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What Chennai Means to Me ......????

This post is a part of The Chennai Bloggers Club Tablog  , Where the active Chennai circle bloggers have decided to write about "What Chennai Means to them" in their own styles. .The post was preceeded by a group of writes before me, the last one to write and pass the baton to me was Melanie Rayen . . Thank you. . .

Sipping my hot mug of Filter coffee,
I decided to write what Chennai means to me. .
Going by the pages of history ,
A common place for the socials
I then decided to write taste,
What this Metro city has in its haste.

The city of Pearls and Food - Hyderabad ( poem)

It felt blithe , upon reaching Hyderabad station,
Jolted, by what was a land under the Nawabs possession.
Truely a high-tech city now,
And the first word I said was wow.

The hail nature of people,
like a brother's cuddle.
The intoxicating aroma of Iranian tea,
Mughal Biriyani and Haleem in every alley.

Shopping from the streets of Charminaar,
To the markets of Laad Bazaar,
Sightseeing from the Chowmalla palace,
To the Golconda fort that remains artless
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