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fight against corruption...!

From pavements, to parliament,
From officers to government,
All have dirtied their hands in this,
Without any hiss,
Doing their jobs like in bliss,
And saving accounts in swiss

When I see corruption,
I reach a state of hypertension,
Where I wonder about political scams,
Huge sum of cash as bribe, caught on cams.
For corruption has made Indian politics shit,
With corrupt people like hogs in it.

Many have tried to kill corruption,
But, their efforts have gone rotten.
Curse for the ill-fated poor,
who are affected to the core.
Cause corruption is powerful..
Speaking about it now is really worthful

-->Sulaiman Sait


  1. very gud sulaiman i like it vry much sumthng shuld happen i wuld cal it a MIRACLE to again change da whole SHITFULL GOVERNMENT and its normssssssssssss....................

  2. Indeed it is worthful buddy. But frankly, what happens in this video is such a common place thing that we've even stopped regarding it as corruption. Not proud to say this but I've done it myself twice since I came here (since my bike is registered in Haryana and I am not carrying a NOC). So, its not just government, politicians or officials, we all are part of it.

  3. nyc work... keep it going..make it popular .lets keep fighting for india against corruption

  4. nice work but b brave d report 2 authorities or news channel wit a better clarity video ;)

  5. @jagan mohan:- yea there should be a change in governemtn-- but whatever it be people are the same, their minds are the same...
    no use changing govts, change people's mind

  6. @Vipul Grover:- Thank you for the comment
    your right-- even we are a part of it

  7. @shajid:- yea lets continue our fight against corruption

  8. @anonymous:- yeah I will- thankyou

  9. Amazing poem. Depicts the state of the country so well. People have either got used to it, or have become indifferent.

  10. @ashwini:- thankyou....Yes Indeed it depicts the condition of our country--> the thing is that people dont wanna change...!

  11. WOW. Really nice. You are very efficient and hard working:-)

  12. @Megha sarin:- Thank you for your very kind and generous words...!

    I have been writing post cause I know I have people like you who read and like them...!

  13. i stand for corrrpution againts to any one


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