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When I wake up,everything's new,
Starting with a mug of coffee,
Inhaling its brew.
wondering how my day would be.
Suddenly, time passes by,
no time to say good bye,
Having to leave home in a hurry.
Many tensions, Lot to worry.

Late to college, please excuse me
oh! not again..
Having to being dumb when staff grouch on me.
for those words earned me no gain.
Am I lazy..?
Am I unhealthy..?
Why am I lone and sick...?
Beginning to get hurt, starting to sink

fight against corruption...!

From pavements, to parliament,
From officers to government,
All have dirtied their hands in this,
Without any hiss,
Doing their jobs like in bliss,
And saving accounts in swiss

When I see corruption,
I reach a state of hypertension,
Where I wonder about political scams,
Huge sum of cash as bribe, caught on cams.
For corruption has made Indian politics shit,
With corrupt people like hogs in it.

Many have tried to kill corruption,
But, their efforts have gone rotten.
Curse for the ill-fated poor,
who are affected to the core.
Cause corruption is powerful..
Speaking about it now is really worthful

-->Sulaiman Sait

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