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     The Last few months has seen a spurt increase in the number of rape cases in the country. .And the Government and Police have been Jolted by these incidences and have been forced to take action to tackle crime against women. On the other side when ever I read about such violence on women I feel bad for them, and whats more worrying is about the after effect on the lives of these women/ girls after their worst encounter with a rapist. Below I have written a poem (imaginary & completely a fiction) about a girl who has been a rape victim and finally opens out to tell her feeling. .!

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After a month-long silence,
She spoke about her stolen innocence.
It was that raining night,
Sitting upon the porch, with a dim glow of the kerosene light.
Suddenly came a group of men,
And held her with their callous hands and moved her to an unknown den

There were questions in her mind.
And when her fears started to unwind,
It was late, she was stripped off her gown,
She had tears roll, standing face down.
Her innocent heart cried for survival,
But there was no way to get our from that ugly Brothel

She couldnt fight any more,
Her cries and Bone shattering shouts went ignore.
Her resistance was down as they started pounding,
Never cared she was bleeding.
Those piercing, stabbing pain,
That she couldn't explain.

They raped her till they were all done,
By then it was time for the raising sun.
She laid there holding to pieces of her gown remaining,
Crying out loud, pleading and Begging.
They let her escape,
But warned her of death, if she let this gape.

--> Sulaiman Sait


  1. my dear great poet (sulaiman-vel's Robert Lee Frost), really i am proud of you .thank u once again to give an opportunity to read the poem like this.i wish u all the very best for all ur activities in the future

    1. @SenthilNathan sir --> ha ha ha . .Thanks sir for such precious words in my praise. . !!
      Glad you like reading my poem. .!
      Thanks for your wishes again sir

  2. I say, if they hold shariah law in india the rape cases wud go dwn drastically. Unfortunately, they hate islam too much to accept the best solution that comes frm within it. May allah guide em.

    1. @WildCallipygian --> rightly pointed out. .!! Indeed the Shariah law would make it compulsory for the women to be in Abaya's and wrong for a man to have a second look or stare at a women. .!
      Indeed lets hope that Allah guides men and women in the right part . .!!

  3. ur poems on social issues are good...,everyone wnt to think about this and everyone must read.
    its a awkening to public -Harsh<3

    1. @Harsha --> thanks bro for liking my work . .!!
      Indeed every one has to think about this issue seriously
      and thanks for reading through and commenting :-)

  4. Great work..i really appreciate you as there are very few people who actually think about such serious matters..people don't realize till it wont happen to them..cops and officers of crime department are sleeping..such incidences happen everyday..even in metro cities like Mumbai..girls and women are not safe at all..hope such blogs and social sites succeed in bringing change in the environment we live..

    1. @KhanSaba --> firstly thank you for going through this post and commenting .! Indeed people dont realize the crime that they are creating. Cant comment much about the cops, cause it is out of their reach now. And yeah rightly said it is not safe for women in metros . .!
      but on the other side women must also be dressing in a proper way, which doesnt allow man to have a dirty look at women . .!

  5. Hi Sulaiman,

    Beautifully composed with such powerful expressions. I am worried too by seeing the increasing cases of rape...Most of the news headlines are about the same! the fact is really bitter and degrading our society and the nation.
    And this is a must read poem.

    1. @Simran - thank you. . This news about increase in the number of rape cases has been very shocking and I was wanting to write this badly and I did it. I know what the fact is and as you said it is really bitter , degrading and destroying our society and our nation. .!
      Hope the blog action day and groups like that Trend topics such as this world wide and people realize their mistakes and problems like these reduce

  6. I liked that you tried to write from their perspective. The poem was covered both the descriptive and emotive aspects of the scenario.... But you're not a woman, you can't understand their perspective.. Their shame and outrage.. the scathing comments from those who just poke fun of them by saying "she deserved it"... Do you understand how agonizing that can be for a woman to go through rape and have the courage to tell and be burned for it by the family, the society and the so called "protectors of law"?

    1. @Rashmi - rightly pointed out, But it was more like a girl telling out her pain to me. .!! I do understand how agonizing and painful it would be for a women to hear all this after she has had the worst time of her life. .!
      any ways thanks for reading through the post and commenting :-)

  7. I admire your spirit that attacks at uncouth and unjust happenings around the world. Reading all this makes me and my own works feel small. But I wouldnt attempt such poems cause I need to mature more to think like a poet like you
    P.S. Do visit my blog @ where I try to stir the souls within!!

    1. @Aravind -> thanks buddy . !
      Sure I will check out ur blog :-)to see how you stir the souls within. .!!

  8. dinesh balachandranOctober 21, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    heart ripping but i guess that's how those women felt as well. it is absurd to blame women saying she wore dress that provoked men. it s not the dress it is their mentality and sense of morale. if it s easy for a man to get provoked... why not join army and kill the enemies of the country? we as a society is to be blamed for not teaching morals and values to our children instead we teach them computer,science n technology.

    1. @Dinesh Balachandran sir --> Its actually those dress than women wear that change the mentality of men.
      and yeah rightly said if a man can get excited or provoked - he should join the army and kill the enemies of this country.!
      But on the other side where are moral values being taught to children , it has either become an additional subject or a subject borrowed by other staff complete their portions

    2. dinesh balcahandranOctober 21, 2012 at 9:42 PM

      @sait--- if dress is the reason for rapes then why no rapes are reported by guys wearing low( that very idea itself is absurd) hip pants. have seen guys wearing( i doubt that) pants so low it would be better to remove it n walk arund. females are always said to behave themselves from young age itself. but a male child can do watever he likes. if a females comes n dance right in front of my face n seduce me.. then thats provocation. most ( or in fact all) women were just doing their jobs... and in most of the cases the male is intoxicated. it be better if males learn to blame the alcohol rather than dress.

    3. @Dinesh Balachandran sir --> I go on with you words and have nothing more to speak cause what ur saying is 100% right . !!
      but one thing is about the dominance of the Male sex over the female, which is the reason that women are reticent and silent. But the day both Men and women have ( or given ) equal rights, this whole scenario will change .
      And yes Alcohol is an obtuse drink which makes man do crime without his own control
      Im glad that you replied back and had this conversation going on :-)

  9. Replies
    1. @Priyanka --> thanks a ton for going through the post and commenting :-)

  10. Its my first time visit and felt good by reading your blog.

    Keep Going...

    1. @Ayesha Farook --> thank you mam. .!!
      Your comment made my day :-)

  11. It is quite unfortunate that this happened. How can any woman feel safe after this? This poem poignantly brings out the agony of that horrendous episode. It's very sad. High time the judiciary system decided on a stringent punishment for the accused.

    Joy always,

    1. @Susan Deborah --> Indeed its unfortunate to hear something like this happen . .! and yeah a mass number of questions are gonna be raised on safety for women. And yes as you say, stringent punishment should be given to the accused
      any ways thanks for the comments :-)

  12. Really brought a drop of tear in each of my eyes.

    1. @Ganga Bharani --> I felt the same while hearing the news about such incidences on women ;-(
      Any ways thanks for reading and commenting :-)


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