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A  few years back I had a chance to visit a hospital cum rehab center where people with AIDS were there...!
The poem the I have written below is based on my experience I had over there...

All those eyes I saw were filled with hunger for love,
After they had received nature's most shocking shove.
They knew it was too late to cry
With minds set, eveready to say goodbye.
For many I could remember to have seen, remaind artless.
While the rest were emotionless.
This center to them was like a prison cell,
Living life there was like hell.

I could barely walk between them, with the feelings of empathy,
Realizing how one mistake can turn to be costly.
Without any hesitation I gave them their most needed drug,
A comfortable and a warm hug.
I realized to find their skin and dress so clammy,
Cause they were helpless, also caretakers needed more money.
Soon my friends came with some special lunch,
For everyone there it was their brunch.


Stalking around the station platform,
Stress and confusion logging me off from my state of norm.
My head was paining too much,
Also it was nearing lunch
On, right was a coffee shop,
Made a long stride, reached there in a hop.
Soon, exchanged some coins for a cup of coffee,
Also did I collect the offered biscuits for free.
On side was an empty seat,
I sat on it, to find it hot cause of the mid-day-heat.
With the first sip of the drink, I burnt my tongue,
Out I expelled a warm breath from my lung.
Up comes the steam to cover my spectacle,
Within no time. it clears like a miracle.
And right through its glass I see a girl
With her hair brown, long, and fringe so curl.
Her face was a true sculpturers masterpiece
As beautiful as a Goddess from Greece
She was quite skinny, but bright,
With all her assets perfectly alright.
Though, She passed by, her images were in my mind
I was again seeing those images in rewind.
My coffee was over, soon came the train,
Popped inside before the rain goddess would show her pain.

I struggled a lot to find a seat,
Upon sitting, it screeching from beneath.
She now enters my compartment, finds a seat besides me,
I pinched my self to believe if it was she.
Plugging in my earphone,
I notice her reading a book alone.
Quarter past the clock, her book falls on my feet,
With all pages starting to discrete.
I take this opportunity to help her collect her pages,
Which were like single threads from laces.
My condition was as hot as peppery,
By helping her, I tried to do her heart robbery.
I struck the red iron by talking about her books,
Also in between I was praising her looks.
Soon our proximity reduced,
I reached a state where I was completely being deduced.
But for now she had to make a move,
So did I have to do.
She gets down with her tall feet, walks ahead
Without her besides me, at the moment I was living dead.
I carried my small face all the way home,
My pain began to branch, like stinging tentacles of a sea anemone
She was now adhered to my thoughts,
Cause she was a line, and Im only a set of dots.

Two Minutes

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Just two minutes ago,
Which seems like long ago.
I was with my dream girl,
Since she's left, feels like a fairy-tale gone hurl.

Just two minutes ago, she looked into my eyes
Saw her bow down, filled with shies.
I was now staring at her for a while
untill I was disturbed by a call on my mobile

Just two minutes ago I was with her
Couldnt believe I was  really there with her.?
It looked like a dream come true,
Staring at her I ended up looking like a statue.

Just two minutes ago, she held my hand,
I was dreaming of running away with her to Oakland.
I felt her tender fingers touch mine,
Expecting out future would redefine.

Just two minutes ago, our hands split, and a truck hit her,
Soon there is a pool of blood around her.
A sound of goodbye came out of her heart,
The pain of losing her is now poking me like dart.

--> Sulaiman Sait

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When I wake up,everything's new,
Starting with a mug of coffee,
Inhaling its brew.
wondering how my day would be.
Suddenly, time passes by,
no time to say good bye,
Having to leave home in a hurry.
Many tensions, Lot to worry.

Late to college, please excuse me
oh! not again..
Having to being dumb when staff grouch on me.
for those words earned me no gain.
Am I lazy..?
Am I unhealthy..?
Why am I lone and sick...?
Beginning to get hurt, starting to sink

fight against corruption...!

From pavements, to parliament,
From officers to government,
All have dirtied their hands in this,
Without any hiss,
Doing their jobs like in bliss,
And saving accounts in swiss

When I see corruption,
I reach a state of hypertension,
Where I wonder about political scams,
Huge sum of cash as bribe, caught on cams.
For corruption has made Indian politics shit,
With corrupt people like hogs in it.

Many have tried to kill corruption,
But, their efforts have gone rotten.
Curse for the ill-fated poor,
who are affected to the core.
Cause corruption is powerful..
Speaking about it now is really worthful

-->Sulaiman Sait


I feel for the mother,who bares the labor pain,yet excited,
Her happiness, she spreads, out sprouted.
But, when she tells the daddy,
The Brutus, the baddy, remained angry.
For this news made him hate his wedlock,
Raising the coming girl, to him- worst than a firelock.
He didn't want a baby girl, wanted the fetus to die
Mommy was tensed, left lone, began to cry.


Streaking at the sunset boulevard near the ocean,
I caught a glimpse of her moving ahead of me in slow motion.
Lost in her magical spell,
My heart started ringing like a bell.
I moved towards her real slow,
Spoke to her with my voice so low.
It was difficult to propose her with ease,
For she was hi-fi and roamed in Ferrari's.
With poetic words, said her my feelings,
Proposed to her kneeling.
I stood up amid the rain drizzle, seeing face shine,
Soon I slided her in my arms to say"your mine"
The rain picks up its speed,
With every drop pelting like silver bead.
I saw her romantic smile with a bliss
Our lips slowly met, amid the rain we kiss.
Soon the rain made us wet, from head to toe,
Lost in our kiss, forgetting about the beautifully seen rainbow.


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   Amid the tensions and pressure I was facing with my studies, I found a way out to hang around my area, to make a better evening for my self. Here is what all makes my area so special

     Anna Nagar is an area which has recently developed in the last  four decades and this is where I live from the time I'm born.  Annanagar has said to get its name from the Tamil leader Annadurai, whose statue is seen at various parts of the area. Ever since its development, it has today become the largest residential and commercial area- having 7major avenues and blocks from A-Z, and two parts East and west. It is also said to be the first of a kind in chennai to have streets make like a matrix, similar to the one's seen in the western world.  There are many famous people who stay here. AnnaNagar is mainly known for the posh people and their posh lifestyle here.

    There are many attractions here beginning from the very famous AnnaNagar Tower which is some 138 feet tall, built by B.S. Abdur Rahman. The AnnaNagar tower was opened on 21st january 1968 for the world trade fair, by Sardar Ujjal Singh under the presidentship of C.N Annadurai.
The government authorities have maintained the park well including the proper functioning of the water fountains and the clean jogging tracks.  It is totally a mind calming place to visit in the evenings. Previously by paying a nominal fees one was allowed to climb to the top of the tower, but with the number of increasing cases of suicides and other security threats it has been closed(see pics)

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 There is a round turn over present at Annanagar, which was made during the World Trade fare, but due to the Tamizh(Tamil) slang it became Round tanna

annanagar roundtanna

The other famous locations around Roundtanna is the very famous Annanagar mosque(masjid) - Javid Masjid- This Masjid is said to have been evolved from a small hut to what it is today in the process of the last 3 decades. It has a 110 feet tall Minaret(see pic below) which was completed recently (a few years ago) to make it one of the largest in the city, the masjid is present in a small locality called as the 14 shop(cause of the 14 shops present there in a semi circle shape, still present there from the last 3 decades). Opposite to the 14 shops is a Supermarket(one of the first in the area) which has brought a lot name to Annnagar being there from the las 23 years- the YESESI Supermarket.


Sitting lone in my class of arthrology,
amid the tensions of pharmacology.
Assignments queuing up like an endophyte,
followed by dreams of fright.
Suddenly, door opens wide,
rays of light so bright.
In peeped, a sharp face with a sharp nose,
beautifully dressed like a pink rose.
I stood up to see,
how beautiful she could be.
Bang! she closed the door,
leaving the books to fall on the floor.
I sat down recollecting those mind images of her,
till my class was over.
Later, I saw her in the library,
sitting with a hint of worry.
I occupied the seat in front of her,
just to begin admiring her.
Her face was a lot fairer,
her eyes were burried in a journal paper.
My eyes were stuck to her
but, she didn't bother
I began dreaming of us both together,
thinking of a relationship bond forever


Peeping in was the month of may,
A day betwixt Saturday and Monday.
Not waking up from my doze,
Going deaf to my alarm snooze.
Now, the sun at its maximum height
Reflections from around so bright
Soon, I woke up to find my body wet,
Unpredictable power cuts, drenched with sweat.
But, Still lying on my bed,
Missing my morning bread.
Soon, I made a move- to go brush,
Oops! no water to gargle or flush!!
The sun sucks the drains dry,
Letting a worst stink than the garbage nearby.
I was waiting for time to hail
Waiting for power, biting my nail
Feeling the mid day heat,
Tiredness now in my heart beat.
Getting through this summer,
Was like a soldier on a border,
If the bullets couldn't kill,
The menace and heat will...!

-sulaiman sait


All that I did was looked into her venomous eyes
Forgetting my previous woes and cries!
The next moment she let out a lustrous smile,
As if we were supposed to travel together for another mile.
She was beautifully dressed in her new in fashion dress,
Her hair not oiled but tied without any mess,
Her face was a professional masterpiece,
Which my mind could never release.
Those couple of fringes downs her template,
Made her look more beautiful, she was great. 
She is now residing in my heart
Straight on the target like a dart!
Without her I would remain sad,
At times would even go mad.
she was like a flower,
And I, living on her nectar.
She was the reason,
For her I would live every season,
I wanted to take over her like a clever thief
Without the shaking of a single leaf.
There was no corner where my love for her couldn't fill,
Her wonderful devotion in me made me still.
When I hear love, I think only about her,
She’s my world, my future.
To meet her, I had to cross the street,
but for a wonder I couldn't move my feet.
My condition was helpless,
Her beauty was priceless.
My blood started to rush,
I had developed a crush.

It was love at first sight,
Am I right..?


Every day on my way to college, on the road side,
I pass by an woman,
It looks as if she is there to hide,
Without any reason.
She is old and has a wrinkled face,
In her hands grabbing a cut necklace.
She looked hungry and needy of food,
She was sitting with her saree covering her head like a hood.
Always seeing her food bowl dry,
It sheds water out of my eyes, I cry.
At times she sits there in the Cold,
Shivering and her body not coordinating to her being old.
She was uncomfortable with her hunchback,
Collecting the money offered to her in a patched bag.
Every morning I offer her a cup of tea,
Which she accepts boldly.
I show her love and expect back nothing,
cause all I want was her blessing.


I remember the beginning,when I was wet clay,
primary school did the molding.
I still cant forget those immortal memories of school
Where everything was serious, no playing fool.

I remember how school made me grow up with time,
For those moral lessons needed for lifetime.
I still cant forget those lunch boxes stuffed with bun, butter and jam.
Those serious and nervous moment, never like exam.

I remember, me and my friend with a hunch,
our talking, jesting and laughing moments during lunch.
I still cant forget our talks about muscles, six packs were common,
For, we were gonna be the future men.

I remember those celebrity posters and movie's discussion,
Staying away from politics or recession.
I still cant forget those pok-e-mon cards, nor the canteen- our place to fest,
Where we enjoyed the best.

I remember the last page game bingo,
Playing pen-fight with other pens to borrow.
I still cant forget making our own fake story,
And others believing-Oh really..?

I remember the end of this now,
seeing the auditorium curtains fall from above.
I still cant forget those best moments of life.
Missing those unforgettable days school life.

-Sulaiman Sait

     I wrote this poem after my visit to school after a long time.  The moment I entered the campus there was an immediate flashback running in front of me, where I remembered my kindergarten days, when dad used to hold my hands and walk all the way inside to drop me. I was really tiny then, when compared to the senior students. Cant forget my primary classes, where I made my friends.   The High school studies and new buddies, The Senior Secondary school cultural's, sports, and backbench noises we made, those hide and seek games with teachers we played. First crush, time wasting blush, mimicing teachers, looking at wandering creatures.... there are pages and pages to pen down, which would take ages to finish, hence I blogged this here, cause I really miss my school life, but here are some pics of my school and how I enjoyed being back to school

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   We all know that there is no life without blood in our body and blood is the main carrier of oxygen to various parts of the body, in short blood means life. Every second, somewhere or the other there is a need of blood.  It is most commonly needed during surgeries.
     At times there are circumstances where the compatible blood group might not be found cause of its rarity, hence there are blood banks which function almost 24x7 and provide the required blood group.  But, have we ever thought about what if blood at the blood bank is over or the particular blood group isn't available ..?
      I personally feel its is our righteous duty that we donate blood. A person who donates blood is called as blood donor and there are some criteria's that have to be followed to get blood from the donor.  Blood donation is generally a voluntarily done process with the interest of the donor.  One cannot be forced to donate blood.


     Its 100 percent safe to donate blood, but the donor has to see to that fresh or sterilized needles are used every time he/she donates blood


     The blood that is donated is generally mixed with an anti coagulant and is kept at blood banks where they are preserved till there is a need for it.  When the blood is to be given to the recipient the anticoagulant is generally separated, checked again and sent to the required recipient.

There are some criteria's that are seen for a donor to donate blood:-
-> The donor should be above the age of 18
-> The donor should not have weakness in the body
-> The donor should have a weight more than 50kgs
-> The donor should have his haemoglobin levels greater than 12.5g/dL
-> The donor should not be infected with HIV nor Hepatitis B
-> The donor should not have any infectious diseases
-> The donor should have last donated blood at least 60 days back
-> The donor should not be anemic.
-> The donor should not have consumed alcohol in the last 24 hrs
-> The donor should not be on any drug therapy
-> The donor should not have got any body piercing or tattoo done in the last 1yr
-> The donor shouldn't have undergone any dental procedures in the last 3 months


     There will be no weakness once you have donated blood. There are some organs such as spleen(which stores about 350-400ml of blood for emergencies) and other lymphoid tissues which join together for blood regeneration and hence no sort of weakness can be felt, but some feel giddiness, which might be due to weakness in the body(note: blood donation doesn't give weakness)


     As usual, after a dull performance in my physiology exam, I was returning back home, I generally make up on time to take the 1:50pm noon train to home cause its roughly empty all the time. I was having my white coat in my hand along a novel as I always do read to kill the journey time, with this I got into the first class compartment. It was looking empty, so it became easy enough for me to leap on to a window seat. The train started and a young couple entered in running, they got in with a hush and were giggling aloud. I didn't bother to give them a second look. I was busy with my novel.
     Time went by and the couple settled down behind me and their sounds were down, I couldn't even hear a whisker from them. With some doubt I turned back and saw them both kissing. I didn't bother to disturb them and was again busy reading my book. Soon their sound's of romancing became loud then louder. I again turned back and saw them enjoying. I was blank. Immediately i pulled out my music player and plugged the earphones into my ears and was busy with songs at a lower volume. This music was now diverting my concentration away from the book. soon the next station came and a healthy public got in.

The Girl in my dream....

It all began with love at first sight,
She was the girl who came in my dream every night.
Now she was right in front of me,
I was astonished on what I could see.
I was staring at her sharp face,
I adored her beauty with a grace.
So divine was her presence,
Such enchanting was her fragrance.
I could see her hair as smooth as a waterfall,
better looking than a Barbie doll.
I was still wondering at her,
Till a mosquito bit my ear.
I pinched my self to believe if she was around,
Glittering with happiness I went round and round.
Soon I had come to realize,
Thanked God looking up at the skies.
I wanted to be her man,
I promise to love her as much as I can.

oh my juliet

Oh my Juliet,
Let me start from the first time we met.
Alone on a deserted road on a long night,
When it was pitch dark and no birds took flight.
I still remember the drop to your house so far,
On my old cranky motor.

Oh my Juliet,
Your awfully tuned voice like a guitar fret.
They way your voice whistles across like a swan,
mesmerisingly fresh even at dawn.
The rhythm your anklets make,
would make my sleep awake.

Oh my Juliet,
I still cant forget.
The way i returned back the second time to you in fear,
To make you my dear.
courage, that was my need,
carrying the long untold love was heavy indeed.

My inspiration to take up medicine as a profession (my real life story)

   I still remember being in ninth class when, a newly built houses down the lane was made into a clinic.  At that time I really hated doctors especially for their painful injections that they give and also those unpalatable medicines… But there was something different in this clinic; this doctor who came was an Army Major. His name was Major. Dr. Anand. He was an orthopedic surgeon. But also a general medicine practitioner
     The first week after the inauguration of the clinic, I was unawfully unwell, and had to make a visit, I still remember that people who were in army generally had those ‘virappan’ type mustaches. I was thinking how this major would be….

     It was now our turn to go inside, since it was a small clinic only two people were allowed to go inside, I still have those frames of glimpses and the welcoming smile that glittered on his face, to welcome us inside, I was along with dad. He was really patient and screened me slowly asking me in a low pitch of voice which was sort of very low that the doc’s voice was masked by the sound of the honks and sounds from outside. He diagnosed and prescribed the medicines and asked dad to get those from the pharmacist and explained the dose.
     As usual being a furious kid, I still remember the question that I asked him-“your board outside mentions that you are a major, then you are supposed to be in the army and how come you are here….?” My dad had a stern look on his face, about what I have asked him….! The doc left out a smile and said “yes I’m from the army, and have also fought the Kargil war, we were on our way to capture the Tiger hills where by I was shot three bullets on my right thigh (as he was saying he pulled up his pant and showed the marks of the bullets) and was brought to ground, the battalion coming back had seen me injured and took me back to the camp”. I was feeling my arrector pili making the hairs on my skin stand up and I was feeling those Goosebumps on me….!

     The following month just before my final exams I fell down from my cycle and had bruised myself on my left arm. Then I was immediately rushed to the major and felt the healing touch on to it…! There is still a scar of the cycle accident.



     I was on my way towards home after a really hectic schedule at college and was on with my music as usual.  suddenly there was a small bang sound behind me... It was a physically challenged person around his 30's who was in this tricycle and met with an accident along an auto-rickshaw which was speeding, it was a hit and run case.
     All I could do as a student studying medicine was to take the next coming auto and rush the patient to the nearby hospital which was not really far away, I also was asked to donate blood, and I never refused.
     I met the doctors and spoke to them and then called Lajath's (knew his name later) wife.  She was there by quarter past7  and then I left them and went back towards home.
     A couple of days later(monday) on my way back I made up some time and visited Lajath along with a basket of fruits and a bottle of energy malt drink. He was happy to see me and his wife who was sewing some dress made some place for me to sit. Lajath was happy to see me and was asking about me.
     Later I took out a note pad and was noting the name of the medicines which he was taking, and was shocked to know that he was taking a medicine to improve the quality of his life as he was down with polio.

...? To which he gave me a shocking reply back with tears in his eyes
    Lajath said:- My dad never found time to take me as he was ever tight with alcohol and would be blotted in   it. Because of him I even lost my mother and lost everything we had, He made us popper. We were down staying on the road for years till I got something from my in laws and have got a better job to keep myself and my family in a roof.
     I was left mute and speechless with my arrector pili making my skin hairs stand, I just had a numb eye with sorrows in my heart. I took over the prescription and went down to the pharmacy, got the required drugs and handed over and left
     I felt helpless and was cursing the parents who never cared about their children, Who lived for self and never spent time for the life of their children. They are responsible for their own children's difficult straits, by making them a victim to polio-virus which invades and paralyzes the nervous system.



Deep in the woods a little bird sings,
The way she shines and sparkles.
She is as friendly as can be,
She is the singing bird, isn't she?

The dawn sees the sun awake, and
As time passes she goes on with a new chapter,
Still sleepy aren't you- doesn't matter
She has a good range,
Her every tale is strange.
She is the singing bird, isn't she?

She gets everyone awake,
Sitting at the branch of a tree near the lake.
She continues to sing on her way to the sun,
When I remember this it gives me loads of fun.
She is the singing bird, isn't she?


Our skin caressing skin,

igniting the passion deep within.
the moment of intimacy
where the land meets the sea.
brought together by faith,
after three long years of wait.
never knew how time went so quick
during which i was lost in her magic!
her lips which speak soft sweetness,
her touch a cool caress.
I used to dream about her whole day night,
this made me late in expressing my delight.
I wish to have told her in the start,
but was afraid not to break her tender heart
all that i could ask was that she could take up my heart
and replace with her heart,
cause i couldn't live without you
for my love is true.

-sulaiman sait

TALK-A-THON 2.0 Episode 1

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I'm back again with my podcast series of TALK-A-THON. After being busy for the last year and a half, I've managed to make a comeback with this episode.

What's new about Talk-a-thon 2.0
--> Short Podcasts (8-10 mins)
--> Easy to listen across all platforms
--> A New logo
--> A totally new touch

Here is Episode 1 or Talk-a-thon 2.0
The contents include

--> Discussion on India's daughter (was it made to put India to Shame ?)
--> Beef Ban in Maharashtra (reasons and alternative suggestions)
--> Special Inclusion - Sulaiman as News reporter from a leading news channel

On this show
--> Sulaiman Sait
--> Aman Sandeep Katyal

Location : Annanagar Tower park

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Sometimes i love sitting in the rain,
To relieve my sourness and pain.
I feel being lone and apart,
No one to console, give warmth to my heart.
Love is full of worries,
No limits, no boundaries.
Sometimes i keep talking to my own,
Specially when im alone.
Now that everything is gone out of hand,
Many confusions, cant understand.
She was the only one I'd loved,
Oh my beloved!
She was like washed footprints on sand,
Who once used to visit my dreamland.
Now that my dreams have become dry,
My loneliness makes me cry.
Trapped by worries and pain,
To whom shall i explain?
No one's here for ever,
Even miles of footstep disappear.
What happened with me wasn't fair
I've lost the one whom I'd really care.
Those agonies and cries
In my green eyes.
The doors of my heart being shut
Pains residing in a small hut.
I failed to see the flower in which my life grows
Which is now like a spoilt rose.
I was whole time living dead,
I decided to write her name in blood
I planned to put my life to an end,
No one to stop me nor mend.
I thought about my old mom
How would she life after I'm gone?
Later I understood nature's-life-motion,
Somehow i controlled my emotion.
And brought my destruction to an end!


What my mom can do

I didnt like the curry my mom made
nor did i like the way she baked
the biscuits she baked were hard
nor did she the coffee right

I pondered for an answer
Is there any thing i could do?
should I look for someone,
Who could match my mothers shoe?

Then I found some light,
And decided to approach her bright
All she did , Was turned right
and slapped me tight
Now I realize what my mom can do



Here is the fourth episode of my podcast series --> Talk-a-thon. Click play and enjoy

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--> Power shortage in Chennai
--> Schedule power cuts around the State
--> Reason for power cuts and electricity demand
--> Coming up of the new Nuclear Power plant in Kudankulam
--> What is Nuclear power
--> Problems with Nuclear Power plant
--> How is Nuclear waste disposed
--> Other forms of Renewal sources of energy
--> Solar Energy
--> Advantages of Solar energy in India
--> Wind Energy
--> Hydro Energy
--> How to have renewable sources of energy at home
--> Tidal energy
--> Chennai Shifting to tidal energy
--> Do we actually need exams. . .????
--> What exams actually are for
--> Examinations shouldnt be like a check .!!
--> youth and Blogging
--> What can you do with your blog
--> Types of blogs
--> Plagiarism in blogging
--> Some bloggers tips.



Here is the second episode of my podcast series -> Talk-a-thon. Click play and enjoy

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--> Presidential Race
--> Pranab Mukharjee and other competitors
-->What if Sharad pawar becomes the President of India
--> Role of president in the running of the country
--> Corrupt ministers in the country
--> Can we file an RTI against politician
--> Hike in fuel prices
--> Taxes involved in Fuel cost, what is the actual cost of petorl
--> Why such high prices for Fuel. ??
--> Nurturing up of children
--> Crimes done by children
--> Right way to teach lesson to children
--> When is the right age for the child to take his decision..??
--> Todays advertisments
--> Advertisements - more about greed than about greed
-->Children in advertisements
--> Sunny Leone in condom advertisments
--> How Poonam Pandey came into advertisements
--> Fact about Poonam Pandey's family
--> Does a men's deodorant/soap/perfume need women in advertisment. .??
--> What can be done to stop over exposure by women
--> What should men do and how should they change their views on it
--> My episode guests speaking their views on this podcast series. .!!

- Sulaiman Sait

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Here I present to you the Third episode of Talk-a-thon . Click play and enjoy. . !!!

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--> Our recording venue
--> Social networking sites
--> Facebook ( advantages and disadvantages)
--> Twitter ( advantages and disadvantages)
--> FourSquare ( advantages and disadvantages)
--> Safety settings on Social networking sites
--> Competition in social networking sites 
--> Children and Video games 
--> How to get children out from video games
--> Yoga positions happening at the park ( Singhasan, Hasihasan )
--> poverty in India
--> Indian beggars earn 210 Cr every day. . so will politicians introduce Income tax on them. . ??
--> Solution to get rid to poverty and providing a solution to increase health care
--> comparison of Indian and US economy, how India is better than US. .??
--> Final conclusion
--> Speaking more about our Recording Venue. .

Sulaiman Sait 

My first podcast

Here is my First episode of the Podcast. . Click play and enjoy. .

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--> Deciding the title of the podcast series
--> Today's youth
--> Exams and attitude of students
--> Education systems
--> College and Admissions
--> Aamir Khan and Satyemeva Jayate ( pro's and con's of the program)
--> Health care systems. Allopathy vs alternative medicine 
--> Reason why one should not drink water immediately after eating.
--> Burps and food
--> Little Master Chef program 
--> Indian kids and cooking ( conversation about traditions)
--> Tv shows- soaps and seasons
--> CID program and CID jokes
--> Sunny Leone - why is she in Bollywood. .?
--> The game of TRP's
--> Position and views on women
--> Blind westernization 
--> Facts about Sanskrith language
--> Why do people actually call me Samsung Sait
--> MNC's and their effect to Indian society and economy
--> Thanks giving

To listen to the Second episode of the podcast  CLICK HERE
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