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"If you don't know which novel to decide, and want a master story full of twists, you can always pick up a Sidney Sheldon book "

     I happened to purchase this book from a leading book store a couple of days in advance before I had to move to and fro from Chennai city to Chengalpattu to attend a research conference, which happened a month back. Unfortunately I failed to complete the book, cause of my travelling tiredness and I happened to start and complete the whole book today.

    Before I start with the story line and my take on the book, let me tell a couple of things " This is not for the faint hearted " and yes " Its really addictive" you might never wanna keep this book down once you start it....


    The story revolves around a gorgeous, workaholic and brainy techie named Ashley Patterson, who works at a leading firm at the silicon valley, Toni Prescott, who loves to sing, party and enjoy, and Alette Peters - who loves artwork and has inborn talent of painting .Ashley fears she's been stalked by someone and fears that her life could be in danger. Her father, Dr. Steven Patterson, a famous cardiac surgeon always warns her about men and relationships and was the reason for her teen age breakup as well, which saw them move out of London, just after her graduation. Her father also warned her about Dennis Tibble, her co-worker, who always flirted with her, soon he was brutally murdered and Ashley comes into suspect. Alette goes to Rome where she meets an artist whom she had previously known, but later after Alette leaves him, he is found to be murdered. On the other side Toni visits Quebec city and meets Jean claude, whome she knew via an online chat room and he gifts her an Emerald ring, asks her to accompany her for lunch and asks her to join her, which she rejects.


     Surrogacy refers to having another woman for a couple who can't have a child. Its something like ducks lay, but don't hatch, rather depend on hens, who hatch it for them. History dates back to 1870's when surrogacy was practiced in China. Whats funny to see is the fact that the Chinese first started surrogacy and later in 2009 put a ban on Surrogacy. There have been many controversies around surrogacy - firstly, the ethical issue for a woman to raise someone else's child, then comes religious issues, while other controversies include fetus complications, which might need abortion- and the surrogate mother might oppose the abortion.. But now it has become more or less like a trade, where couple hire a woman to bear a child for them, and pay her handful to shut her mouth for lifetime . Recently some celebrities have been dragged into controversies for adopting surrogacy, for their wives didn't wanna spend time for their gestation. Only a few countries in the world like India, US, Georgia, Ukraine and Thailand- where a woman can be legally paid to carry another's child. Here, I take an opportunity to write a fictional poem based on the life story of a woman who takes up the responsibilities of surrogacy from a coupld who escape pregnancy cause of a busy schedule  ...

After prolongation of her first gestation,
and battling her eclampsia complication,
she delivered a celestial present,
in the form of a beautiful infant.
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