research could have on their health care policies and plans. But, unfortunately Dr Rothman and his assitant are dead cause of severe Jaudince just days before what could be a major breakthrough in regenerative medicine.


    In today's world, almost every other person owns a smart phone and there are techie companies and manufacturers who are trying to ace their product, wanting it to be a hit amongst these smart phone users. With such a big market open right at front of them, It gives companies like Asus a huge launching pad to bring about high end phones their Zenfone series which has been a big hit amonst smart phone users. Even I'm enlisted amongst those smart phone users who has been mesmerized  by Zenfone series and have also previously written about my love for Asus Zenfone.

    This time around Asus has taken a huge leap in its smart phone series and has come up with something special which is gonna draw a whole lot of eyeballs towards it. Its the sleek, trendy, ultra light, super fast Asus ZenFone 2, with a whole lot of enthralling features which is gonna be a treat for a smart phone user. Well, Its time you to find out what's so special about this ZenFone 2, as I enlist 5 reasons, which I'm sure will redefine your smart phone experience.

P.C -


The design of this phone is the first thing that's gonna have a whole lot of eye balls staring at this.This Asus ZenFone 2 comes with a luxorious brush metal finish and a perfectly placed ergometric arch with the hard keys present just at the right place to give enough comfort to the user. It also embeds a 5.5 inch Full HD IPS display with 16M pixels and has a remarkable 72% screen to body ratio.


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    I know I'm a true chocoholic. It dates back to those days when my mom joined school as a teacher and I was in my kindergarten. Everyday she would get me a few chocolates that she'd get from kids in her school who celebrated their birthday and distributed chocolates. Even otherwise if she didn't get any chocolate my grandmother used to give me enough money to buy chocolates. The same habit has continued even till date, where I wait for my mother to give me chocolates when she returns home. If I'm late I know where to find them :P

     Based on my love for chocolate, is this poem - Life of a chocoholic...

I know, I’m a chocoholic
the biggest anyone could have ever seen!
I definitely need some daily,
Else, I’d turn stubborn and figurine.

No matter what be the chocolate
Dark, caramel filled or even a candy.
As long as it is chocolate
My day would be fine and I'd remain dandy!

Finally one day, I owned a chocolate locker
keeping the best from Swiss and Belgium.
I kissed and tasted them daily
until lately, I read about its problem


Passing midst galleries of emotions,
flowing through tear filled oceans,
I see the world appear so inferno
leaving me behind like a callow,

Bewildered between my heart and mind,
Shattered are those dreams of mine,
Down shed my tears,
Unleashing those hidden fears.

On One side, I see the impostors survive,
Committing sins, then falsely shrive,
People point a thousand fingers towards you,
That's when you gotta overcome the subdue.


     There has been a whole lot of advancement in mobile technology and we have now come to a stage where the world has shrinked to the size of our palm. Everything you wish to know or want to do can be done with the power of a smart phone in your hand. With advancements in smart phone functions, and a wide range of availability is has now become easy for every one to own a smart phone based on their needs and specifications.

    Over a period of time only a few smart phone manufacturers have managed to make a name and Motorola has been a leading pioneer in smart phone with its moto series and their recent phone - the new Moto E (2nd gen) is a good choice for those who dream big without having a hole in their pocket. For me this smart phone would be a new path towards doing a whole lot of things and I would #ChooseToStart the following 5 things with my Moto E, that I'll manage easily and tension free.


     Exams finally over and I had planned to make my visit to Bangalore for a student council meeting on Sunday. I decided to stay at a hotel and not to disturb my dad's long time best friend's Gupta ji. But, when he found out that I had resided in Bangalore Cantonment and that too near his residence he forced me to visit his place once, and I had to make a visit. My train was at night, so I couldn't make dinner plans and afternoon was the meeting, so I decided to make it to their place by 10:30 am.


    Happiness is a feeling that is very special and the emotions that arouse during happy moments are really one of a kind, and gives peace to ones heart. Happiness is something that becomes an essential for one to live, for it eases pain and brings out joy. Sometimes to remain happy, its important to understand that every thing in life happens for a reason and to accept it the right way; to bring about happiness. Also, there are some things or some events that happen in a certain order that bring about happiness. These moments could be either temporary or permanent; but, when these moments do come, its time you capitalize on them and enjoy those happy moments and thank God for them.

Today on International day of Happiness, I'd wanna share 10 things that make me feel happy, (in reverse order, from #10 to #1 which gives me maximum happiness)



It is always a special moment when you create a new record. Be it in sports or in some amazing/ unique thing that you can do. whatever it might be, record cannot be just created without proper support. In this blog post I share with you an instance where I had the togetherness and support of my family and friends when I attempted to create a national record.


    I was wanting to do my graduation at one the best colleges in the London, but it wasn't easy, and also came with a price of having to stay in a flat away from the campus. Staying in a private apartment was probably the most difficult part of my graduation period. It isn't easy to move on to a different environment where you are forced to share a room with someone new. I did find it difficult to share my things with my room mates, but with time things got sorted out well, yet that degree of comfort wasn't there. We were four Indians who took up the room and used to cook our dishes in turn.


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P.C Sulaiman Sait
Faded are those letters
Written with drops of blood,
from the bottom of my heart.
Faded are those papers,
that turned yellowish brown,
ever since we been alone.
Faded are those memories,
blurred are those moments
since destiny split us apart.

I wrote to her daily,
till she halfheartedly pledged,
to finally become someone’s dear.
They say love comes
when it has to, and
that’s when the old disappears.
But, what about those letters?
Those moments I preserved all this while
will they always be here?

Dry Baby, Happy Baby

   Its always a pleasant feeling to have a baby around at home and to play with him/her, or to get involved in their simple day to day activities that they try. Initially, I didn't really like the crying sounds of babies, nor did I like to carry them, maybe cause I was not comfortable with it. Then came my pediatric ward posting, where I had no other option but to learn to adapt with it, and over time when I had my new born nephew and niece at home, I learnt to enjoy time with them.

    The other day I happened to take my two year old nephew to the park along with my cousin sister, who decided to come along with me for a walk, to have some fresh air and to take a break from her usual work in the evening. I put my nephew on the pram and was pushing it around the park. I could see my nephew have a great time looking around at people walking around. I could see him look at kids play with the ball or slowly slide down the sliding board. I stopped the pram near the slide and slowly glided him down the slide. He was surely having a great time. People from around were looking at him and were also enjoying their time. Some young couple were asking about the kid, while some were pinching his cheeks, my nephew was smiling to everyone who came and had a good time with him. Every thing seemed okay till we made him sit on the grass while my cousin sister and I decided to have some snacks; and then my nephew started crying. My cousin sister, was not sure why was he crying?. Was it the grass, or did any insect bite him, did anything poke him or what it was. She thoroughly examined his body to find nothing, except for the fact that he had wet his diaper. She also forgot to have an extra set of diaper in the car or in the pram. I decided to leave them both in the park and look for a nearby shop to get some diapers.


    For every young student entering the field of health care profession its a dream to do something large that could well define their name globally. There were many like me chasing their ambitions as they joined college. Some wanted to be a clinical expert, some wanted to be surgeons, some wanted to be specialists while some spoke about being super specialists. I did have my mind focused towards research, but was looking for that one special moment that could give me a start. In this blogpost I share with you the look up moment that gave my career a take off in research.

My Family My Pride

    This post dates back to those days when I was in my early days as a child. I was quite a slow learner back then and found it really difficult to do recollect thing that I studied. I always enjoyed playing games and loved to have a good time around with my friends back at school or back home in the apartment. It was quite a worry for my parents as my results were not indicating what they were expecting from me. Initially I didn't really understand why my parents were yelling at me most of the time. It was a sudden change when I did notice my mother going soft on me after realizing I needed special attention to study

     Dad insisted that my mom seriously looked into this issue and my mom did really give up on her job and sat along with me for long hours and made learning easy and fun. She got along with me and played games. She did manage to mix toys and studies to bring about an unmatched combination that did really help me understand and recollect things easily.

Chat Quikr, Buy Quikr

    Its not always possible to get something that you want at the best price available, or sometimes get the best price for something that you wanna sell when you constantly look at the classifieds. Sometimes it takes a whole lot of time to actually buy or sell what one wants.But, with time , we now have advancements, which gives us a comfort to have a proper conversation with the seller/buyer. Quikr Nxt is one such app available over all mobile platforms and desktop versions, where one can upload the pic of what they wanna sell and the buyer can directly contact to make a deal with if he/she is really interested in it and thus makes buying or selling easy.

      Sometimes when we upload an advertisement/ wanna buy something on Quikr it so happens that one is busy in a meeting or pre occupied with some thing else that we end up being unable to attend calls/ make calls, be it either from the seller or a buyer who is interested in a product we desperately wanna buy/sell. But with its Nxt gen update to its popular mobile app on Quikr one can chat conveniently with its buyer or seller.

LOVE HAPPENS.... Come what may - BOOK REVIEW

  I'm on a reading spree and this time again I get a chance to review a debut author - Sagar Kataria, who's come up with his first book Love Happens... come what may...

To begin the review, this 208 pages filled romantic book comes with a simple yet elegant cover that gives an impression of a couple moving over a sand of time. This book is published by Mahaveer Publishers and is available in stores at a reasonable price of 150 rupees.


The book revolves around the life of Joyvir an engineering graduate and his first love Sunaina starting back from their engineering days. For their project reasons Joyvir and Sunaina are sent to Delhi and there they admit love just to be separated soon when Sunaina doesn't return after her journey back home.
     Joyvir finds it difficult to move on as he remembers her every day,but with time he starts working in a firm and just when he takes a break from his work, he introduced to Pallavi, a childhood friend whom his family want his to be married to.
Soon those memories of his past leaves and imprint on his present as he goes through a roller coaster ride of event that he sees in his life.
Will Joyvir's tryst with his present make him explore new avenues ? How will Joyvir react to them ? What will happen when he meets his first love Sunaina ? and what about Pallavi ? Should he move ahead with life amidst these emotional bouts ? To find out read - Love Happens.... Come what may...

Bedtime Rituals

     Its not very easy to raise children up especially when they are young. Most of the mothers are usually awake the whole of the night when their children are unable to sleep. Some mothers have a series of bed time rituals which they have been following from generations to make their children sleep with ease. In this blog post I'll be sharing a few bed time rituals my mom advises that can be followed to let your children have a night of comfortable sleep. Most of these rituals are fun and within not time the baby is into a night of peaceful sleep.
P.C - pampers baby-dry pants

1. Rock a bye baby:
      Do you remember that nursery rhyme ?
"Rock a bye baby, on a tree top,
When the wind blows the cradle will rock"

Rocking your baby to sleep is one of the easiest ways to put your baby to sleep. Either by holding the baby either close to the chest or having the baby laid on a cradle wrapped in warm clothes and rocking them makes them fall asleep soon. For a baby less than a year it's always good to have them close to the chest while rocking them to sleep.

Befikar Umar Bhar

"Every Man dies, But not every man lives -William Ross"

Life isn't easy for anyone, as there are challenges at every point. From cradle to grave, every day is a challenges to face which pretty much sums up a whole life time to settle down. It usually takes this life time to make a name for oneself. By the time one finds peace in having completed everything and decides to enjoy a retired life, he/she is down with some illness or some issues that do not let them relax... Agar koi chain se jiyega to kab ? (If some one has to live with peace when will it be ?) . Its time to forget everything behind and live Befikar Umar Bhar with IDBI Federal Life Insurance so that one can achieve their pending goals and unfulfilled wishes. Also in this blogpost I'm gonna share those five things I would wanna do that feature in my bucket list and I would love to do all of them if I could live Befikar Umar Bhar

A Techie's Valentine

     Its really difficult to find a techie guy to sit simply without challenging his love for the gadgets that he carries around him... For quite some time now I've had my eyes on Asus Zen Phone series and wanted to have an hands on experience on it.

     I've been speaking to my lady love on  my obsession for gadgets and she seemed to take it lightly as she was more interested on our first day on the 14th of February marking 3 months since she accepted my love for her. I let her chose the restaurant of her choice and she chose a 5 star restaurant with unlimited buffet at 3,000 per head. She asked me to be there by sharp 7pm and wanted me to dress casuals for a change as she was bugged up seeing me in my formals.

    I got my rose bouquet and entered the Hotel just to find a small gadget store at the ground floor. I called my lady love, my chammak challo to know her status. She was stuck up at the traffic and would take her an hour to reach here. I quickly strolled into the gadget store to get my hands on experience at some of the recent gadgets in hand so that I could at least write a couple of review for my blog.

    The first thing that caught my sight was Asus Zenfone. I could see Asus Zenfone 4 , Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 stacked in order and a small crowd around it. I decided to go there first and see what it could be. Though there were display pieces kept in a case and not to be touched by public, I happened to introduce myself as a techie blogger and got a chance to get my hands on experience on it.
Source: Flipkart           

A Bad dream....

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 51; the fifty-first edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with Red Ink Publishers and "Curse Of The Red Soil" by Durgesh Shastri. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.
source: Chennai express (movie)
After a winter's gestation in its egg shell of ice,
Our Valley welcomed the season of rice.
Opening my eyes to the unpolarized morning light,
Braving the reflections around so bright.
I woke up to the news of my marriage being fix,
On March the six.
I rushed out, without washing my face
Nor tying my shoe lace.
I was on my way to meet my fiance'
Who was a little less beautiful than Beyonce'

She was fancy, What to say..?
I was allowed to meet her in person ,
All I decided was to praise her and mention.
My body was freezing like ice,
I started praising her from her eyes.
Since I was not in my regular form,
Asked her to select an eye to start from.
She replied - both eyes are the same,
You feel so , not me , oh you insane.
She was beautiful, though she had squints,
She was heavy and to be measured in pints.


From the author of 'I am Heartless' - Vinit. K. Bansal, here is yet another piece of romantic literature, a story that revolves around to find the true meaning of love. SOULMATES: LOVE WITHOUT OWNERSHIP.

To begin the review, this 244 page thriller comes with a very attractive cover of a couple, published by Red Ink publishers available at a reasonable price of 175 rupees.


    The story begins with a prologue, where a journalist interviews a prisoner in jail - Neel and is keen to know his story. Once the plot progresses it revolves around the life of Neel, a middle class boy from town who visits the city for his under graduation. The moment he enters college, he saves the life of Ranadeep, a very popular figure and the only son of a top politician. His life changes after that as Ranadeep and him become good friends. He soon meets the love of his life- Aditi, who's a town girl as well and a soon flowes of romance bloom between them. Then comes Ria, the prettiest girl in the college, and Ranadeep loses his mind and decides to propose Ria just to be slapped by her in front of everyone. Neel decides to help Randeep and befriends Ria, and soon Ria falls for Neel despite him confessing his love for Aditi. When Aditi is out of town, Ria is found dead leaving behind a suicide note mentioning "Neel had cheated upon him". Neel is put behind bars, will he be able to convince his innocence to Aditi and Randeep, Will Randeep be able to forgive Neel for taking away his obsession - Ria ? Find out what happens when love is asked to pay a price...


     Its always considered to be a luxury when you have a car parked at your back yard, but for most people of this country who dream to own a car, its usually possible for them to afford a mid budget car that isn't too heavy on their pocket, and on the same side satisfies all their needs from long rides to congested traffic, from speed- power and pick up to economy. There are only a few cars that fit into this budget.

     The week before I was invited to visit the BOLT ARENA, where TATA's new car BOLT was shown and exclusive bloggers from major cities happened to get a chance to have a BOLT experience, and I got my mail to heck out the new bolt when  it was at my city.

     Initially I did travel quite some time to reach the BOLT arena,but once there I was taken through the features and specs of the car by the cicerone there. Here below in this blog post I quote some key features of Tata Bolt which makes me wanna grab its steering wheel and drive through the city.

Chennai Traditional or Modern ?

I am participating in the Tablog organized by Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC), where many bloggers cometogether and write on a topic. The Topic this time is "Chennai - a blend of Tradition and mordern".

    Its very well known to everyone that Chennai is amongst the top metro cities in this country and its population is booming at a quick pace. We see people come from different cultures and settle down here in Chennai cause of a various reasons. But, over a period of time as the city grows we see a lot of changes becoming a part of our life. We would love to stay with those old practices that we follow, but with time we adapt. In this blogpost, I'll share with you some modern changes and traditional changes that define our city

1. Filter coffee vs Starbucks/ cafe'

  Gone are those days I used to wake up to the smell of filter coffee my neighbor brewed. I would love to wake up to the smell again, but lost amidst busy schedule of life is the taste for coffee as well, with instant coffee and other alternatives we prefer going for them. Yes, there are many who still wake up to prepare coffee decoction, there are many tea stalls that server filter coffee, but only a few people seem to like this.

My interview with PK and his take on blogging

This post dates to time when PK was last here in New Delhi, he was in love with Jaggu. Jaggu was my friend and had introduced me to PK. So, when I met PK he mentioned the fact that he was an alien, and was desperate to speak about his love to Jaggu and to get back his remote 'रीमोटवा' from Tapasvi Maharaj. I decided to write a poem for him in return for an interview with  me for my podcast and my blog, and he agreed to it...

But, when Jaggu came to know that I had interviewed him knowing the fact that he was an alien, she didn't want me to post this. Now that she is happy with Sarfaraz, I managed to plead her to post this blogpost... I hope you people will enjoy reading this...

Amid the interview, I happened to learn a lot from him, who did a wonderful research on blogging. Though I couldn't make the podcast, here goes my interview. Though he could understand my questions in English by holding my hand and reading my mind, he wasn't confident to answer in English, so he replied back in Bhojpuri, which I have translated here...

Me: Firstly PK ji, thank you for coming up to me and asking me to write a poem, I would be glad to write one for you..
PK: Dhanku Dhanku (Thank you , thank you)

Me: So PK ji, how did you come to know about blogs and blogging ?
PK: एक  रात को हम ससुरा अपन के गोले के बारे में गूगल करना चाहत था, तभी कुछ वेबसाइट मिला , लेकिन उसमे लोग फिरकी ले रहा थे  -अपन के गोले के बारे में- हाँ।  तभी अपन ने खुद का वेबसाइट बनाने का प्लानिंग किया।  लेकिन ससुरा वेबसाइट बनाने नहीं आवत हमे. तभी अपन ने जग्गू से आईडिया माँगा और उसने तुम्हारे को रेफेर किया। तुम्हे मिलत से पहले अपन ने ब्लॉगिंग पर रिसर्च किया और यहाँ आवत हैं.
(One night I was wanting to google what people on this earth feel about other planets where life could exist. When I read the reviews on some website, they had made an utter joke on existence of life on other planets. I wanted to tell the world the truth and wanted to create my website. Since,I was short of any ideas to create a website, I asked jaggu, who introduced me to you. So before visiting you I decided to do my research on website, blogs and everything.)

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