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Peeping in was the month of may,
A day betwixt Saturday and Monday.
Not waking up from my doze,
Going deaf to my alarm snooze.
Now, the sun at its maximum height
Reflections from around so bright
Soon, I woke up to find my body wet,
Unpredictable power cuts, drenched with sweat.
But, Still lying on my bed,
Missing my morning bread.
Soon, I made a move- to go brush,
Oops! no water to gargle or flush!!
The sun sucks the drains dry,
Letting a worst stink than the garbage nearby.
I was waiting for time to hail
Waiting for power, biting my nail
Feeling the mid day heat,
Tiredness now in my heart beat.
Getting through this summer,
Was like a soldier on a border,
If the bullets couldn't kill,
The menace and heat will...!

-sulaiman sait


  1. i had a terrible experience staying in chennai for 2yrs.well writen sulai
    reminds me of dos days when i did my11-12th in chennai

  2. @anwer ali:- yea yea
    it was really hot that time with less of rains...!
    this year it is better

  3. thats the curse of CHENNAI but still its the greatest city 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @Anonymous:- what ever the consequences be, Chennai is the best city...!

  5. I liked it..
    Oops! no water to gargle or flush!! I had these kinda exp alot ;-)

    Chennai is the best city...! -- I completely AGREE on it

    Peek A Boom !!
    Sulai -- Your not starter still.. You have improved alot (Masha Allah).. I'm very happy about my boy

    Congratz :-)

    1. @Anonymous --> Glad you liked it. .. !!

      no doubt chennai is the best city

      well I would have been happy if I would have known who was the person who commented above. . .!!

      any ways thanks. . !!!

  6. chennai is famous for its heat....the heat may dry our taps but it wont dry the coovam river .. from Dr.Jagadesh ...good one

    1. @Dr Jagadesh --> ha ha, your 100% right. . Our coovam will never dry. . .!!

      Glad you liked the poem


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