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Triumph of the truth

     We all make mistakes, there have been instances where we try to escape from our mistakes by constructing stories around it to make people believe it was not a mistake. We usually tend to tell a whole lot of lies as we build a plot to defend ourselves. But, 9/10 times it lands us in troubles and consequences which could be worst, just cause it wasn't dealt before. Here below, in this blogpost, I share an instance from my diary, when I was in class XII (12) where telling the truth at the toughest instance was a right thing to do...

    Everyone has tough times, especially when it comes to exams. Countless pages to read, hours of practice before we finally memorize important things which could define what we become in our future. But, the process of preparing for exam becomes a lot easy when you have better notes to read. My chemistry teacher had a collection of her notes, which she used for the last five batches that's saved a whole lot of students from failing. Not only did it make learning organic chemistry easy, but provided an insight to what is usually asked for the exam.

    She had handed over the note to me, so that I could read it to the class during a free period, which she asked us to sit in the class and finish with the notes. I promised her the same, that I would see to that everyone writes these notes before she comes for class the next hour. But, once I reached class no one was in a mood to sit and write organic chemistry in a free period though half yearly exams was a week ahead. The whole class started indulging in various other activities, and I started playing with my friends, from no were we got got a little mischief and started spraying and playing with water from our bottles and while I was trying to do the same, the bottle cap opened and fell right on top of the book, and smudged a whole lot of pages. The whole class came to a standstill seeing what had happened.

Tsunami - Gone with the waves.....

A morning clear and bright,
after the Christmas night
The sea echoed its call,
to unexpected waves, ever so tall.

Giant waves as people called it be
unlike the usual high tide that stood upto the knee.
They came whirling, swirling and churning,
and within moment everything went sweeping.

One after the other it hit the shore,
like the angry sea Goddess cried her roar.
Those sands that reflected happiness,
were hit by her evil waves of callous

Soon, everything was gone,
leaving the site bygone
Tsunami, was what they called this disaster,
 a nightmare, that'll remain forever.
- sulaiman Sait 
It was the morning of 26th December 2004; Sunday, and had been a couple of days since school had dismissed for Christmas; and well before the holidays started I had decided to spend my holidays at my uncle's place in Royapuram. On the morning of 26th, I was along with my uncle as he took me along with him to get some fish from the sea shore market of Kasimeedu before we could return back home for breakfast. 

Pleasure or Pressure: Say NO to pre marital sex

    It was yet another day at Obstetric and Gynecology ward, chief Dr. Melinda was back after performing a cesarean delivery. There was a little tiredness that seemed to make her feel dull after being on duty for the night. She had called me to discuss on certain issues and to hand over the posting for her weekly off. We were having our discussion when a case came in from the emergency with an attempt to suicide, the patient was quite stable, yet there was something unusual about her, she seemed worried about it. Dr. Melinda attended on her immediately and I was asked to join her immediately . The nurse had her prepared while she was on the examination table. Everything seemed fine, but she was wanting to get admitted for some reason, Dr. Melinda asked her to get admitted and asked me to record her medical history and counsel her if there were any issues. 

    She had been admitted, her blood samples were taken for certain tests and when I went to visit her in her ward after the OP posting, she was weeping continuously. There was some worry that was etched up on her face and was indicating something serious. I was not sure what her problem was and decided to go further and interview her. It was very important to make her feel comfortable, so that she could speak her heart out. So I closed the room and asked the nurse to stand by the room as I interviewed her.

Magic of vacation, when you are out with Children

"Welcome Mr.Rohan Singhania, Its good to have a business tycoon like you visit our resort in GOA for a vacation" The manager of Panjim based Fern resort said as he asked the stewards and bell boys to shift the luggage to the room. Ramu Kaka, who came along with Rohan and his kids accompanied them to the room...

Rohan Singhania, has been a well known businessman at a very young age and has been successful in almost every investment he has made. He ususally resides in Mumbai, near Worli with his two kids Ananya and Aakash after his wife lost her battle to cancer only a few months back. He wanted a break from the media and his office work as well, so he decided to leave on a car trip to Goa, and that's when he reached this Fern Resort.

He had kept his phone in flight mode all through the driveway, but once he checked into his room, he had to switch it on. The moment he switched it on a whole lot of notifications and missed call alerts started looming on his screen, which got him occupied for a while.


It was my first meeting with my bollywood crush,
My bike was racing with peaks of adrenaline rush
From nowhere was there a whooshing sound,
and before I realized what was around,
I was hit by a schoolbus,
and left to cry graceless.

with a broken arm and swollen jaw,
I was leaping like a cat with a numb paw.
Reaching hospital was a herculean mission,
But, that wasn't the end of my painful petition,
Instead of adding braces to my jaw,
they planned for a vasectomy with a handsaw.

I ate fruits and vegetable mash,
and hollered to sue them for loads of cash.
Everyone was laughing out their ass,
like someone accidentally knocked on laughing gas
The surgeon promised to change me to an epicene
as he injected me with a dose of morphine.

Overcoming Glossophobia: My Rise above fear...

     From my days of childhood, I have always had a fear when I was asked to speak in a public gathering ...I have always had a personal feeling that any potential mistake that I could do while speaking would turn out to be insulting, which had always kept me silent... Until a few years back, I had this fear, but I did rise above fear... I did rise to become a  better public speaker, an online radio jockey, and a Compere... In this blogpost I share with you my own story of 'Raise Above Fear'
speaking at a research meet

     To begin, fear of public speaking is called Glossophobia, where Glosso (means tongue) Phobia (refers to fear). It is something which is quite common among a large population of people. I was one amongst this population as well. Everytime, when Ive been asked to speak in public I used to panic, I could feel my sweat dribble down my spine, my hands and legs would go chill, my brain would stop thinking. I just used to stutter and stammer to complete a line and would get back to normal once it was over.... And then came this moment in my life...

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