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fight against cancer
This was my first case of the day,
After a long visit to native and stay.
Reading this case sheet, I entered the ward,
Saw a young girl pray to lord.
With a worry etched, deep in her face
I was lost for a while, standing in my place
Her reports were yet to come
Hours since they collected serum.

Weeks ago, everything seemed fine,
She was good and feeling sublime.
It was by accident,she found this lump
not too big, but quite a bump.
She had developed pallor,
Also there was rising fever.
Doubts of cancer raising in my mind
But decided to wait and find

Soon her reports arrived,
Bad news from the sample derived.
Never knew how to convey,
So I began looking away.
Is it fine, Is everything ok, caretaker yells,
Yes sir, just a battle between red & white cells.
With a quick walk, I went.
Her dad frowned, knowing what I'd meant

Later I explained about chemotherapy,
The only possible remedy.
Scans done,A malignant tumor it was indeed,
Growing at an unbelievable speed.
I start the first cycle, without any wait,
For her life was now her fate.
Her therapy would go on for a few week cycles.
She was back month later, unable to face the battles.

This is a stage four cancer.
With every ache filled with terror
Her body was down and galled
She'd lost weight and begun turning bald
There were episodes of vomiting blood,
Sometimes, pus cells in a flood.
Hours later her therapy turned unresponsive,
Down to last few minutes she could live.

Now trying all that I could do,
Without much ado.
Her eyes began to close,
Tried waking, but she went doze,
Her pulse, and respiratory rate fell low,
And, Suddenly becomes zero.
Her hand held firm my coat,
As her life was lifted off in a dream boat.

Yet again an innocent surrendered to cancer,
One of the worst diseases ever.
All I learnt, cancer invades body as a whole,
But it can never touch the soul.
To all reading this, grow up courage,
Be brave to face any damage
For this is cancer,
Spreading like terror.

NOTE :-This doesn't resemble to any person living or dead, nor any person involved in the image(source- Google).. The idea of writing this came after a patient lost his life fighting cancer and had held my hand before be puffed his last breath out

--> Sulaiman Sait


  1. hopefully we 've courage to fight any damage!!
    and no doubt about ur poetry.. awesome as always!! :D

    1. @anonymous :- thanks you for the comment

      and talking about courage... That what is important to fight any diesase

  2. Let the girl soul rest in peace. I know how hard it is to diagnose cancer and how bad is the treatment because my father was a victim, luckily his cancer was in intestine and before the actual damage we cured it. I'd say this is one the beautiful touching poem I've ever read. Loved it and I can feel the pain in the words expressed here..

    Someone is Special

    1. @some one is special :- Oh that so sad to hear about your father..

      also talking about the treatment, there are some anti- cancer drugs which can go on to cost around 1,00,000rs a vial, which is quite costly and any middle class family which has to undergo a anti-cancer therapy (chemotherapy) - may find it difficult to actually access treatment.

      Back to poem- thanks for liking and adding to one of the beautiful poem's you have ever read..

      My friend who read this poem and came back on FB sais she was in tears- yes I know its quite emotional and painful...!

      once again- thanks for the comments

  3. U knw it really helps us realise how lucky v r n hw much support & care v cn cntribute to these victims ...
    quite touchng .. t'was beautiful ! :)

    1. @Yashwitaa --> indeed we are really lucky and also glad that we get a chance to support, care and Future treat people with cancer

      any ways thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  4. CANCER : cells are is decreasinng...! ur poem is simply impressing..... somewhat it is very useful for awareness and realisation about the disease.

    1. @Harsha :- really liked your comment man... also nice rhyming- increasing, decreasinf, impressing...!a

      And yea as you rightly said- the number of cancer cases are increasing, life is decreasing.. and I do agree my poem is impressing(without boasting my self)..
      coming to the awareness part.. A lot of awareness is being done, but people are not interested to change.. only when people change, we can get rid of cancer.

  5. how u got this idea to write about this a real incident.the way u have expressed ur thought about cancer in this poem is really superb.. continue ur journey......

    1. @Benazeer :- indeed there is a small part of this poem which is taken from a real incident.

      Also thanks for the wishes and for your comments

  6. if one is born he has to die.some live for a few days some for longer. whats important is to live stronger.

    the coward dies a thousand deaths the brave but one.

    1. @srijith :- well said.. one lives for weeks or years.. he has to live strong and be brave and courageous to face any disease or anything...

      anyways thanks for the comment


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