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   Amid the tensions and pressure I was facing with my studies, I found a way out to hang around my area, to make a better evening for my self. Here is what all makes my area so special

     Anna Nagar is an area which has recently developed in the last  four decades and this is where I live from the time I'm born.  Annanagar has said to get its name from the Tamil leader Annadurai, whose statue is seen at various parts of the area. Ever since its development, it has today become the largest residential and commercial area- having 7major avenues and blocks from A-Z, and two parts East and west. It is also said to be the first of a kind in chennai to have streets make like a matrix, similar to the one's seen in the western world.  There are many famous people who stay here. AnnaNagar is mainly known for the posh people and their posh lifestyle here.

    There are many attractions here beginning from the very famous AnnaNagar Tower which is some 138 feet tall, built by B.S. Abdur Rahman. The AnnaNagar tower was opened on 21st january 1968 for the world trade fair, by Sardar Ujjal Singh under the presidentship of C.N Annadurai.
The government authorities have maintained the park well including the proper functioning of the water fountains and the clean jogging tracks.  It is totally a mind calming place to visit in the evenings. Previously by paying a nominal fees one was allowed to climb to the top of the tower, but with the number of increasing cases of suicides and other security threats it has been closed(see pics)

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 There is a round turn over present at Annanagar, which was made during the World Trade fare, but due to the Tamizh(Tamil) slang it became Round tanna

annanagar roundtanna

The other famous locations around Roundtanna is the very famous Annanagar mosque(masjid) - Javid Masjid- This Masjid is said to have been evolved from a small hut to what it is today in the process of the last 3 decades. It has a 110 feet tall Minaret(see pic below) which was completed recently (a few years ago) to make it one of the largest in the city, the masjid is present in a small locality called as the 14 shop(cause of the 14 shops present there in a semi circle shape, still present there from the last 3 decades). Opposite to the 14 shops is a Supermarket(one of the first in the area) which has brought a lot name to Annnagar being there from the las 23 years- the YESESI Supermarket.

The other important place present near the AnnaNagar Tower is the AnnaNagar Aiyappan Temple
this is said to have golden gate and a Golden top.

AnnaNagar is also know for the two arches that are present here
(i) The big Anna Arch which is the entrance to Anna Nagar
(ii) The small Arch which is on the way to the Anna Nagar tower from Roundtanna. There is an aiyannaar statue also presnet near the smaller arch, This statue was built as a welcome for the World Trade fair and also known to bring good luck to the people

     There are many other Epic Landmarks present in AnnaNagar which icludes Blue star, Chinthamani( a cooperative store), and area's such as Thirumangalam, Mogappair.
     There are some well known schools here such as SBOA, DAV, Krishnaswamy matric, CSI Jessy Moses, JGVV,Kendriya Vidyalya, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Valliammal and Velammal.
     There are some world class hospitals present here - The Sundaram Medical Foundation(SMF)- known for its free services to the people, The city tower hopsital, The Bone and Joint Hospital, KHM hospital, The MMM hospital, and so on
     There are also some of the best eateries here including the top such as Mc Donalds(the first branch in Chennai city was opened here at Annanagar), Savory Sea Shell( known to be the best in Arabian delight), Hotel Sraravana Bhavan ( The best south Indian dishes),Gangothree sweets(the best gujarati sweets and bengali sweets) There is also KFC , Pizzahut, Mc Renette, and also an old bakery - Prema's Bakery.

There are some top shopping centers here from the first shopping complex- Annanagar Plaza, and top stores such as Odyssey, Croma, Connexions, Variety, witco... and so many more

Annanagar also has its famous news papers (which are circulated free to all the residents around) such as Annanagar times and Apollo.
There is also an Epic police station(last to mention) K4 police station, very well known set of officers for their security over the area.

Overall I spent a great saturday evening strolling over Annanagar, In short it was really an awesome time to move around my locality and to visit these places. Im sure I would find time now for all this, but once I become a professional preson, i doubt I would have time for all this... :-(
     I wish all the readers who go through this post to make a visit to Annanagar( chennai). Im sure you will have a great time here.

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  1. Wow.. Anna Nagar.. It is a beauty right from Roundtanna, Anna Tower, Iyappan temple, K4, McD.. We can freely roam with our friends.. :-) Good luck for Blog-a-Ton. Free... are we?

    Someone is Special

  2. Thanks for this Virtual tour .. FREE OF CHARGE :-) Seems to be an interesting place! You mean to say it is in Chennai? Did not get that line .. poor GK, you know!

  3. @some one is special:- Thankyou for your wishes....

  4. @aativas:- Welcome with pleasure
    yes, Annanagar is in chennai
    also thankyou for stopping by and commenting here

  5. Anna nagarr!!!!
    der r sooooo many things i suddenly want to tel abt it!
    cant belv ur speakin so highly of d place. to me its THE most confusin destination. if sum1 took me dere n i got lost, rest assured i wudn find my way back fr d nex 4 hrs.
    poor tamil nt helpin n xpert rick drivers who'd tk me around d entire city!!!

    apart frm dat, i cud feel a grt connect wid d post. famous roundtanna! :D
    dats such a funny wrd.
    also i cant forget directions of streets within avenues. ahhhh d plac is a city by itself. andddd there r like a million compact size shops. i don even kno hw dey survive.

    my reason fr cumin to AN- mostlyyyy fr McD :D
    only plac els is way wayyy into ascendus or ampa wich is an absolute nightmare!

    oh ya n im nt sure hw ur tk connected to bein 'free'. mayb fr a freestyle write up or like aativas mentiond up dere- tour free of chrg :)

    all d same, nice to c a fresh face. gud luck wid d contest....i certainly had a grt tym bein able to put forth my views on d same given d familiarity.....rarely evr happens!

  6. @sandiya merchant:- you have very well mentioned about the immortal memories at anna nagar

    of course this topic is related to the theme Free- I found some free time(with a lot difficulty) to roam around my area and to expand my independence amid my difficult medical studies and with that free time I did link it to blog-a-ton....!

  7. as for d celebs in d locality, der is actor vishal, politicians Arcot Veerasamy, Gokula Indira, Thirunaavukarasu, Vaiko.. Anna Nagar also has a railway station situated a little far away from d locality.. Anna Nagar West bus terminus is said 2 bcome d headquarters of d North Chennai MTC(Transport Corp) It is also d 1 of d greenest places in Chennai

  8. Nicely written post, sulaiman sait. I feel I have missed something after reading your post. AnnaNagar seems such a wonderful place. Through my 5 years in Chennai, I thought Annanagar was a boring residential area and never thought of paying a visit. Will definitely drop by next tim I am in Chennai.
    Best of luck for Blog-a-ton. Do check out my post here In search of freedom

  9. @anonymous:- thanks for your detailed description about the celebs in the locality. Also a big thanks for letting me know the facts about the West Terminus bus-stop and the greenest place in Chennai.
    Thank you once again for commenting

  10. @ The fool:-(LOL what a funny profile name)
    Thanks- Annanagar keeps developing day after day and from the last 5yrs to today there is a lot of change- the streets are not the same, the people are not the same, the land value is not the same...!
    you should defiantly make a visit to annanagar once when you are in Chennai

  11. A very good narration and I will surely visit the place next time I am in Chennai... But I am a bit concerned about relevance to 'Free'..

    ATB for BAT

    Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

    Wandering Thoughts

  12. @aashish Sood:- Thank you

    of course this topic is related to the theme Free- I found some free time(with a lot difficulty) to roam around my area and to expand my independence amid my difficult medical studies and with that free time I did link it to blog-a-ton....!

  13. seems like a nice place...should go in my list of 'must visit' places :)

    one thing i do not quite agree with is you saying that you wont find time for the things you enjoy, once you become a doctor..this is a delusion most people have.
    trust me, im a doctor and i admit its a hectic life but i still manage to make time to stop and smell the flowers..always have...

    time management is important..have breezed through your blog--and you write real well..never let go of your passion!! :)

    all the best for BAT-23

    you can read my entry for the same, here---

    cheers! :)

  14. I do feel proud to stay in annanagar...........
    Thankyou sulai for wiriting it out
    I also checked your other blog articles, they are too good, your poems are mindblowing
    any ways keep up the good work.

  15. lovely exploration......lovely pics.........i believe ur mind eased and flew high with that work

    here is mine

    The search for eternal freedom – A Dragonfly’s curse

  16. I just missed out on a wedding that i had to attend in Chennai-and having read your description of Anna Nagar, the regret has grown more intense!
    And i guess you are right in implying that we never know the freedom that we enjoy till it is snatched from us.
    Lovely post.

  17. Hi...First time on your blog...lot of information about have a nice blog..happy to join you..Do visit me at

  18. @pri:- thankyou

    frankly speaking time management is really important and you have very well mentioned about it to me....
    thankyou once again

  19. @anonymous: wish you check out my blog regularly and follow out my work....!
    any way thankyou for commenting

  20. @ the critics;- thank you for stopping by, gazing by and commenting

  21. @Brijender Singh ;- Thankyou,,, make up another reason to visit chennai...
    Im sure you will be in love with this city

  22. @neha:- thankyou for your comment
    and yes I did visit your blog

  23. Next time if i go 2 chennai then i will surely refer 2 ur post...:)

  24. I stay at annanagar and felt it a boring place and thats wat i used to tell my friends that there is nothing around, but u proved me wrong by showing the real beauty of annanagar going from every nook and corner of the area. dunno if i remember seeing u, any ways good job

  25. @ketan:- sure...! Thanks and dont forget to visit anna nagar

  26. @Ananya:- ha ha . If u stay in anna nagar east You should have seen me...! Any ways thanks

  27. love my place :) Annanagar rocks :) anytime.. any day :) wonderful post!

  28. @Rekha :- thankyou mam for the comment... namba area eppome wonderful..!

    Thankyou for the comment

  29. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.
    Best Hospitals in Chennai city

  30. great post of yours!! and i do remember my dad taking me to anna nagar for a ride when i was a kid! and now im going to get married (my first love , now he s d one i gonna get marrie!) , even i'm taking him from west anna nagar! happppie when i saw ur blog stating the best of anna nagar, still compensating the value of negeative give by many!!!

    well huh... its great living in the city, now anna nagar is also the best place and said to be city center and have a vast coverage too.. and born to a chennaite is best , because we have all directions means ( north, w, east, south) places!! and best part is anna tower where i covered my documentary for my college since im a viscom student!!

    and yea... happy for ur studies and do well with tis blog-a-ton... :)

    see ya!

    with love.
    redhuna!!! :) :D

    1. @redhuna Nair --> thank you for ur comment . . .!
      Glad you loved it
      Im sure anyone who comes to annanagar would love this place :-)
      If you happened to see this comment - do share the documentary :-)

  31. Nice Trip dude and great Blog. This a very good information for me, because I am trying to find number of sites information about Anna Nagar , but knowing the real Data in ur article. Thanks for sharing. See more information about Chennai Nearby Places . Happy Hop Around India................

    1. @Swathi - thank you . . .!!
      Glad you liked it . . !!!

  32. So here I'm planning to relocate to Anna Nagar from Velachery on 31st Jan 2016.


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