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THE PERFECT MATCH. Oye Lucky Lucky me. .

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Early evening, relaxing on my couch,
against the wall I slouch.
Picked up my laptop, switched it on,
a feeling like my fatigue all gone.
Logged into a social networking site,
for my daily dose of news and limelight.
Gulping a sip of white wine,
I scrolled down the time line.
Suddenly pops out a friend request,
with DP of a girl dressed in her best.
My mind was frozen,
leaving me in a state of confusion.
Fingers around the touchpad crept,
until I realized to have clicked accept.

Looking at her snaps, uploaded,
her beauty had got my eyed blotted.
her profile name read Jenifer,
with her distinct eyes colored amber.
Suddenly a chat message pops "Hi"
my hands shuddered as I typed her a reply.
Soon, adapted chatting with her,
surpassing the time for my dinner.
I chatted all night and all day,
like two lost souls, trying to find a way.
She seemed open and honest about every little thing,
resembling an angel, without halo or a wing.


Football has been my passion from my teen age now, it was my dream to represent my country for the Olympics, had come true. It had been a couple of weeks since we players had returned back from our winter holidays and I was fortunate enough to be given the captain’s arm band , a huge responsibility of leading the team. All the players have been working on their fitness as the Olympics was round the corner, but the biggest worries were about the team sponsors and upcoming elections – where the new team manager was to be elected.

There has been media following us all through the day wanting to know what’s been cooking inside the management committee and why has there been a delay in finalizing the name of the final 20 players who would be making their way to the Olympics. But before all that, it was important to select a team manager.

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