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Chat Quikr, Buy Quikr

    Its not always possible to get something that you want at the best price available, or sometimes get the best price for something that you wanna sell when you constantly look at the classifieds. Sometimes it takes a whole lot of time to actually buy or sell what one wants.But, with time , we now have advancements, which gives us a comfort to have a proper conversation with the seller/buyer. Quikr Nxt is one such app available over all mobile platforms and desktop versions, where one can upload the pic of what they wanna sell and the buyer can directly contact to make a deal with if he/she is really interested in it and thus makes buying or selling easy.

      Sometimes when we upload an advertisement/ wanna buy something on Quikr it so happens that one is busy in a meeting or pre occupied with some thing else that we end up being unable to attend calls/ make calls, be it either from the seller or a buyer who is interested in a product we desperately wanna buy/sell. But with its Nxt gen update to its popular mobile app on Quikr one can chat conveniently with its buyer or seller.

LOVE HAPPENS.... Come what may - BOOK REVIEW

  I'm on a reading spree and this time again I get a chance to review a debut author - Sagar Kataria, who's come up with his first book Love Happens... come what may...

To begin the review, this 208 pages filled romantic book comes with a simple yet elegant cover that gives an impression of a couple moving over a sand of time. This book is published by Mahaveer Publishers and is available in stores at a reasonable price of 150 rupees.


The book revolves around the life of Joyvir an engineering graduate and his first love Sunaina starting back from their engineering days. For their project reasons Joyvir and Sunaina are sent to Delhi and there they admit love just to be separated soon when Sunaina doesn't return after her journey back home.
     Joyvir finds it difficult to move on as he remembers her every day,but with time he starts working in a firm and just when he takes a break from his work, he introduced to Pallavi, a childhood friend whom his family want his to be married to.
Soon those memories of his past leaves and imprint on his present as he goes through a roller coaster ride of event that he sees in his life.
Will Joyvir's tryst with his present make him explore new avenues ? How will Joyvir react to them ? What will happen when he meets his first love Sunaina ? and what about Pallavi ? Should he move ahead with life amidst these emotional bouts ? To find out read - Love Happens.... Come what may...

Bedtime Rituals

     Its not very easy to raise children up especially when they are young. Most of the mothers are usually awake the whole of the night when their children are unable to sleep. Some mothers have a series of bed time rituals which they have been following from generations to make their children sleep with ease. In this blog post I'll be sharing a few bed time rituals my mom advises that can be followed to let your children have a night of comfortable sleep. Most of these rituals are fun and within not time the baby is into a night of peaceful sleep.
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1. Rock a bye baby:
      Do you remember that nursery rhyme ?
"Rock a bye baby, on a tree top,
When the wind blows the cradle will rock"

Rocking your baby to sleep is one of the easiest ways to put your baby to sleep. Either by holding the baby either close to the chest or having the baby laid on a cradle wrapped in warm clothes and rocking them makes them fall asleep soon. For a baby less than a year it's always good to have them close to the chest while rocking them to sleep.

Befikar Umar Bhar

"Every Man dies, But not every man lives -William Ross"

Life isn't easy for anyone, as there are challenges at every point. From cradle to grave, every day is a challenges to face which pretty much sums up a whole life time to settle down. It usually takes this life time to make a name for oneself. By the time one finds peace in having completed everything and decides to enjoy a retired life, he/she is down with some illness or some issues that do not let them relax... Agar koi chain se jiyega to kab ? (If some one has to live with peace when will it be ?) . Its time to forget everything behind and live Befikar Umar Bhar with IDBI Federal Life Insurance so that one can achieve their pending goals and unfulfilled wishes. Also in this blogpost I'm gonna share those five things I would wanna do that feature in my bucket list and I would love to do all of them if I could live Befikar Umar Bhar

A Techie's Valentine

     Its really difficult to find a techie guy to sit simply without challenging his love for the gadgets that he carries around him... For quite some time now I've had my eyes on Asus Zen Phone series and wanted to have an hands on experience on it.

     I've been speaking to my lady love on  my obsession for gadgets and she seemed to take it lightly as she was more interested on our first day on the 14th of February marking 3 months since she accepted my love for her. I let her chose the restaurant of her choice and she chose a 5 star restaurant with unlimited buffet at 3,000 per head. She asked me to be there by sharp 7pm and wanted me to dress casuals for a change as she was bugged up seeing me in my formals.

    I got my rose bouquet and entered the Hotel just to find a small gadget store at the ground floor. I called my lady love, my chammak challo to know her status. She was stuck up at the traffic and would take her an hour to reach here. I quickly strolled into the gadget store to get my hands on experience at some of the recent gadgets in hand so that I could at least write a couple of review for my blog.

    The first thing that caught my sight was Asus Zenfone. I could see Asus Zenfone 4 , Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 stacked in order and a small crowd around it. I decided to go there first and see what it could be. Though there were display pieces kept in a case and not to be touched by public, I happened to introduce myself as a techie blogger and got a chance to get my hands on experience on it.
Source: Flipkart           

A Bad dream....

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 51; the fifty-first edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with Red Ink Publishers and "Curse Of The Red Soil" by Durgesh Shastri. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.
source: Chennai express (movie)
After a winter's gestation in its egg shell of ice,
Our Valley welcomed the season of rice.
Opening my eyes to the unpolarized morning light,
Braving the reflections around so bright.
I woke up to the news of my marriage being fix,
On March the six.
I rushed out, without washing my face
Nor tying my shoe lace.
I was on my way to meet my fiance'
Who was a little less beautiful than Beyonce'

She was fancy, What to say..?
I was allowed to meet her in person ,
All I decided was to praise her and mention.
My body was freezing like ice,
I started praising her from her eyes.
Since I was not in my regular form,
Asked her to select an eye to start from.
She replied - both eyes are the same,
You feel so , not me , oh you insane.
She was beautiful, though she had squints,
She was heavy and to be measured in pints.


From the author of 'I am Heartless' - Vinit. K. Bansal, here is yet another piece of romantic literature, a story that revolves around to find the true meaning of love. SOULMATES: LOVE WITHOUT OWNERSHIP.

To begin the review, this 244 page thriller comes with a very attractive cover of a couple, published by Red Ink publishers available at a reasonable price of 175 rupees.


    The story begins with a prologue, where a journalist interviews a prisoner in jail - Neel and is keen to know his story. Once the plot progresses it revolves around the life of Neel, a middle class boy from town who visits the city for his under graduation. The moment he enters college, he saves the life of Ranadeep, a very popular figure and the only son of a top politician. His life changes after that as Ranadeep and him become good friends. He soon meets the love of his life- Aditi, who's a town girl as well and a soon flowes of romance bloom between them. Then comes Ria, the prettiest girl in the college, and Ranadeep loses his mind and decides to propose Ria just to be slapped by her in front of everyone. Neel decides to help Randeep and befriends Ria, and soon Ria falls for Neel despite him confessing his love for Aditi. When Aditi is out of town, Ria is found dead leaving behind a suicide note mentioning "Neel had cheated upon him". Neel is put behind bars, will he be able to convince his innocence to Aditi and Randeep, Will Randeep be able to forgive Neel for taking away his obsession - Ria ? Find out what happens when love is asked to pay a price...

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